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Knife Sharpener, Professional 4 in 1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener Kit to Repair, Grind, Polish Blade, Scissor Sharpener with Slip Resistant Design, Safe and Easy to Use

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  • Upgraded 4-Slot Sharpener: 4 slots with different materials are respectively applicable to grind scissors, repair dull/damaged knives, remove burrs and polish blades. Widely used for your all knives in the kitchen except for serrated blades.
  • Non-Slip Stable Base: we keep users’ safety in mind with enhanced slip-resistant rubber base, no risk of wobbling during sharpening. Moreover, the ergonomic handle for secure grip whether you are right or left-handed.
  • Easy to Use & Store: simply place the blade into the slot and pull in one direction for 3-5 times. Gives you a razor sharp knife in a matter of seconds. What’s more, it has an optimal size that not only fits your hand perfectly, but also keeps compact in your drawer.
  • Premium Quality: made of strong ABS plastic, durable and long-lasting. In addition, quality blades slots use ceramic, tungsten steel and diamond rod materials, which ensure fast and efficient polish.
  • For Most of Blades: apart from serrated blades, Adoric knife sharpener works well on the all knives including scissors, boning knife, filet knife, steel knives, diamond knives, ceramic knives and the like. It is an ideal gift for your mom, grandma, wife, friends and anyone you cherish.

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You never know how you need this Adoric 4-in-1 knife sharpener until you have one! With a few pulls of the knife to restore it to its original sharp state, effortless and effective!

The Last Sharpener You Need

Would you like to restore a dull knife for a sharp edge?

Are there various sharpeners on your countertop for diverse blades?

It is time to own Adoric 4-in-1 kitchen knife sharpener kit!

With it you can fine polish a blunt knife with 3-stage system, also repair and straighten damaged blades, etc.

Additionally, super durable construction prolongs its lifespan and enables it to serve you for years and save your money!

Get a Sharp Edge in Seconds

You must be tired of a variety of stones and honing rods that are hard to operate. Our sharpener is easy to use even for green hands, giving your old knives a new start within seconds! Incidentally, replace your mom’s stones/rods, and she could be happy.

Description of 4 Slots

“Scissors” slot: only suitable for scissors

“2” slot: tungsten steel slot for coarse grinding, to repair dull and damaged knives.

“3” slot: diamond slot for fine grinding, to remove all burrs.

“4” slot: ceramic slot for a clean polish. Recommended to use this slot once a week.


  1. Put the blade end vertically into the sharpening edge, then pull it backward for 3-5 times. Do not pull the knife backward and forward.
  2. No need to sharpen your knife in each slot, just choose proper grinding method as needed.
  3. Not for serrated blades.


Material ABS + TPU + stainless steel
Weight 10.2oz
Color black and grey
Dimension 23.7×7.8×4.4 CM
Package Included 1 x knife and scissor sharpener

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

22 reviews for Knife Sharpener, Professional 4 in 1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener Kit to Repair, Grind, Polish Blade, Scissor Sharpener with Slip Resistant Design, Safe and Easy to Use

    Laurence Jannett
    When a chef performs his or her tasks, he or she has to clean up the food. If the utensils aren't cleaned properly, food can get contaminated and bacteria can develop. To prevent this from happening, professional chefs always have a set of kitchen knives.
    Shelly Hoye
    I always need a knife sharpener in the kitchen. This is a good value for the money, easy to hold and use. Good addition to my kitchen utensils.
    This thing is big, and I love it. The big size makes it a lot nicer to grip than the small ones I own. The 3 stages of sharpening are very nice and work well. One of the first things I sharpened was an old school pair of scissors, you do when they use to make the whole thing out of metal. It worked great. Will recommend these.
    Does what it says. It is amazing product. Definitely makes knives sharp
    Auntie G
    This product was easy to use.
    Melissa Christensen
    Easy to use. Great price. I sharpened my scissors and a few knives. it's great
    Amy sexton
    My wife just had to have this.. not a dull blade in my house . This gadget has done its job . Worked perfectly all knives are sharp. Worth the money .
    Oh my WOW! I knew my knives were dull, this is quick and works so well I cut a tomato and didn’t have to even use the cutting board. It sliced so well!
    Elizabeth Rose
    Came with instructions it is use easy to hold, I immediately took it out of the box and used it when I got it! I’m shocked with what a difference I’m seeing on my knives already, next I’m going my scissors!
    I replaced my Smith's sharpener (which is similarly priced) with this one and I'm much happier with it. The Smith's sharpener had only 2 slots, coarse and fine. This one with three slots (plus a fourth for scissors) dresses up my knives much better. I'd highly recommend this sharpener.
    Christina Cardwell
    Love this knife sharpener. All of my knives needed sharpened and this worked perfectly!
    I got tired of every time I needed a knife everyone I grab was dull. So I finally said let me get one. After looking and looking I finally decided to get this one and I am so glad I did. It is truly amazing. There are no dull knives in my house anymore. I will never let them get dull with this little gadget. It very handy and reasonable in price. A must have for every kitchen and chef.
    N. Sears
    I just recently bought a very nice knife and want to keep it in good condition... this sharpener works great... any sign of dullness or that my knife is not slicing to it's full potential, i use this and slices like butter. Happy with my purchase!
    Sharpen the knives
    I have only had it for a couple of days and it has sharpened some of my very dull knives very nicely, that I will now keep them. For the price I was quite surpriced that it did such a great job
    Larry B. (Orlando, Florida)
    Can't beat it for the price. I have sharpened several knives with it so far, and it does a great job. Sure beats the old whetstone I had been using!
    Brandi Grosso
    This is a good product sharpness knifes and scissors perfect and easy to use
    Chazney Daughenbaugh
    So we bought this thing not knowing really what to expect and let me tell you this thing is amazing !!! Not only is every knife in my house is as sharp as the day I bought them but I also sharpened my hair cutting scissors and these things are insane and back to perfect!!!
    Andrew Singer
    What a simple yet effective design. Takes all the guess work out of sharpening your knives, giving them a new life. Just glide the full knives through the different stages from course to fine and they will feel like new again. My only grievance is that the footprint could have been smaller if they designed the device to collapse for storage.
    Very nice sturdy knife sharpener. Super easy to use. Just insert knife into slot, then pull. Repeat about 3 times, and you got a sharpen knife.
    This sharpener was supposed to come with a protective glove I didn’t receive a glove disappointed!!!
    Dul Ganchimeg
    Was hesitant about how good it will sharpen the knife. So far sharpened all the knives in my kitchen. Everything is nice and sharp. The scissor sharpener is pretty cool actually easy to use. Specially with handle it doesnt slip out of your hand. Would recommend anyone who is looking for easy knife sharpener
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