When you ask for some advice to protect your skin from either your mom or a skin specialist, there is a big chance that they answer with “getting more sleep.” Indeed, you can buy lots of cosmetics and skin-cares to make you look better, but beauty sleep may be the most effective and cheapest option. Besides, there is much more need to say about beauty sleep meaning beyond keeping your facial appearance pretty. So how can we really define the meaning of beauty sleep? According to dermatologist Erica I. Stevens from the University of Michigan, beauty sleep meaning a good quality and quantity of sleep that can keep you refreshing and glowing throughout the day. It is a beautiful and healthy routine that helps you look and perform better.

The beauty sleep meaning will be meaningless without knowing the right way of sleep.

Be aware of the amount of shut-eye sleep you should get each night; both the sleeping time and total length of sleep are important to the beauty sleep meaning. It is good for adults taking 7-9 hours of sleep. While you snooze, your body increases blood flow and circulation so that it can repair itself and recover. If you sleep less than 6 hours, it’s likely that you can’t get refreshed when you wake up and your appearance will not look good enough. Meanwhile, a large amount of sleep does not mean you should sleep as early as possible. In fact, the time from 10 pm to 2 am is when skin metabolism functions the best. Being able to fall asleep within this time range can certainly get authentic beauty sleep.

How can we make sure the sleeping quality for beauty sleep? It is both risky and harmful to body health by taking sleeping pills if you’re suffering from insomnia or having trouble staying asleep. Instead of taking those highly addictive pills, drinking a cup of hot milk or lavender tea may help you to get a beauty sleep. To resolve your sleeping condition, it is also recommended to turn off the lights in your bedroom even if you can’t fall asleep, because sleeping with lights on will decrease the efficiency of body recovery. Listening to some relaxing music or do meditation in the dark can help you to sleep as well.

To better explain why beauty sleep is essential for all of us, here are four benefits of taking beauty sleep you should know about.

Looking Younger

The notion of facial beauty rests upon the foundation of youth. Since beauty sleep meaning is a process of repairing your skin, it results in several younger features such as fewer wrinkles and fine lines, darker lashes, and fuller eyebrows. Since skin makes enough new collagen during a beauty sleep, it also recovers from sun damage and keeps your skin from getting too dry.

Moreover, lack of sleep also causes hair loss. Because hair gets nutrients from blood flow, having beauty sleep every night can help hair to grow stronger and faster. Together with dark lashes, brows, and plumper skin, fuller hair gives you a younger and more attractive looking.

Brighter, Less Puffy Eyes

One bad thing you and others can soon recognize after a night without beauty sleep is swelling and discoloration around eye areas – the thinnest skin on our body. Inadequate sleep causes dark circles and fluids called edema to build up puffy bags around the eyes. Beauty sleeping meaning blood flowing well during sleep enables you to have less puffiness and minimize dark circles under your eyes. Because the fluid buildup is especially common if you sleep on your stomach or side, it is recommended that you sleep on your back and elevate your head with an extra pillow.

Living Healthier

Being short on sleep can not only cause your face to look tired but also weaken your body’s health. Insufficient sleep damages your body by harming the production of proteins that effectively fight infection and inflammation. Thus, it is important to get beauty sleep for a stronger immune system.

Working More Effectively

A sufficient amount of beauty sleep means you can work more productively during the day. Sleeping gets you prepared with better reaction time, speed, and accuracy of physical workouts. Either you plan to do some exercise or need to take a long walk to your workplace for the next day, having a beauty sleep is always good for you.

The beauty sleep meaning represents a way of improving the quality of your life in the long term. It affects both the external and internal beauty of one person. And that is why beauty sleeps meaning matters to everyone. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I’m sure you will notice how much you have changed through a better and healthy beauty sleep.


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