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I’ve been sleeping like an angel. No more of those random awful neck kinks that immobilize me the next day because now my head, neck, and shoulders are all supported. This pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and has a breathable bamboo cover so I’m not my usual sweaty self while I sleep. 

memory foam pillow
Ciara Nay Keyser

It molds to my body and has just the right amount of support. If anyone is in the market for a new pillow I highly recommend this!


I am ready for bed already! Thankfully sleep isn’t something I have to worry about anymore thanks to my new Adoric memory foam pillow! It’s seriously soft and sooo comfy- especially if you like thicker pillows. I think my favorite part is that the pillow cover is washable. I’m such a clean freak these days 


 I’m loving my new Bamboo Pillow from Adoric. It is a memory foam pillow. Extremely soft! Gives me great support for my neck. I ABSOLUTELY love this product. I

Victoria Pretzer

This amazing pillow from Adoric super soft and so supportive whether you are a side sleeper, back or stomach. 


 I want to show y’all this bamboo memory foam pillow. My husband snagged this from me when it arrived, and he hasn’t complained about his pillow since using it. 

Jami Warren

I'm also planning on all the good sleep I can get! I just tried my first Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow last night, and it was wonderful! It's a great pillow for back sleepers like me who need extra neck support, but also for stomach and side sleepers too. I love the cooling bamboo that's part of the cover, and the shredded memory foam inside which ensures there's circulation, and avoids bacteria growth. 


I have tried countless pillows for my neck to have consistent support and eliminate pain and discomfort due to the pillow being too full or too flat. Yes you guessed it. ⁣This one was Just right. Perfect thickness that didn’t push my neck into an unnatural curve. It also didn’t flatten out throughout the night. ⁣


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