Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food for the body.

                                 —cicero, ancient roman statesman and orator

It makes sense that storage bags in the fridge is as important as food for the body. Usually and designedly, people take loads of stuff on list home from the wholesale market, and put them in the fridge at random, which means we cannot set the unified standard and attention in one thing on the whole process,  then storage bags for auxiliary management of your refrigerator come out making your food and sundry other things more well-arranged.

We have to know the basic food category to kick start in general. In a nutshell, greasy food and veggies must be stored separately, raw ingredients and cooked ones must be stored separately, quick-frozen food and normal ones must be stored separately, it would be best for each shelf in the fridge to bear only one kind of food or two at most without cross-contamination.

Usually, a fridge consists of two parts: chill box and icebox, the former for food of normal temperature, the latter for food of a lower one. And these food had better been sealed airtight in storage bags before being put on shelves in the fridge.

The storage bags of Adoric, made of food-grade PEVA material, are eco-friendly, healthy and BPA free, which will replace disposable plastic bags and can reduce the pollution on our environment. They are easy to open and close with the handy zip lock, washable, and reusable after cleaning and air drying.

1. Foodstuffs containing oil and fat,  such as meat、cheese, etc, are commonly packed well by saran wraps and kept in storage bags. We can place them on the lower shelf in the icebox as a more hygienic way of bacteria unlikely-spreading storage.

2. Foodstuffs like veggies, raw ingredients, box-packed milk, cooked and prepared foods and other sundry ones, they are OK in the shelf-life and normal temperature. You can use the storage bag mentioned above to bag them, veggies and cooked foods can be directly put in the upper shelves while raw ingredients can be in the upper shelves after pumping down the air in the bag. Both they stay safe in the chill box.

3. Quick-frozen foodstuffs such as ice cream, dumplings, puddings, shakes, even raw meat should stay in the icebox for granted, but there’s 1 tip for you, some bottled stuff should be placed on the lowest shelf in the icebox, and raw meat on the middle, food with a delicacy like ice cream and shakes on the top. That will make your frozen food intact to the bone.

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