Father’s Day is coming up on our schedule. And coming up with the best gift ideas for our dads becomes one of the most important things that we constantly think about in recent days. How about a gift that can give our dad a good night’s sleep? There are plenty of gift ideas for dad to sleep better, and I want to introduce a memory foam pillow. Sleeping on a pillow that is comfortable can be crucial to get a good deal of sleep. And a memory foam pillow will certainly be helpful in this matter. For dads who suffer from spinal pain or insomnia, a memory foam pillow can be the most thoughtful gift idea for them to sleep better.

What Is A Memory Foam Pillow?

As the name already implies, a memory foam pillow is a type of pillow using memory foam as the primary building material to improve its comfort and quality. Memory foam is the key to make memory foam pillow comfortable since it is made from viscoelastic polyurethane.

Memory foam can be initially hard to the touch, but the natural heat of the body softens the foam and molds it after a few moments. Memory foam adjusts around pressure and is slow to bounce back. Thus memory foam pillow can simulate the body shape of the human body, making it a personalized sleeping pillow. When you sleep on the pillow, it provides personalized support to your head, neck and shoulders, perfectly absorbing the shape and height of your body. Thus, if your dad always sleeps on his side, back, or stomach, a memory foam pillow is the perfect gift idea for him to sleep better.

What are the sleeping benefits of a memory foam pillow for your dad?

There are many advantages that make memory foam pillows appropriate gift ideas for dad to sleep better when comparing to regular pillows. Among memory foam pillows from varied brands, Adoric’s memory foam pillow is a great choice when you are struggling with gift ideas for dad to sleep better.

Because of the bedding material, a memory foam pillow gives great contouring and support. Thus it prevents one’s head from sinking in too deeply like it would in a regular pillow. It allows the weight of the head to distribute evenly, avoiding unnecessary strain and pressure on the neck and spine. Moreover, by holding and supporting the head and neck in place, a memory foam pillow enables the spine to follow suit, which allows your body to relax properly — more efficient to heal and regenerate whilst you sleep!

Since Adoric memory foam pillow contains a modified memory foam filling – 80% Visco Elastic Foam with 20% Polyester Gel Fiber, not only does it bring comfort to fathers in their sleep, but also does it keep them feeling cool in hot summer. Thus, giving your dad the Adoric memory foam pillow is an even better gift idea for your dad who wants to have a good and productive snooze as well as has trouble in dealing with pressure points in the neck, shoulders, and back area.

Sleeping with a memory foam pillow may also help with snoring, a common sleeping problem dads have. The problem of snoring might have to do with the sleeping position and pillow loft height. Adoric memory foam pillow provides full support to all parts of the human body so that your dad can relax completely. Since a relaxing sleeping posture can keep the head and neck aligned with the spine, the air passages will also stay aligned and remain open. That is, the respiratory tract will function properly with no sign of snoring. In addition, Adoric bamboo memory foam pillow is adjustable. It adds about 400g more filling so that your dad can find the perfect comfortable loft with Adoric pillows for sleeping with “no more snoring” by adding or removing foam.

Memory foam pillows are made of naturally hypoallergenic material that guarantees air circulation and thus avoids bacterial growth leading to mounds and dust mites. Meanwhile, the surface cover of Adoric memory foam pillow is washable. So whenever your dad wants to clean his pillow, he can easily clean it by just removing the cover and throw it into the washing machine. If you worry about any allergic or cleaning problems, Adoric memory foam pillow might be the dream gift idea for your dad.

In this Father’s Day, if you want to give your dad a present that can alleviate pressure on his body during his sleep, Adoric memory foam pillow is one of the best gift ideas for him to sleep better.


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