The sheets and duvet cover are in direct contact with our skin, so of course, we must wash them before going to bed! This is conducive to health and sleeps more comfortable. Especially for people with sensitive skin, they must wash the new sheets before going to bed. Let’s take a look at why we should wash new sheets.

Why we must wash new sheets?

1. Washing new sheets can remove harmful chemicals.

Careful friends will find that the newly bought sheets have a smell, which is the smell of formaldehyde. Why do the newly bought sheets contain formaldehyde? This is because, during the production process, formaldehyde can prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Everyone knows that formaldehyde is harmful to human health because formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Therefore, the newly purchased bed sheets must be washed once before use. 

2.Washing new sheets can remove terrible odors

3.It’s a good way to test the quality.

When you get new sheets you will also want to see if they stand up to your quality standards, and washing is a great way to do this. After washing your sheets, you will be able to notice if there are any minor defects more easily. Loose threads will be easier to spot. In addition, when you buy new sheets with rich colors, you will want them to keep that color. If they start to fade after a single wash, this will be a good indication that they won’t stand the test of time.

should you wash new sheets

How to wash new sheets of different fabrics?

In order to prevent the bed sheet from fading and remove the formaldehyde remaining on the fabric, the new bed sheet should be soaked in saltwater for half an hour before being used for the first time, then washed with clean water and dried. 

The newly-purchased bed sheets are not just a simple cleaning problem, but an important issue related to health. Please don’t be troublesome. So how to clean it properly? Pour an appropriate amount of alkaline detergent in warm water to dissolve it and then wash it by hand or machine. At the same time, it is best not to wash the bedsheets mixed with other clothes to avoid cross staining. Of course, it is worth mentioning here that a slight fading of the pure cotton material is normal. If the fading is severe, it may be a quality problem. For other beddings that are not easy to clean, such as quilts and pillows, it is recommended to dry them in the sun or spread them in a ventilated place to give off some odor, so that it is more comfortable to use.

Here are some different fabrics sheets that you need to know when you wash them.

1.New sheets with pure cotton printing.

Let me first talk about how to wash a newly bought quilt cover with pure cotton printing.

First talk about cotton printed quilt how to buy a new washing.

The printing may fade, so it is not recommended to soak for too long, the water temperature is not easy to be too high, and it can also be machine washed. Putting a little salt in the washing process will help fix the color. Hang to dry. Newly bought quilt cover cleaning coup.

2.New sheets of the frosted fabric that is more popular in winter.

Next, let’s talk about how to wash the newly bought quilt cover of the frosted fabric that is more popular in winter.

Then we talk about how to wash now more popular winter wear velvet fabric to buy a new quilt.

This kind of fabric has a layer of warm velvet on the surface, and the style is also very beautiful, so it is best not to machine wash, it will damage the velvet quality because it is newly bought, there will be no obvious stains, soak the detergent with water, and then let it dry naturally. That’s it. The ironing temperature should not be too high, and the drying process should not be exposed to the sun to avoid fading.

3.New sheets made of silk or milk silk fabric.

Finally, let’s talk about how to wash a newly bought quilt cover made of silk or milk silk fabric.

Finally, we talk about to buy a new quilt silk or silk fabric of how milk wash.

This kind of material is more delicate, so you should pay more attention to it when cleaning. Take water at about 30 degrees and mix it with a small amount of mild cleaning solution and soak it in. Do not rub it hard, take it out, absorb the water with a towel, etc., hang it in a cool and dry place. dry place. Remember not to iron at high temperatures.

should you wash new sheets

How often we should wash the sheets?

If there is discomfort such as skin allergies on the face, it is recommended to change and wash every two or three days. In the cold winter, the sheets do not need to be changed too often. Usually, the bedsheets are changed once a month. Of course, the frequency of changing bed sheets is determined according to personal wishes. Spring and autumn are the rising trends of temperature, and many bacteria are easy to multiply.

Sheets and quilts are the same as personal clothing. They are the closest to our skin when we sleep every day. If the sheets are not kept clean, it is easy to cause skin diseases and have a certain impact on human health. So remember to wash your sheets in a proper way.


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