With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, diversified clothing has gradually met people’s demand for fashion, and the frequency of clothing renewal has accelerated. Do you feel clutter when you open your closet and see mountains of unused clothes? You can choose to donate clothes, not only to solve the problem of unused clothes, but also to help the poor and homeless groups in need. where can i donate clothes?In this essay, I would introduce 6 places of clothing donation as well as their advantages and disadvantages, so as to provide convenience for you to donate clothes.

1. Recycling of used clothes in the community

Volunteers would organize clothing donation activities in the community for residents to donate. This can play a better publicity role, and at a lower cost to collect more clothing. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to establish long-term and stable recycling channels.

2.Recycling bins at fixed locations

Fixed recycling box is very convenient, stable, but not easy to manage. As the number of recycling boxes increases, the service quality may not keep up, and special personnel need to be arranged for collection, maintenance and transportation, which increases the cost. Sometimes, clothes are stolen from the recycling bins. The main fixed locations are located on central street of San Luis Obispo, CA.

3.Donation sites of government departments.

The donation centers of government departments are very formal, which can ensure the quality of donated clothes and timely distribute them to the poor, thus guaranteeing the rights and interests of donors. However, the donation site of the civil affairs department is usually set up in a fixed place, which may be far away from where you live. You can call to check out nearby donation points. The telephone number is 877-491-3003

4. Recycling points of brand chain stores

H&M and Uniqlo both accept clothing donations. H&M has certain weight requirement for second-hand clothes, and in return, Hm will offer 15% discount coupon. Uniqlo only accepts its own brands. However, brand chains do not provide specific information on the whereabouts or donations of clothing.

5.Recycling APP

The APP of Poshmark and Mercari have the function of clothing donation function. The convenience is that after filling in the donation information on the software, the staff will collect the donation and then hand it over to some public welfare organizations. However, the information will not be made public. And only a few cities open, not nationwide coverage.

6.Special donation organization points

There are many public welfare organizations in the United States. Such as United Way, Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. These facilities have special collection points for clothing. Donated clothes reach the poor through regular channels, with standard procedures and transparent information. The disadvantage is that the process is slow, easy to appear artificial error.

Waste textiles are mostly treated as daily life garbage such as landfill or incineration, which wastes resources and pollutes the air. The second use of donated clothing can not only provide the poor with social warmth and humanistic care in life and material, but also save resources and protect the environment. Let’s donate your love and clothes.


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