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Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37” x 82”

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  • Seamless Closure: the newest magnetic screen door has a middle seam lined with 7 sets of magnetic cubes and 6 sets of magnetic strips. Therefore, you will find the mesh screen opens and closes automatically and tightly like magic. Besides, the additional gravity sticks at the bottom make the curtain uneasy to be blown away by gusty wind.
  • Quick to Install: no any tools required, and the windproof hook & loop on full frame allows you to mount it in an instant. What’s more, there are a pack of push pins as gift to secure the screen into its place more firmly. Also you can take minutes to remove it and roll it up during the off seasons.
  • Quality Fiberglass Mesh: features fireproof, durable and high duty, building the screen door with high durability and toughness. Smaller mesh grids than others make our screen door keeping more kinds of pests out while still allowing for fresh air in. Aside from sturdy mesh, the double-sewed colloidal coating is also well-made to withstand water, creasing, tear and wear.
  • Compatible Door Size: if your door frame measures 37” or less in width and 82” or less in height, this mesh screen will match. Therefore, this screen door is widely used at patio, porch, entry, garage, etc. Remember to measure your door frame size before order to ensure fit!
  • Kid & Pet Friendly: our screen door is not only sturdy to withstand millions of passing-by, but also lightweight for kids and pets to go inside and outside with ease. No more to open and close door for your little ones frequently.
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Size:36” x 82”(inches), 38” x 82”(inches), 39” x 83”(inches)

Keep Your Home Pest Free

The patio mesh screen comes with smaller grids and tight sealing, so as to ensure no nasty flies or mosquitos invited. Moreover, breeze and sunlight can pass through when it is closed.

Hands-Free Entry

The lightweight door screen opens easily with just a nudge of head or hand, and then closes automatically behind you. Thus, it is handy for you to go through when your hands are not available.

26 Magnets and Gravity Sticks

13 sets of magnets are sealed in the middle seam at intervals to reinforce magnetic suction and closure. Plus the added gravity sticks make it virtually windproof even in windy days.

Durable and Quality Materials

The edges are wrapped with thickened webbing, durable, waterproof and anti-wrinkle. In addition, upgraded fiberglass mesh is extremely fireproof and strong. Work together to make it survive the test of time.


Material fiberglass
Weight 27.5oz
Color black
Size 36/38/39 x 82/82/83inch (W x H)
Package Contains 1 x magnetic screen door A roll of Velcro tape A pack of push pins 1 x user manual

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35” x 82”, 36” x 82”, 37” x 82”

58 reviews for Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37” x 82”

    Mike Z
    These are simple to install. The velcro strips will work even on an outside screened porch. The trick is to get a door bigger than your doorway. You went it both wider and longer. Hanging the door itself higher makes it easier to open and closed as it gets tighter at the top. Also installing the door a little more loosely and not taught will guarantee it hold up better to high traffic. Also really good for dog and cat use in place of a dog door if you have a dog door that leads into a screened porch. I've had two of these and this one held up extremely well and still going strong. Buy with confidence that ANYONE in your household can install very easily.
    Nathan Hawkins
    The durability is great! I think largely due to the fact that the magnets as well as the entire opening is encapsulated in vinyl. I gave 4 stars because it is a little skinnier than some of the other ones. Intuitively you want it even and tight but if you do that the bottom won't close. Let there be about a one inch "wrinkle" dead center at the top and then make sure that slack line is followed down the door frame.
    Originally I bought the one that was "as seen on TV". It was thick, and one of the first I had seen. I bought it for a 6ft french door with mixed results. I liked that it was thicker mesh, which I thought would withstand our dogs going in and out of it. It was ok but its automatic closing ability was so so. This one however is awesome. It has a thin mesh that I was worried about, but that has not been an issue at all. One of our dogs jumps up on it on the door with his claws almost daily, and the mesh still looks brand new. The automatic closing feature works perfectly, and with dogs going in and out, the Velcro has held up without having to be adjusted. The feature where you can tuck it up and out of the way is awesome as well because when we have gatherings we can prop it out of the way to go in and out easily and not worry about having to move it out of the way.
    Well, it finally happened. My kids were able to successfully put a hole in the sliding screen door out to our back porch. While looking for patch kids and replacement doors on Amazon, I stumbled across this gem. For the price I figured I'd give it a shot. Installation takes about 15 minutes and once it is up, you can stop yelling at your kids to "close the screen door!" The thing is awesome. One thing I will say, our setup isn't perfect. I had to adhere one side of it to the actual sliding screen part of our door, so it came off after a month or so. I just taped it back on with double sided tape and it seems to be working. I figure, if I can get a season out of it, it's money well spent. If I had discovered it earlier, I wouldn't have a hole in my expensive screen slider!
    Elizabeth H.
    This really helps to make our screened in porch bug free! It has always been missing a door, and buying this was an affordable and easy fix. Unfortunately, it got ripped the day after I put it up! I don't know if my dog did it or if an animal chewed through it, but now it has a fairly big hole. It's such a shame because I really like this screen! It was easy to install on my non-standard size door frame, and it closes up right after we walk through it no problem. My dog figured out how to go through it right away. I'm going to patch the hole and hopefully it won't be an issue.
    Dani Lee
    I live in a tiny house (a converted shed) with double doors that open out. I live in North Florida where several months of the year are comfortable without A/C or heat. For 5 years I lived with the bugs. Finally I decided I needed a screen door solution as the windows don't open easily and don't give much cross ventilation. This magnetic screen door installed over an asymmetrical opening using one open door, I never open the second one anyway. The doors are metal so occasionally the magnets catch the door but with a flick of a finger I can get them to close properly. The dog and the cat got the hang of it within minutes. The tiebacks are a must for when I'm not using the screen door and just want access to the main door. My mother is thinking of replacing her conventional screen door with this product because she hates the way the screen door is always slamming shut when used.
    I dont give 5 stars very often, AND another major note, I've only used a week. So if things change layer I WILL update review. This is amazing. Better than others I've used and for 18$ no complaints at all. Setup was easy just peel n stick the velcro where needed, add the tacks (included) here n there.(on the pressure points of the velcro) and BOOM.. Make sure the magnets will meet perfectly in the middle of door. I made mine a perfect fit between the 2 pieces theres no slack at all and just enough room for both to snap together Over all I love this product and would suggest it to everyone especially for the price. Oops I did it again.. had to buy another one for the front door. Yet again easy install and quick to get right. Wish they give more tac's but still very happy over all..
    I live in an apartment with a large patio on a 4th floor. I have bugs all the time come in when I have the door open, which I do alot. Since I installed this, not ONE bug has come in. Not one. The instructions left some to be desired, but anyone can figure out how to install this thing. And if you make a mistake, the stickiness of the velcro is forgiving and will allow you to adjust it. What I love is the magnetic center strip. Come in and out, and if installed correctly, it ALWAYS closes. I love this screen and I don't have to worry about damaging the door frame with nails or brads or anything that punctures. And, when I want to leave it open, it has straps on each side that will hold it open for me. Wonderful product.
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    I bought this screen after going to my BFF’s house and she had one. All weekend long I talked about I had to buy one I had to buy one. Got home measured The door and got on Amazon ordered that screen. I love love love this screen. I’m 61 and it took me about 8 minutes to put up. So easy and adheres to the frame great. I got the 37 x 82 and it fits perfect. I live in an apartment and now that it’s getting cool I wanted to be able to leave my door open to the small patio. She’s fouled up while I’m at work. My dog Annie loves, loves, loves it to! She comes in and out all evening and I never have to go fix the screen. It falls right back into place perfect every time. The magnets all down the middle work awesome. Buy this one and you wind be disappointed.
    I have zero doubt that it will work as well as advertised once we install the 2 we ordered. We have seen it installed for the last 2 years and it is doing a good job there. We have not had an opportunity to install it ourselves because we are in the middle of a big remodeling job that is affecting virtually every room in our house one way or another. Also, we have had two of our three cats endure health crises since the doors came (and they died) so time has been crunched. Even our out doors area has been affected by the remodel. We may not get them installed until next Spring! We are looking forward to doing that because we just know they will work very well for us!! Thank you. Susan and Mike
    Faten H Barranti
    I purchased this item to use on my back porch. It's been excessively hot and I'm not able to open my door to let the fresh air it because of the mosquitos and other flying buys. I've been considering a screen door so that I can add a doggy door to it so that my dog can go in and out freely. I came across this product while searching on amazon so I thought why not give it a try. Well I am pleased to say that it was very easy to put up and it works great. The dog is able to go in and out easily and it didn't take her long to figure out how it works. Also very easy for humans. It stays closed shut tightly without letting anything in. I would recommend and would buy it again if I had another door that need to have a screen.
    M. Howard
    I like this screen... A LOT. I took forever to get around to installing it, but it only took about 15 minutes out of my day. Both my husband and I are very impressed with the result. It fit the doorway perfectly, no sags or wrinkles. If I had another screenless doorway I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat, but it looks like this one may last for years. It is very stoutly made, and has a good fine mesh that leaves the doorway nicely see-thru, yet screens out everything from horseflies to no-see-ums. The magnetic closure closes flawlessly. Tightly. Just follow the directions, and you will also be quite pleased with the result, I am sure. Awesome product.
    This screen is awesome! I'm renting an apartment where the door that leads out to the garden doesn't have a screen. I thought it was going to look weird and be a pain to get in and out through. It's super easy to install. Just remember to measure your door before ordering. I was lucky because this one just barely fit on the very outside of my door frame. The magnetic closures work excellently. As you walk through it magnets reach out and find each other to close behind you. The screen is thick enough that it's not flimsy and doesn't seem like it will rip easily. However, it's still light enough that you can see through it. This is definitely a great option if you don't want to invest in an actual screen door. I would imagine you can remove the adhesive velcro tape and use it in another doorway if you needed to. You may just need to buy a new strip of velcro to put on your door frame.
    As a renter I didn't want to do anything to permanently alter or damage my patio door, but I need a screen to allow me to leave it open. This works great. Keeps all the bugs out, while letting me enjoy the fresh air, and my dog access to the patio. It was very easy to install. I like that they give you two options, the adhesive or the tacks. I get a lot of wind and so far it's held up great with the adhesive. I've only used it during the warm months so I can't speak to how it does during the winter months.
    So... the magnetic middle is weak as hell. If you isntall the screen will not fully stay together due to the tight fit to an ordinary doorway and the magnets being too weak to stay cold.
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Should you have an issue with it pulling away from the top, they've supplied you with a small bag of tacks, as well. No need to run out to buy any. I don't remember the last time that happened. The screen fabric is not flimsy, either. It's not super heavy but just right. Seeing how well this works, I almost feel guilty for paying so little for it. I won't complain, though. I've paid plenty for other products that are worthless so this is definitely worth it. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. At some point, I may decide to install a regular screen door or security door but for now, this is absolutely perfect.
    Pamela Tidd
    I took down my old magnetic screen door because the dogs scratched on the door to get in and tore huge holes in it, making it unusable as a bug screen. This screen door has easy to use tie backs, so...when the dogs are outside and the door is closed, I tie it back. If they are outside and the door is open, I leave it down in place to keep bugs out. That way they can come and go as they want to, easily pushing the magnets open, or when they are outside with the door closed, they can scratch on the door to come in without destroying the screen. The quality of the door is about the same as the other brand and will probably last a couple of years before the sun destroys it, but for now, the dogs can’t destroy it and I’m happy.
    Does the job but takes some modifications because not every door is the same so be prepared to modify. In my case the screen door was a about 1.5 inches too long and the bottom would catch on my door step keeping the bottom portion from magnetizing closed. So, I took some of the black paper clams and rolled up the excess and clamped the bottom so it didn’t drag. Also you want the center of the screen door a little higher In the center and lower on the sides when mounting. This also helps the door magnetize closed. Is it 100 percent guaranteed to close every time you walk through it??? Why heck no... you may have to check behind you to make sure. Especially when you got toddlers like me Hulk smashing trough. It like the Koolaid man through a wall. Ha ha! Also, it comes with push pins that you install once the Velcro mounting system is to your liking. I used a staple gun and 3/8 staples instead them black permanent marker over the staples. It’s a heavy screen and does its job. I mainly use it for fresh air and keep out the Mississippi skeeters.
    Thus thing is awesome. Might be one if the only as seen on tv products that lived up to the hype. One big caveat: you have to install the Velcro frame correctly, but it’s not hard. I prepped the area in my screen door with alcohol before sticking it on. Once I had it positioned to close correctly every time, then I used 1/4 self tapping metal screens to hold it on more permanently to the door frame: spaced about every six inches directly into the middle of the Velcro frame (maybe 20 screens). No more bugs! Dog can run in and out and we can leave the screen door open... only had to show him a few times how to walk thru, now he plows thru it into the backyard.
    If you don't have pets or kids this screen in amazing the pull back button is genius. I hated taking my old one on and off as the seasons and weather changed. The bummer is that I thought it was durable for pets and my dogs just walking through it have torn small holes that have somehow turned into large ones and it is not useless.
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Laquesta James
    It was so easy to do
    Bought it to secure my kitchen from my two little monster kittens I have (we don't want them in the kitchen) but unfortunately they bested it and figured out if they push hard enough they could create a gap underneath. Maybe poor placing on my part but still love it. Other than that though it was easy to set up with the provided velcro and push pins. Gotta do a bit of measuring and making sure you place it correctly before removing the film from the sticky side. Magnets are great and close 9 times out of 10 perfectly upon them falling back together after opening them. Durability wise, well our kittens have sharp claws and sharpen them near everyday on the scratching post and have both scaled the giant magnetic tower with ease. I've yet to see any large or even bigger than usual holes from their claws when they play with it. Also to add more onto the magnet, both kittens would run up in full force and climb different sides of the screen and it would not break apart so yeah, definitely strong.
    Jim Tadlock
    I got this so I could keep my home office door open and keep out the bugs. Have two small dogs who like to make me get up and down to let them in and out...constantly. Left the door open for them so I could get some work done, you probably know how that is. Insects kept coming in and we needed a solution. This screen did the trick. Now the pups can come and go at will, they like it and now I can be lazy! One added benefit: Birds used to fly into the door thinking it was open sky, since I put this up, not a single bird has hit the door. Recently a beautiful cardinal kill herself and as heart breaking as that is, her mate, the male stood beside her lifeless body trying to get her to awaken. I had to discard her body to get him to leave. If for no other reason, this is a good purchase for us. It was easy to install and looks OK.
    We have had this on our back porch for months now and it is a LIFE SAVER! We have a glass enclosed porch and we were having issues with critters, bugs and birds going in there and not being able to get out. The poor birds would fly in and not know how to get out because of the glass! We can’t keep the door closed all of the time because the dog goes in and out all day. Since we installed this, we have not had a single issue! It even seems to help keep the cool air inside the enclosed porch when we have the cooler going in there. The magnetic closure is so incredibly fantastic and makes all the difference. My dog just walks straight through it and it closes right back up after her. My husband assembled it quickly and it has been the best purchase we’ve made for our home all year!
    It’s also perfect that I leave it open when I’m home so the fresh air comes in my dogs don’t have to wait for me to let them out, and the bugs stay out with the mesh! totally worth it!!
    Who knew that such a simple product can make such an impactful difference! For some reason, my apartment did not include a screen on the door to the outdoor balcony. So if I wanted to get some fresh air, then I also had to deal with the bugs and debris that the wind brings in. Now I can enjoy the breeze without the critters! Installation was very simply and fit my door frame perfectly. Just a heads up though that the adhesive on the velcro strips is VERY strong so it will more than likely peel off any paint when you try to remove it. Totally worth it though and what are the odds my apartment will even notice when I move out?
    Sinette M.
    Easy to install and durable. Make sure you use the nails that are provided to hammer into your door frame. The screen will sag from the very top if you just use the adhesive tape Without nailing them down, which cause the screen to stay open. Make sure to install it while the magnet screen is closed, if not, you would’ve stretched the screen out to wide and it won’t shut and you have to redo. If it’s too long, you can adjust it by pulling up the slack a little bit and nail it a little higher. Just apply the adhesive tape first, find the perfect fit by going in and out of the screen, and once your satisfied with the fit, then nail it down. Very easy to adjust and works perfectly!
    Dragon Warrior
    After looking for a long time to find one of these magnetic screens, I finally found one that will fit the front door of my apartment (barely). I spent about 30 minutes getting it lined up and installed. It took a little longer as I do not have a smooth door surround to be able to us the adhesive backing on the hook and loop strip. After measuring I used the included pins to secure the screen to the door frame. So far the screen is working very well. There are times when you come through the screen you need to make sure the screen does not get caught in the door (bottom) but otherwise it is excellent. We had a decent breeze today and the screen flowed air very well. I am looking forward to being able to leave the door open during the cooler months and not use the air conditioning. I definitely recommend this product.
    Renae M.
    I have purchased a few of these screen doors and I have to tell you, you will not be disappointed! The Velcro runs down both sides and across the top for very easy installation. It is so secure on the door that there is no way its coming off without me pulling it off. I followed directions on how to put the Velcro on and everything works like a charm. My dogs come in and out with ease and it closes securely every time! Same thing as we go through - a quick, secure close every time! The fact that the magnet runs down the entire opening on both sides and is sewn right in to the design of the screen is ingenious! Best decision I made with purchasing this one - it was less expensive than the cheap ones that broke the first day up too!
    The screen door to my deck received a huge tear that was my fault,so I took it down. After spending about 1 hr trying to catch a hummingbird that got into my house, (the bird was rescued!) i knew I need to replace the screen. They work GREAT! i HAVE THEM ON BOTH OF MY DOORS. I ESPECIALLY LIKE THE TIE BACKS ON THIS ONE BECAUSE I GO THROUGH THAT DOOR OFTEN AND YET IT IS STILL CLOSED AT THE TOP SO MY HUMMINGBIRDS CAN'T GET IN. I highly recommend these screen doors!
    Chelsea Nichole
    I got this product and it did have a tear when I opened the package. I thought it would be fine, so I placed it anyways. Well my dog went to come inside, for her foot caught in the tear and the whole thing ripped... and came off the door frame. This happened literally twenty minutes after putting it up. So essentially I wasted my money on something I never really even got to use...
    Ever buy something that is so life changing for the better you kick yourself for not doing it sooner? Yeah that’s me with this screen. I have a dog that likes to bask on my deck and I often left the door open so he could get back in when he was ready but that filled my house with flies. This did a the trick beautifully..still trying to convince my dogs it’s ok to pass through it, but the product itself is excellent. The double sided Velcro works but it came with tacks to give it additional security and it took some adjusting to get it lined up so it would close completely when entering or exiting but once that was done it was perfect
    I cannot tell you if this works well. I had not measured my door correctly so when this arrived it did not fit. you must measure the outside of the door jamb that will accept the velcro. also, you must be able to put the velcro around the ENTIRE door jamb. on mine I have a transom immediately above the door jamb so the velcro cannot be adhered above the door. if your door does not fit exactly, there are no simple modifications you can make. well, you could but then you would end up doing as much work as if you made this yourself. i would return it but after the cost of paying for return shipping it isn't worth it. i am going to see if a neighbor want it instead. let my mistake save you some $$ and measure, measure, measure! i will add that the magnets seem strong. i wonder if my dog would tear the velcro off the door before opening up the magnet?
    Our screen door on the sliding back door broke so I thought I give this a try. It's working out great so far! It doesn't quite close all the way at the bottom for me without some fiddling, but I think if I had hung it a little higher that wouldn't have been a problem. I didn't really have the space to do that, so I have a few inches laying on the deck. It also doubles as a doggie door since by dog can pop through the magnets on her own, which is kind of a nice bonus.
    Louis S.
    Works as advertised but if you have a steel door and a metal door frame the magnets on bottom will stick to door or door frame as you go through, other than that it works fine. Also, you'll need a drill and sheet metal screws if you choose not to use the self sticking Velcro. UPDATE That was our original review we forgot to post. Now we've been using it for over a year, it has seen some extreme heat, and is still holding together nicely! I was looking it up again to recommend this make to a neighbor.
    Julie Vazquez
    This magnetic screen was delivered in a timely manner and it lives up to the good reviews. The screen material is thicker and seems more durable than other magnetic screens I have seen in the past. The magnets are sewed into the lining and run the full length of the closure. The adhesive on the hook and loop strips is extremely sticky and so far we have not needed the tacks that came along with the screen. The only warning I want to give: If you live in an extremely windy area, this may not work for you. We had some pretty gusty wind last night as a storm was coming in and it did cause this screen to open. Most people would have their door closed for that kind of weather so it shouldn't be a problem. Our door was open because it was extremely hot. All in all, I highly recommend this magnetic screen and I would purchase this again.
    Debbie H.
    I have purchased many (and I mean many) magnetic screen doors all of which I have been disappointed with. I have several large dogs (100 ponds plus) and they are in and out all the time and none of the screen doors lasted even a month without something going wrong with it. So I was very surprised at this product right out of the box it look better and heavier duty than the previous screens I had purchased before. My dogs have not made any impact on this screen so far. Everything from the magnetics to the Velcro has held up with no wear at all. Screen is as good as when I pulled it out of the box. All the others that I have had would have the magnetics gone or screen tore by now. The magnetics are sewed into the screen (always had a problem with the others breaking off), the Velcro is also sewed in and not held by glue or tape. I also like that the Velcro is continuous not like some of the others I had that were only strips. I also like that the screen is one piece and not two which made it easier to install properly. The over all quality is great and would certainly recommend this product. In fact I was so pleased with how this screen is holding up that I purchased a second one. Great value for the money.
    Lindsey T.
    So I have only had this screen up for about a week. It was easy to out up (less than 10 mins) the only thing I don't understand is this screen is good up to a 37" door but what if your door is not 38"?? I cut the screen at the split to make it work for our smaller door. So it does over lap itself but it works I guess. Just confused as to how else it could of worked. The tie offs are really nice and the magnets seal right back together. All in all nice product just unsure if it's a good fit if your door is not 37" wide!
    richard douglas
    My wife has always bought the $10 specials of a similar magnetic mesh screen door that last about a month before they start to fall apart. I studied the Amazon ratings and prices and ordered this one. The package is 10 times as large and 3 times as thick as the $10 ones and the mesh fabric is much thicker and durable, along with full and not partial frame velcro. It has bigger and stronger magnets and a stay open feature. The similarity is like comparing a Mack Truck to a Tacoma.
    Shelli Livingston
    I have used 3 different versions of this screen. They are all about the same, and work pretty well. This is the lease expensive one I have tried (the others were $20). This one feels like the magnets are a little weaker, but it still seems to grab and stay closed just fine. The tie backs are a game changer! I love them! We have dogs and if I leave the curtains down, the dogs will scratch them at the door if they get left outside.(this is what actually led to my other 2 versions wearing out over time) I can now tie the curtains back and then let them drape and close when we are playing inside and out. I really love this screen and the tie backs make this the best one I have tried. PS-- even with dogs scratching none of my screens have been destroyed right away. They can hold up to the dogs for a while, but eventually they were getting torn and had to go. This version seems like it will help with the longevity of my screen and also keep them out of the way if I needed.
    AZ Red
    This has been, hands down, our best summer purchase. Living in high desert of AZ, we have only about a month of really hot weather, so we do not have an AC. In previous years, we have had to keep the doors shut during the day, in order to keep the flies out, and then we open the doors at night (letting the mosquitoes in) and have had to rely on window fans. Night after night we'd lay in bed, sweat-soaked and waiting for the fans to really get the hot air moved out of the house. THIS YEAR, the doors have stayed open all day, and the screen netting has kept 95% of the flies out and so far, all of the mosquitoes. The house temperature changes much more quickly and our evenings are nearly always quite pleasant, even with 100 degree days.
    D. Bailey
    This works great, and I wish I had gotten it sooner! We live in the South, where there are swarms of mosquitos, June bugs, and other flying creatures all summer long. To make it worse, I have family and animals who treat our back entrance like a revolving door, with someone or other going in or out every few minutes on an average night. Keeping the bugs out was nearly impossible. My sister recently got one of these for her house, and loves it! When I saw how well it was working for her, I bought one myself. It took me about 5 minutes to install, and it looks very clean/nice from both inside and out. (My back door has a large glass window in it.) An added bonus is that it also acts as a partial shade, cutting down on the direct sunlight that streamed in through that window, and subsequently, cuts down on the heat coming in. The magnetic opening/closure is brilliant! It’s very easy to pass through hands-free, (my large dogs through with no problem), and closes by itself very quickly. I am also impressed with how it maintains perfect alignment when it closes (the installation instructions specify to mount the middle slightly higher than the sides, and I believe this is likely the key to making sure it aligns properly on closure.) This is a great product- very happy to highly recommend it!
    I love my screens- bought 2 more since I loved the first so much. So easy to install and at a great price. The magnetic adhesion works very well- my little mini schnauzer got the hang of it in a day. My 17 year old son said he didn’t want one for his bedroom French door that leads to backyard since it would mess up his view of our garden but once he saw the original ones I bought on my bedroom backdoor, hechanged his mind and asked for a pair. Yes of course the do occlude the view some but not so bad. They are just a great value for the amount they cost. Installing a sliding screen door on an outward facing outer door can be much more expensive- these magnetic screens are a very viable alternative!
    Techno Joe
    As long as the the screen isn't stretched too tight, the closing magnets work pretty well. After a few days, they still have some very slight gaps in areas. But they're too small for even a mosquito to fit through. Fungus gnats or so could potentially squeeze through, but it's unlikely. That being said, you cannot beat this mesh fabric self closing screen. The rental house we're in had no front screen door. This solves that HUGE ISSUE for, what, $14 ?!!? Honestly, what an amazingly awesome invention !!! 3 Week Follow-Up: I just noticed the super tiny gaps are gone. When going through, the magnets pull the screen together nicely (it even makes a cool sound as they quickly clip together one at a time) and the gaps have disappeared. I guess time was needed from being bunched up during shipment.
    Dianna Baldwin
    Very easy to install. Quality hook and loop strip adheres well and hold s screen securely. vthe weave has a vertical pattern that has stripe effect to make screen visible. The bands and snaps to hold it open are very handy. Well designed. I have a similar magnetic screen for our French doors that is holding up well during its second summer. It doesn't have the nice snaps to hold it open and does not have the vertical stripes woven into the screen. I have wonen short strils of white string at eye level for adults, dogs and kids on this older one. if I can find this brand in a 72 inch I will replace our old one.
    I was upset after reading all the good reviews, I gave it a week before I posted a review, although it is Relatively easy install and adhesion is OK, magnet is weak. Don’t buy this if your expecting to use it to let a breeze in, the wind blows it right open, defeats the purpose I purchased it for. But I guess if ur using it to keep out bugs it’s OK at best if the magnet works well enough to stay closed that is
    Julia C. Angelica
    This screen curtain has successfully reduced the daily swarm of 50+ flies (from a neighbor's chicken coop) down to a mere one or two, so given the price, I don't mind if it only lasts one season -- I pay several times more than that each summer for sprays, fly papers, captivators, and other such remedies (and still have to clean up the corpses). I found the installation very easy (hung it with the magnets together), and the closure works well enough for me (there's a knack to throwing it back behind you). Of course, getting both cats to push through it is a work in progress -- one just about has it after 3 days, but the other is still stuck on the "pull with paws then yell for hooman" maneuver.
    These are great for keeping bugs and insects out of the house. There are a lot of tricks and tips to installation. Yes they are "easy" to install if your door frame is a plain and simple door, but I had complications because I installed four of them and all the door frames were slightly different. So, get help and go slowly. The adhesive works very well, almost too well so if you make a mistake and you need to remove it good luck with that. I peeled the paint off the door frame by removing the velcro strip once I realized I had it in the wrong place. I am not sure about durability yet I've had them out about 1 week and we use them a lot. I will be taking them down during the fall and winter to make them last longer and put them back up during the Spring & Summer. They do what they say they're supposed to do. But if you have any metal around your door they will stick to it. I have two doors that are actually made of metal so sometimes I have to remove them when they stick to the door. They close as they should. Make sure when you're putting them up you have someone look at the bottom; you want them to just kiss the ground and not be too high because bugs will come in from the bottom. Very good value for the money.
    We have an old sliding door that can't find a replacement for that works well so started purchasing these magnetic screens a few years ago. By winter they are falling apart etc. and get trashed. THIS unit is no doubt made of higher quality material starting with the attachment tape/ velcro that has an incredibly strong adhesive yet it actually comes off without leaving a mess like others that are a glue base, (I had to remove and adjust one side) It is also full length not strips like all the others. The material is different and tougher. My favorite part is the magnetic edge ... One soft smooth seem with silent magnets enclosed vs having to listen to 10 magnets clicking every time you open / close
    The glitch is after a month the curtain began to tear away at middle top. I sewed it in hope to keep it from tearing completely. Otherwise, it’s a great door cover and keeps bugs out. The manufacturer need to reinforce the top middle section where it gets the most movement when opening.
    This fits like a glove on our patio door, just looks like it came with the door! Best quality of all brands I have tried until know.
    Very easy to set up and to adhere to doorways. Amazing door mesh. I've spent a small fortune on door mesh (magnetic screen doors only to have them break, rip, or have small magnets fall out less than 2 weeks later. This magnetic screen mesh is amazing! The magnets are secure and sewn/secured inside of the mesh, so they will not fall out. They also run the entire length of the product, so it stays fully closed. It's really refreshing to not have to secure the magnets, or not have them get caught, and to have them close and secure the screens together itself. The magnets seem strong. Installation was a breeze. They provided more than enough sticky adhesive tape to get the job done. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone in market for this type of product. Don't be fooled by the other more expensive products. This one by far is the most superior in quality, durability, and will last a long time.
    J. Phillips
    I love this idea, but this design just doesn't work. First, there's no way to adjust it to fit the size of your door frame. My frame was smaller, so I had to bunch it in places, making small openings around the edges. It was also entirely too long, so it just swept the ground at the bottom. Also, it uses an adhesive to attach to the frame, which when exposed to the elements (where it's supposed to be) breaks down within days. I've had it just under a month, and it no longer works well. I don't have any complaint about the magnetized center and the way it works, which is why I gave it two stars. But overall, it just doesn't work.
    It keeps the bugs out and clips back together easily if you do not make it to tight when you hang it. But definitely do not use if you have a bad dog like we do. We had one at our old house with a sliding glass door to keep bugs from getting in and it worked perfectly. And our dog never hopped on the glass door because he couldn't open a sliding glass door. So we bought one at our new house to use on the backdoor that the dog uses to come in and out. Because this is a wooden door with hinges, he throws his weight on this door to try to open it and that has completely shredded this poor curtain. Just a cautionary warning if you have a hinged door and a bad dog. The curtain itself is great though! Would definitely buy again if our dog wasn't a turd face.
    This is an amazing product and everyone considering all the different brands a d features please read my review. ⭐️The price is so great, the weight of the fabric screening and the size of the holes keep all bugs out. ⭐️The tie backs allow you to open like a curtain for ease when carrying things in and out the door. ⭐️ The magnetic inserts are so well made I can open easily without tugging and it closes lining up perfectly. ⭐️The hanging materials are top quality Velcro and a heavy push pin style. Super easy install and a few taps on the the push pins and the screen door is up.
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    Magnetic Screen Door, Adoric Upgraded Door Screen Magnetic Closure, Fiberglass Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Hook & Loop Fits Doors Size up to 35”-37'' x 82” photo review
    I bought this to use as a temporary fix that will allow me to leave the door open that leads from the garage to the backyard during warmer months. Unfortunately, the drawback is flies and wasps (on occasion) will get into the garage too. I wasn't sure how this would work but decided to give it a try. I followed the instructions to the letter and it worked. The trick is making sure that the area around the door is clean and dry. The second thing in making sure this hangs properly is to apply it, starting at the top center. As high as you can on the trim and then angle slightly downward on each side. Photo #3 shows what I mean. If you do this, the curtain will hang perfect straight along the bottom as shown in photo #4. The magnets will catch perfectly too.
    The product is very easy to install. Setting it up probably took about five minutes or so to complete, but my only issue is that once the magnetic screen is opened, it is not connecting back together automatically. I have had to manually pull the magnets together to close the screen properly. It seems to be made of good material though.
    Rhett Bushman
    My dog and I go in and out through this thing a LOT. And after several months of use, it still holds up pretty well, with a couple caveats. Adhesive: Mounted on a wooden, painted doorframe that isn't very smooth, it stuck on surprisingly well. However the two bottom corners did start coming off after a couple months. The rest stayed on fairly well. Velcro: The only section that didn't hold on quite as well was the top-center. This has to stay a little higher than the upper two corners in order for the magnets to meet every time you go through. This started to sag a little after a few months. Magnets: Surprisingly strong and meet together almost every time. I have a door that has metal in it. so every once in a while one of the flaps would stick to the door and not shut all the way. Durability: No rips or tears. Holds up very well. Overall this has been an awesome purchase, I definitely recommend to keep the bugs out while the door is open
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