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Vacuum Sealer Machine, Adoric Food Sealer, Automatic Dry & Wet Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine with Suction Hose and 15 Vacuum Bags Included

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  • Versatile Vacuum Sealer: Works well on vacuum seal, only seal and only vacuum. A must-have in kitchen to prevent your food from freezer burn, and keep it fresh 5x longer. Save your food, money and fridge space
  • Dry & Wet Food Seal: Adoric food sealer offers optimal preservation for dry & wet food. “Dry” mode for solid food and “Wet” for juicier food. You can choose proper temp levels for packing bags of different thickness
  • Easy & Safe to Use: Fully automatic vacuum seal, one-key operation with LED indicator lights, making our vacuum sealer machine simple to use for green hands. Besides, overheating protection ensures safe use
  • Great Suction & Hose:Adoric food vacuum sealer, with 60Kpa powerful suction, gets air drawing and sealing done in seconds. A free vacuum hose applies to external vacuum for storage jars and wine bottle
  • All in One Kit: Contains a compact bag sealer, 15 vacuum bags and a suction hose. Ideal for sous vide cooking, all types of food storage, also protecting your precious paper and photos against oxidation

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Adoric 4-in-1 Food Vacuum Sealer

“SEAL” Mode: only seal the bag without vacuuming.
“VAC” Mode: only vacuum without sealing.
“VAC SEAL” Mode: both vacuuming and sealing.
“TEMP” Function: choose proper temp based on dry and wet food.

Features and Benefits:

Small: only one third the size of other 4-in-1 food sealer.
Waterproof: easy to clean the sealer body with running water.
Energy-saving: adopted 5mm nichrome heating coil improves heating efficiency.
Highly effective: 60Kpa strong suction ensures optimal airtight seal and fast vacuum.
Saving: achieve food saving, money saving, space saving and time saving.

How to Vacuum & Seal?

Step 1: plug the power cable and connect power.
Step 2: press the “PUSH” buttons on both sides to open the sealer lid.
Step 3: put the opened end of the bag into the vacuum groove.
Step 4: press down the lid with both hands to close and lock lid.
Step 5: press “TEMP” button to select dry & wet setting based on the food.
Step 6: press “SEAL”/“VAC”/“VAC SEAL” according to your needs and wait light off.
Step 7: press the “PUSH” buttons to open the lid and release the sealed bag.

Kindly Notes:

1.If 5 consecutive operations after a short interval less than 40s, the sealer will start overheating protection system and can be used after 1 minute.
2.Please put back the support card in vacuum groove after using, or may cause deformation of sealing cotton and affect future use.


Material ABS + Aluminum Alloy
Color Black
Weight 34oz
Vacuum Degree 60Kpa

Package Contents:

1 x vacuum sealer
1 x vacuum hose
15 x vacuum bags
1 x charging cable
1 x user manual

Additional information

Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 41.2 × 9.5 × 9 cm

20 reviews for Vacuum Sealer Machine, Adoric Food Sealer, Automatic Dry & Wet Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine with Suction Hose and 15 Vacuum Bags Included

    WOW! I only got this yesterday, but I love the ability to use reusable vacuum seal bags. Very happy with this product. The instruction manual is a joke (sorry). Who decided to use apple green color for font??? Very difficult to read.
    Loved this food vacuum sealer!! Loved that it has 15 special bags for it!! Its has an amazing quality, size and it functions amazing!!! 10/10 would totally recommend!!!
    Mary G
    Product works great and seals and vacuums fine. But too hard to open and close for her 90 year old hands. Buttons are hard to read and little blue lights when using product are too light. Unfortunately, she will be returning it.
    Yesenia Delgado
    I really enjoy this item. It did a pretty good job getting the air out of the bag. I vacuumed sealed some steaks to keep in the freezer for a few days. Let’s see how well they do! I love that it comes with a hose for containers.
    Brittney smith
    Read a lot of reviews and searched for a long time, and decided on this based on previous reviews. The item was shipped quickly and the packaging was immaculate. Used this several times in recent days to package 3 lbs of various pork chops into 1 oz packages and season some ribeyes for Sunday night dinner. Worked awesome!
    This was a hood buy. We live on a small apartment so it's small design works well in our home. Very easy to use. My only issue was that mine didn't come with an instruction book. I'm still trying to figure out what the attachments do.
    Tyler Bruce Sparacio
    Awesome product for the money!
    This thing is great! No freezer burned food. Easy to use.
    Not powerful!!!!!
    F. Allegra
    Like that it works great is easy to use and made so much more room in the freezer and fridge
    Amazing product! I buy meat in bulk, cut and seal myself for the freezer. This one by far is the easiest and much more quiet than the other ones that I have used. Love it!
    Love this thing! I was going to get a more expensive one from Costco but this vaccum sealer came out on a IG post and the reviews were great so I got it. So happy I tried it. It looks nice on my countertops, it’s not bulky, and it’s easy to use.
    I received i 3 days before date (yahoo) it works so great for wet food and i was very surprised that how it worked on dry food - and EASY TO USE the old one i had was hard this one you close it push a button that is it!
    Audrey Cashmore
    This vacuum sealer works well! It keeps food fresh and cuts down on my family’s food waste. I’ve saved decent money using this thing, so it paid for itself!
    I took this baby for a test spin I love it so far, I can't wait to marinade some meat and freeze it. It's the little things in life this machine makes me so happy. It seals perfectly.
    Shipped quickly and made a great gift. Will be ordering another one soon
    Vacuum Sealer Machine, Adoric Food Sealer, Automatic Dry & Wet Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine with Suction Hose and 15 Vacuum Bags Included photo review
    Carmen s.
    It was so fast I almost thought I did something wrong. I have had different models of vacuum dealers over the year and this one was by far the easiest and most efficient. I will definitely be getting more pre-made bags also. This model came with a good amount but I used to have to make my own bags with a roll and this was a lot more convenient. This machine is my new sous vide game changer. Thrilled!
    Vacuum Sealer Machine, Adoric Food Sealer, Automatic Dry & Wet Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine with Suction Hose and 15 Vacuum Bags Included photo review
    Soujiro Seta
    Pros: Very small and compact. Easily hides away under counter top lips. Real easy to use. Good suction and bag sealing. Cons: Doesn't cut bag so either use precut or cut rolls yourself. The upper foam gasket around the vacuum chamber ALWAYS comes loose after each use. It needs to be pushed back into place every time, thus wasting some time. Still not too bad of a purchase for 1st time user. Would like the gasket issue to be addressed tho.
    Cayla Mendiola
    I love this vacuum sealer! I’ve been looking for one that isn’t so big to save storage space! I love how easy it is to use. I would definitely recommend this!
    Sherry Bendler
    When vacuum sealing dry foods no problem, but with wet things like meat I seem to waste bags trying to keep the moisture away from the seal. I guess it’s a learning process, maybe next time I will pat dry any raw meat before trying to vacuum seal and see how that works. Not sure if a more expensive device works any better?
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