Digital caliper, electronic digital caliper stainless steel body, with large LCD screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm conversion

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  • High quality standards-Our 6-inch (approximately 15.2 cm) digital calipers are made of fully covered stainless steel (high-quality-durable and portable), equipped with depth measuring probes, knurled thumb rollers and locking screws to ensure smooth sliding during use And accurate positioning. It can be used to measure internal and external diameters, depths and steps, using 2 sets of jaws and a probe.
  • Inch/mm conversion-a button to quickly change between two measurement modes: inches, millimeters, you only need a measuring tool to measure internal and external dimensions, diameter, depth and number of steps.
  • High-precision, high-precision, durable materials-Measuring range: 0-6 inches, 0-150 mm Resolution: 0.005 inches / 0.01 mm Accuracy: ±0.05 mm For differential measurement, it can be zero at any time, which is convenient for professional Used by people and amateurs. The smooth brushed stainless steel replaces the plastic material, which is easy to slide and non-sticky.
  • Ultra-convenient-the large and clear LCD display ensures easy reading; it will automatically shut down within 5 minutes without operation. LR44 battery and packing box, easy to backup and carry. There is a protective film on the LCD screen to protect the screen from abrasion. Please tear off before use.
  • If you have any questions about digital calipers, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

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  1. Say goodbye to the frustration of inaccurate measurement, no need to change measurement tools in the middle of work, and reading lines is no longer troublesome.
  2. High-precision and durable materials Measuring range: 0.00-6 inches and 0-150 mm; resolution: 0.005 inches/0.01 mm; accuracy: ±0.05 mm.
  3. Smooth brushed stainless steel replaces plastic materials, which is easy to slide and does not stick
  4. Easy to install The digital caliper has been calibrated and can be easily set to zero in the next measurement. If there is no operation, it will automatically shut down within 5 minutes, please add an additional LR44 battery.
  5. Do not immerse the tool completely in water
  6. Multifunction Outer diameter: Use sharp jaws to quickly measure small or large objects.
  7. Inner diameter: Use the upper jaw to quickly measure the inner diameter of an object.
  8. Depth measurement: Use a long probe to measure the depth of small objects that are difficult to reach.
  9. Step number measurement: adopt the step number design to quickly measure the thickness of the object
  10. note: 1. Please remove the white insulating strip on the battery cover, otherwise the electronic caliper will not work. 2. If you find that the reading is inaccurate, slide the LCD screen to the left end (“0.00” on the weighing), and then press the zero button. 3. Do not immerse the caliper completely in water.
  11. Precautions: There is a protective film on the LCD screen to protect the screen from abrasion during transportation. Before using the digital caliper, please remove the protective film.
  12. specification: Material: Stainless steel Dimensions: 24.4 x 8.9 x 1.8 cm G.W.: 185 g/6.526 oz Battery: 1.5V LR44 button battery Waterproof: IP54
  13. Packing list: 1 digital caliper, 2 LR44 button batteries

1 review for Digital caliper, electronic digital caliper stainless steel body, with large LCD screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm conversion

    April 13, 2021
    READ THIS IF YOU'RE BUYING THESE TO MEASURE WRISTWATCH MEASUREMENTS!!! The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is to get your attention. I bought this tool to have a bit of fun measuring the precise dimensions of my watches. I have expensive watches, and although I don't baby them, I don't like frivolously scratching them either. THESE CALIPERS ARE CARBON FIBER! I didn't believe that at first, I thought "ah it's cheap plastic being marketed as carbon fiber." NO! This tool WILL SCRATCH 904L steel, 316L steel, Gold, Platinum, etc. Carbon Fiber is up to 10 TIMES HARDER THAN STEEL and it scratches steel very very easily. Now, everything about this tool is great. It's just important to remember that you can't carelessly rub the calipers against your expensive watch. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting a layer of Scotch tape around the calipers, then you'll be fine. Before I did that, I scratched up my Rolex pretty badly. Luckily, it already has a lot of scratches on it, but still, nobody wants more unnecessarily, right? Good luck and USE TAPE.
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