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Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home

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【100%Safe & Reliable】The ice cube tray has a full food-grade silicone body, 100% safe and BPA free, totally reliable to contact with drinks. Rest assured to use it to make adult & baby food.
【Easy Ice Removal】Non-stick and soft silicone makes it easy for you to twist or push ice cube maker from bottom, and 8 ice cubes will pop out in a perfect form, which is an elegant addition to your glass.
【Giant Ice Cubes】2-pack ice trays create 16 large ice cubes once, each of which is 1.7inch. Add this larger ice cube to your whisky, slower melting with less dilution, longer chilling for better flavor.
【Superior Quality】Silicone ice cube tray is made to withstand temperature range of -40℉~480℉. Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Durable ice trays will keep flexible after freezing.
【Chill Drinks & DIY】With silicone ice trays, you can make large ice cubes to cool cocktail, bourbon, scotch drinks, whiskey, tequila or vodka, and also can create ice snacks, like popsicles, ice cream, etc.

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Improve the Flavor of Drinks

Our ice cube trays create 16 oversized ice cubes, which take longer time to melt and help you to discover the real flavor of your beverages. You can never refuse a strong itch to taste it. No need to hurry through your drink, as the good taste will last to the last drop.

Multiple Creative Usage

With this food-grade silicone ice cube maker, you can not only fill it with sauces, fruit, yogurt, soup, milk to DIY fruit popsicles, ice cream, ice desserts, puddings or fruit jellies, but also use it as a baking tray to make chocolate, candy, cake, bread and more.

How to Make Ice Cubes?

(If first use, please clean thoroughly and then immerse it in hot water to remove odor.)
Step 1: fill the ice cube trays with water.
Step 2: place the ice trays in the freezer for 5-6 hours.
Step 3: take it out of freezer and rinse it under running water for easy release.
Step 5: push the bottom of trays and squeeze out ice cubes.

Kindly Notes:

1. Please keep the ice trays away from fire in case of getting distorted.
2. Do not use metal brush to clean silicone ice cube trays.
3. Do not clean the ice trays with strong detergent to prevent corrosion.


Material Silicone
Color Black
Weight 12oz
Size of Each Tray 8.4” x 4.5” x 1.7”
Package Includes 2 x Square Ice Cube Trays
1 x Funnel
1 x User Manual

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Weight 2 kg

23 reviews for Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home

    These ice cube trays are quite possibly the neatest thing I have gotten. I have never had any type of silicone mold so I thought these would be great to start with. They have 38 little cubes and they were so easy to use. I originally bought them to have some extra ice around the house but I have little kids and they have had a ball using them for all sorts of things, like jell-o molds and DIY chocolates, so much so that I actually bought another set so I have some for the original intended reason! Great buy, shipped super quick too! Best part... DISHWASHER SAFE! woohoo!
    Al Pizzle
    I liked the silicone ice trays. The squares one are really big it's great to put fruit in and freeze it. The round tray didn't work out for me, not sure why. If it would hhc ave froze all the way that would have been perfect. My daughter is loving them though.
    I really like the little cubes for cocktails but getting them out of the container is a big pain. It seems like it will hold up just fine but it's a soft rubber like material which means it wraps around each ice cube and you have to push each ice cube out individually.
    Helderman Fam
    Really great addition to have when making drinks. Just make sure with the circular ice that you close the rubber tight so you hear almost a clicking sound so you know it is locked tight.
    Erik Grover
    The square cubes were so hard to get out when frozen.
    Scott Morales
    The cubes are great the sphere balls are a little smaller than the cubes. If you want a solid sphere you have to do about 80% full, let that water freeze, then top it off with more water and freeze again. I’m considering ordering it again to get another tray of the cubes
    Paul Tetelboim
    It does it’s job. For convenience, make sure you fill it to the top, otherwise it’s a little annoying on the cubes to get them out if they’re only partially filled.
    Paul J. Jacobsen
    Directions said to boil water 2xs to have clear ice. Didn't work. Cool cubes but don't bother boiling water.
    I love that this comes with both a round tray and a cubed tray. The round makes ice about the size of a golf ball and the cubes are slightly larger. They are fun and also don’t seem to water down your drink or melt as quickly as smaller ice prices.
    Carl carlson
    This item is not worth the money I paid for it, very cheap and does not really work for me
    Rose Barocio
    The Silicone is thick enough. The tray is easy to carry with water fill. It has a square tray and a separate tray for the ball. It thought I would get either or but I get both. Easy to clean and wash. It is challenging to not spill the water for the ball tray. I use the paper towels to dry out the water on top.
    I love these things. I hate drinking room temp anything, especially water. I like having my water ice cold. I have been using these in my Ozark cup (off brand Yeti) in the mornings with both water and the iced coffee I make at home. By the time I am leaving to go home in the evenings after work (8am to 5pm), there’s still ice in the cup. They’re bigger so they melt more slowly and the cup helps to keep things cold. I’d recommend.
    I love these, especially the square ones. They are easier to get out. Just a couple of them in my glass and it keeps my drink cold all day! They got here fast, as promised!
    Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home photo review
    Mei Wu
    I put two slice of lime in each cube, it comes out perfectly. These two different shapes look so cool in drink. I am very happy having them on hand for myself and visitors.
    Xiomara Pagan
    This is an excellent product. I love the square ice because when you put it in a clear glass it looks very elegant and different. Also, the round shaped one is very nice too. This is great when you have visitors over and you want to impress them with something new. I use the square to serve for men and round shape for women. There is even a small tube so you can pour the water for the round shaped one.
    Round ones a little has to fill but makes nice long-lasting cube. Also use for eggwhites
    Jon Hicks
    I made a bbq station and had a fridge installed for my drinks outside. I wanted something fun and unique for my ice cubes. These silicone molds are amazing. The cube ones are really large and easy to remove. The spheres are perfect for stronger drinks. My friends love them and I recommend them these to buy. Removing the ice cubes is simple. You can just push them out or add a bit of water to the under side and the slip out.
    Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home photo review
    Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home photo review
    Ice Cube Tray, 2-Pack Large Ice Silicone Cube Maker Ice Square Tray Making 8 Giant Ice Cubes for Whiskey and Cocktail, Bar and Home photo review
    John Couch
    These are perfect for anyone who drinks scotch, or any other liquor on the rocks. I suppose they can be used for regular drinks, but often they don't just have 1 giant cube of ice. The square cubes are easier to fill and stay in the drink a lot longer than regular ice. For the spheres, they include a funnel, which is great. Filling them for the first time I only got 4/6 as actual spheres, but I think I did something wrong during the filling process. I'd recommend these for anyone who drinks liquids.
    Larry D Baumiller
    Ice balls and large cubes melt slower, they are easy to make, the molds easy to fill and easy to clean. It also keeps my kids from using an entire tray of ice in 1 drink as someone the bigger ones they automatically only take 1, don't ask me why but they do and it's a major win when we used to have ice in the freeze less then 1/2 the time and now its rare to not have a few cubes! Total win all around, and the price is amazing! Buy a few!
    William Cleveland
    This was cool for a party gag. I wouldnt use it every day and it wasnt that easy to fill to make sure you go clear ice. maybe more of a thicker siding so that when water is added it just doesnt spill all over the place....could be user but me and my wife tried and came up with the same thing.
    Jessica Caye
    I purchased these to use at bbq's and I plan to fill them with strawberry daiquiris for guest. But haven't been able to use them for that purpose due to current stay at home orders. However I did fill them with Kool Aid for a treat for my kids and they loved them . Can't waut until things get back to normal so I can impress my guests with these!
    Guadalupe Sanchez Lynch
    These are awesome. My family is always on the run, so I used these to freeze preseasoned butter cubes to help cut down cooking time. The push bottom makes getting my cubes out a breeze and the lids help keep your product fresh and aid with stacking. I am really happy with this buy. Should've done this years ago.
    Shannon Wooten
    These ice tray cubes are so awesome I love them. You can also mold jello in these for the kids and they hold very well. I am going to be investing in a while lot more of these. If you have kids these are great
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