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Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion

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  • Precise Digital Caliper: measures 0-6inch/0-150mm range with 0.0005in/0.01mm resolution and ±0.05mm accuracy. Extremely precise measurement for professional use.
  • Inch/MM Unit: with a simple push of the button to switch between inch and mm as you need. Besides, a large, easy-to-read LCD screen gives you a clear view of readout.
  • 4 Measuring Modes: two sets of jaws and a probe available can be used to measure external and internal diameter, depth and step, making all your household items measurable.
  • High Quality Material: with a high-strength stainless steel body, IP54 waterproof caliper measuring tool is built with ultimate durability, and has high resistance to rust, corrosion, crack and drop.
  • Auto-off & Zero Setting: to save energy, the digital caliper will auto shut off after 5mins of inactivity. Also you can reset at any point and start the next measurement.

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Industrial Grade Digital Caliper

Adoric stainless steel electronic caliper not only has superior durability, but also offers high exactness measurement. Making it ideal for both professional usage and home DIY. What’s more, fine polished stainless steel ensures smooth operation and safe use.

Multiple User-Friendly Functions

Auto On/Off: auto turns on when sliding, and auto off after 5mins if no operation.

Zero Setting: easy to reset zero at any point then continue to measure a new part.

Unit Conversion: quick to change between inches and mm by pressing the button.

Readout Lock: locks the current measurement figure to get an accurate record.

4 Ways to Measure:

If you want to measure external diameter, just place the object between 2 long jaws and obtain its outer diameter. As for internal diameter, like a bottleneck, please insert 2 top jaws into bottleneck. Aside from jaws, an extra probe can be stretched to the bottom of bottle to measure depth. Also you can take it as a ruler to measure height and length.

Kindly Notes:

  1. Do not immerse this caliper tool into water, otherwise, it may cause damage.
  2. Please keep it clean and dry, as liquid will affect measurement result.
  3. Recommended to shut off power when it is not in use to save energy.


Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 24.4 x 8.9 x 1.8 cm

G.W.: 185 g/6.526 oz

Battery: 1.5V LR44 button battery

Waterproof: IP54

Packing list: 1 x digital caliper, 2 x LR44 button batteries

47 reviews for Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion

    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    If you are a professional machinist or fabricator, then it is necessary to buy a $200ish pair of Starett calipers. If you are a homeowner with better than average skills and a decent shop, then these $9.00 carbon fiber calipers are more than adequate to precision measure threads, gun calibers, rotors etc. These six inch calipers go down to hundreths of an inch, more than precise enough for household needs. I checked the accuracy and repeatability of these calipers using 5 U.S. quarters, the oldest one minted in 2006. I measured each quarter’s diameter and thickness at the milled edge 20 times, one by one. The oldest measured .94 dia, the rest .95 (Spec is .955). They measured the same all 20 times. To conclude, these carbon fiber calipers are well worth 9 bucks, and the quality is well within spec for homeowner duty.
    Greg Martinez
    I know this where cheap but i figured they would halfway work but i tried to measure something that i know was .09 and it would even register it. Don't bother if you want semi-accurate measurements.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    I ordered the plastic pair on accident and i got a set of the metal ones as a replacement. 5 stars reflects the metal body calipers being a great cheap pair of calipers for having at your desk to get "good enough" dimensions only and i would not recommend the plastic pair unless you the below applies to you: Plastic body calipers: To the right person (not looking for any sort of precision and just a rough estimating tool) the plastic set might be great, but it feels like junk( and doesn't help they arrived bent from shipping). The price is right for a junky feeling tool and the plastic is probably non-marring, so in a pinch it might do, but I would HIGHLY suggest paying the extra $5 for the metal framed version. You may not need the extra .001 precision in the display but its better to have it and not need it; The slide on the metal ones may still grind and still feel shaky(its not a mitutoyo after all) but at can have a little more trust in the measurement it gives you. NOTE: the display portion on "most" calipers (I've done fowler's, metal frame and these plastic frame) all have the same hole pattern and appear to use the same scale so they are mostly interchangeable. I ended up using the plastic pair to repair a metal framed set with a broken display so not technically "useless".
    Arrived as described/advertised. Extra battery included (one already installed in device). Device is very lightweight and feels like it can easily break if dropped or slightly bent but, included specification suggest that the plastic parts are made of quality composite material. Has an on/of button, a button for metric (mm only no cm) and imperial (inches) and you can zero/calibrate. Only concerned about two things; the plastic-lightweight-easily broken issue AND if you turn off the device with the button it goes off BUT, if you move/slide the device (bump) it automatically turns back on. This means you can't put it in your toolbox, carry it in a bag or otherwise transport without it getting "bumped" and auto-turning-on. Probably why they included the extra battery.
    Pros: -These are very lightweight & easy to carry -Easy to read digital display -Price -Comes with extra battery Cons -Tips of the caliper are plastic that could break off if you hit them on something or if you use them a lot. The plastic stop on the other end of the main scale did fly off once during use, but it snapped back into place easily. -With my thumb on the thumb screw (the lined part on the bottom of the digital display), when I'm moving it, it's catching slightly on the main scale in one spot so the plastic isn't totally smooth. -No wheel on top, but again this is a great price for the features it does have. -It does lose 0 sometimes on the digital display if you are going back and forth several times and then returning to 0 so something to keep in mind if you are measuring several things, that you need to make sure it's still reading 0 before you take the measure. I'm not sure if that's a battery-related issue since I just started using it with the battery that was already in it. Conclusion: This is a nice set of digital calipers for the casual user. If you are going to be using calipers daily or you are really hard on your stuff, then you probably want to spend a lot more money to get a stainless steel set.
    Maria F.
    So believe it or not I bought this item, to measure black widow spiders that I sell on eBay. It was always a struggle to get the measured as far as their abdomens and their legs spread, but now it's pretty much a breeze and in addition to that you can take a picture of the digital read out for your listing. For the entomology lovin crowd out there, it's a much more scientific to accomplish a pretty accurate measurement. This item for me, was a very cheap way to accomplish a scientific result. Therefore I'm very pleased with my purchase. I think for anybody that has a real need for this kind of measurement and can accomplish it with this device, this is a great buy.
    READ THIS IF YOU'RE BUYING THESE TO MEASURE WRISTWATCH MEASUREMENTS!!! The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is to get your attention. I bought this tool to have a bit of fun measuring the precise dimensions of my watches. I have expensive watches, and although I don't baby them, I don't like frivolously scratching them either. THESE CALIPERS ARE CARBON FIBER! I didn't believe that at first, I thought "ah it's cheap plastic being marketed as carbon fiber." NO! This tool WILL SCRATCH 904L steel, 316L steel, Gold, Platinum, etc. Carbon Fiber is up to 10 TIMES HARDER THAN STEEL and it scratches steel very very easily. Now, everything about this tool is great. It's just important to remember that you can't carelessly rub the calipers against your expensive watch. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting a layer of Scotch tape around the calipers, then you'll be fine. Before I did that, I scratched up my Rolex pretty badly. Luckily, it already has a lot of scratches on it, but still, nobody wants more unnecessarily, right? Good luck and USE TAPE.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Marshall David WahlstromHelgren
    This digital caliper is extremely useful. While it’s not super high end it’s still useful. I hope to get a decent a amount of use out. When I can afford it I’ll buy the Park Tool version of this product. One thing to keep in mind this product is not waterproof! So keep it away from liquids. Does come with an extra battery. I recommend this as a inexpensive beginner product for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money.
    Kris K.
    The package says this is "made of extra strong carbon fiber composites". The head and body look and feel like plastic, but it *is* pretty hard and tough, and I expect the measuring surfaces will last well, especially since I'm not rough on most of my tools. It certainly *is* very light-weight, as described. The sliding movement is easy. but not so 'slippery' that it slides out of position - so, you can measure something that's situated in a way where you can't see the readout, and remove the tool to read the measurement. It runs off a LR44 battery. The package states "LR44 or CR2032", but this model ONLY uses an LR44 (also called an SR44, it seems). I assume the manufacturer uses the same package for two different models, but it could be confusing. It does come with a battery installed, plus an extra one in the package. There is an "On/Off" button, although it turns on as soon as the slider is moved at all, so I'm not sure how useful the "On" part is - but the "Off" option will save battery power, which is always a good thing! ;) A gentle press of the top button instantly switches between inches and millimeters. There also is a "Zero" button, much line the "tare" function on an electronic scale, and it's probably good to Zero it out before every use, "just in case", Heh! ;) The digital readout responds quickly and is a good size - I can read it even without my glasses. UNLIKE the stainless steel model, this one (the composite model) does not have either a position-locking nut OR a wheel to fine-tune delicate measurements. Neither of those are things I personally need, BUT, if you *do* need those, you have to go with the stainless-steel model. Which looks nice, really, but I just needed something inexpensive for light general hobby use, and this is great for that. :)
    A. Clark
    The caliper is wonderful to use. It turns on automatically as you begin to measure and I really like the large display. I use it around the house for all sorts of things and my wife checks beads for custom jewelry with it. Neither of us need high accuracy or the features of calipers that are much higher in price. I also like the fact that the battery is a very common size. I already have a half-dozen or so of the LR44 for a thermometer, a timer and a few other gadgets. Convenient! Would eagerly recommend it to anyone who is not commercial or otherwise in need of high accuracy.
    David D.
    Ordered device to measure size of pipe connected to hot water heater. Then, decided against completing project.(installing cold water check-valve.) So, I have not yet used this caliper. But, I can say it arrived ahead of schedule; and it was well-packaged. Appears to be a battery included with device. I'm assuming this powers the digital readout; which was a surprise because I thought calipers needed only a physical gauge to read a measurement. Nice. I intend to keep the calipers in case I ever want to measure the diameter of a cylinder in the future. (That's what she said.)
    Thomas A. Blake
    Amazing item. Turns on automatically when you open to measure something. Can quickly switch to mm or inches. I bought because I'm restoring a vintage motorcycle and need to take accurate measurements to check engine specs, float height in carbs, etc... Has been an invaluable tool to me. Checked for accuracy against ruler. Perfect! Has measurements on the bar like a ruler but also gives digital readout. Been using daily for weeks now without issue. Only complaint is the battery cover has popped off a couple of times because it's right where I place my thumb to slide the measurer up and down. I'm more careful now. But couldn't be happier with this.
    I find myself measuring a lot of small objects, both external and internal size. This calipers is just the right size to do the job. The feel is solid, and the display easy to read. The feature I really like, and didn't even know it was there until after I read the instructions, is that as the head moves out, a rod extends from the end of the calipers. This allows one to measure the depth of something (up to 6"/154mm). Just a nice added touch on an already useful tool.
    George V.
    Initially I thought this was going to be a "compromise" on price/quality versus accuracy. I didn't need it to be SUPER accurate, so I gave it a shot... and I am very impressed now with how accurate this is! and easy to use. It comes on as soon as you start to move the slide OR you can "turn it on" with the ON/OFF button. Works either way for turning it ON. You do have to actually turn it OFF using the OFF button though... unless you just let it "time out" and it will shut itself OFF. This is very light weight as well, so it's not tugging on your shirt pocket light those heavier metal ones. I think this caliper was a "steal"! I'd definitely buy it again!
    Bears Fan Jim
    I'm not a machinist or any craftsman who would use this as a work tool, but as a hibbyist / serious D-I-Y guy / Gadget Nerd...this is proving to be a very good value buy : Accuracy is about .1mm, and up to 6 inch maximum, which is why I bought this one. I also have a metal one good only to 1" that sells for $18.95 here on Amazon Ease of reading the scale is super..very smooth. Dial is very legible. Durability is not stainless steel level...lol...but if you want that, pay up !! For like the title says, light duty uses, buy this one. Yes 5 stars...because you only get what you pay for usually, but in this case you get more than what you spent.
    This is made of plastic. It's useless for anything that I expect to use calipers for. If you put any kind of tension on the measuring end, the plastic bends. If you set it to zero and calibrate it, then measure something that is say 1/8" of an inch thick, put just a tad of force on it and it will say zero. Useless for metal work don't waste your time. Description says that it's made of carbon fiber compound; but I hadn't even read that when I purchased it. I simply hadn't considered that anyone would ever make calipers out of anything other than steel. I would have given zero Stars if it was possible.
    Robert L
    I like these calipers. They measure accurately and are easy to use, although I'm not doing anything too critical. I would, however, purchase a higher priced set if I were to buy again. The "pinchers" don't feel perfectly aligned. Although I believe they are still OK, when completely closed they don't seem to line up. Also, sometimes to move along the rule, I wish there was a wheel that I see on higher priced calipers. Still they are quite functional and a great value. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Blue Lotus Essential Oils
    I received my package by Amazon Prime 2-day delivery in excellent condition andpackaging. The product worked as advertised. I brought this caliper to measure my semi-precious gemstone rollerball. My gemstone cutter is going to make some rollerballs for me and he needed the approximate size, so I found a digital caliper on Amazon and brought it. My gemstone cutter can now cut and shape the gems into the size of a ball so that they can fit in my 10 mL roller bottle. I will be making some essential oil products once my shipment of rollerballs comes in. This caliper is good for measuring jewelry and small items around the house. It's easy to use. There's an on/off switch, you can set the numbers to zero to clear the screen and start a new measurement, and there's an extra battery that comes in the package. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Meghan Y.
    This digital caliper is very handy. My husband uses the standard manual version at work but likes to have the "cheater" options around home. I ordered this one for him and he is really happy with it. He said the accuracy is spot on and it's pretty simple to use. The only complaint he has it the location for the battery and cover of the battery. He tends to move hia fingers across the area when using this off goes the cover. Aside from the one drawback, he is happy with this one. He told me to feel free to buy him more stuff like this - that he can actually use, so I'll take that as a major positive! Being That he's only used it for a few weeks, I am not sure how helpful a comment on the battery life would be yet. However, I suppose if it's lasted through pretty much regular use for a few weeks, it must be a decent energy saving tool. I hope others get some good use out of this item as well. I would recommend it based on my husband's comments and experience.
    Joe B
    First thing I did was to zero it out and then run the calipers open and shut a number of times to check to see if it held its zero setting, and by golly, it nails the zero every time after being run out and back full-scale a LOT. Considering that it's made of carbon fiber plastic and may not hold up for years, I think it'll be fine as long as it's treated well. I can't imagine this being any better for the price - I do miss having a thumbwheel for fine adjustment, but I can deal with it. Recommended!
    Mark J. Minasi
    I got tired of trying to put a ruler next to DC power barrels to figure out if they're 5.5mm or 8mm outside diameters, so I looked for a calipers and found these. Here's what's cool. First, you can use it like an old-style non-digital calipers, like the ones I used in school back a long time ago. Second, you don't have to strain your eyes to read the tic marks, because you can instead read a very clear LCD display and when I say easy to read, understand that I'm really picky and I hate indistinct displays. Third, it ships with a battery AND there's one already inside it. Fourth, opening the little door to the battery compartment doesn't require long nails, paperclips or the like -- nope, it's just a little plastic door that slides nicely on or off. For seven bucks, just get one these just in case you ever need to do a caliper-type measurement.
    Hubba Bubba
    For the price I do like these calipers. You can measure both inside & outside in both inches or MM (listed as a decimal). You can also use the pigtail end to measure depth if you have a straight down. Not as easy if the side tapers due to the width of the end to rest on your object. As you can 0 this out at ant position you can also use to measure the difference between 2 items (measure your first item, 0 the scale & then measure you 2nd item to see how much larger or smaller it is. When measuring inside it appears the smallest you can get the 2 prongs is 1/4". Your exterior range is 0 - 6.07 inches. This will auto-shut off after a few minutes or you can press the off/on button. It will also auto turn on when you slide this apart. The packaging looks like this is something cheap but this actually works well. This also comes with an extra battery. It looks like replacing is pretty easy as you just slide off the cover on the end.
    Jerry Davis
    For occasional home, office, or lab use this caliper is impressive. Accuracy is spot on. Repeatability is spot on. Battery life is excellent. Responsiveness is excellent. If you are a professional machinist or want to be, don't buy this. Spend $150 for a genuine Mitutoyo because that will work better for you than this. But for my purposes, which is for quick non-critical measurements in an electronics lab environment, the Adoric caliper is awesome! If you don't know what a caliper is or how to use it, this tool is a great start. When you have mastered this instrument, you are ready to move on to a better one. Play close attention to the fact that this caliper does not have a thumb screw for fine adjustments but in my experience it's not needed for general purpose measurements. In a classroom environment, in my opinion, this is a great starter tool. The manufacturer says that the tool is constructed of carbon fiber. But I think that is only true of the caliber jaws. Everything else is ABS. But regardless, for non-industrial purposes, this caliper should work great.
    I LOVE my Joule, and the quality of the foods after cooking Sous Vide. The "bible" for Sous Vide is a cook book by a mathematics professor, Douglas Baldwin PhD. He has build his cook book charts using thickness as his cooking guide, since thin foods cook quicker than thick. He gives you the guide complete with the times and temps of foods according to their thickness. I was eye balling my measurements, but decided to buy a caliper for better accuracy. I am proud to say, I had eyeballed my last meat's thickness perfectly! LOL. And now, this caliper is in my kitchen to measure my meats before cooking. It has lousy instructions, just an image with labels, and warnings not to damage it, and no information about adjusting it for accuracy, but, I’m using it in cooking, not as an architect designing a sky scraper, nor an engineer designing nuclear reactors, so I’m pretty sure it's just fine for my purposes.
    Bought these to measure some parts for a science lab. Measures accurately in fractions of millimeters, which is all the precision I needed. Not overbuilt, but feel solid. Use a rubberband to keep the calipers closed when not in use otherwise when you turn them off, even the slightest movement will cause the calipers to sneak open and turn it back on. The spare battery is a nice touch.
    Laurie Wombacher
    What did I do without this? I am the queen of some assembly required items. They have come a long way but adding this digital caliper has made it so much easier to distinguish the 13 mms from the 14mms, since a flat picture isn't always enough to make a match. I don't even need my readers to see the digital display. I have also used it to determine what size socket and wrench I needed to remove and replace a carburetor on our snowblower. No more guess work. No not grabbing what you think is right and 2 above and 2 below. Just measure and take what is needed. Makes cleaning up after a project easier to! Love, love, love it! The extra battery was a nice bonus that I didn't notice before it arrived.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Rachel Newbury
    So if your husband is a mechanic and tinkers with the vehicles I'm sure he is going to need a digital caliper like mine did. Well I did some research before I bought one and found this one! It is so much better than the non digital ones and the read on this is very fast and is accurate. My husband used this over the weekend and was able to get the exact measurement he needed. Then he used that measurement to get put a part on my car! This was such a good buy for the price too! If something ever happens to this one I will be buying another one!
    S. Smith
    As stated in the description, this digital caliper only measures to 1/100th of an inch, which is pretty useless. The idea of a caliper is to measure precisely and 1/100th of an inch is not precise. Instead, pay a little more for one of the digital calipers that measures to 1/10000th of an inch at least. That's what I did 2 days after ordering this one. But if you only need measure things using 1/4 in intervals, then this caliper will suit your needs. Besides that limitation, the caliper is very light weight and mostly make with plastic. You can tell just by the feel of this caliper that it's not very actuate with the forks being make of a slightly flexible plastic. Lastly, this caliper does not come in a protective case as the second one I bought does. Precision instruments such as this really needs a protective case to avoid damage and maintain their accuracy.
    The precision is exactly what it's rated at, or better. That is, if I intentionally push too hard and compare that with pushing very lightly when making a measurement, the discrepancy is as rated (0.2 mm, IIRC.) With careful technique no doubt you can get better (more repeatable) results. I measured a few things with known sizes and all measurements were correct and less than half the rated error. If you need 0.1mm or better accuracy, go with a steel tool. If all you need is "close enough" then this is great, and it's nice that it's light and won't turn into junk if you drop it.
    This product is very compact. It’s great for measuring small spaces between 6inches or 52mm. The scale measures in both increments. It’s is actuate with the digital reading when pulling the caliper up and down to measure an item or space of any kind. Great for small scale projects such a models and things of that nature. I really liked the fact that it came with an extra battery and a battery already inside the caliper. Was not to happy with the person who delivered the package though as the guy thought my husband flipped him off when he didn’t. But other than that the product is great.
    This is the perfect size for my in the house toolbox. I have plenty of tools that are too big, or bulky and are in my shed....going to get them everyday is a pain. I have a tiny toolbox in the house and discovered that I need a caliper....and this is just perfect and fits great. I'm very happy with this, love it so much. Helps with the little things, and just works great. My husband, who does most of the work, uses it more and thinks it's perfect. You never know what you need until you don't have it. Now that I have this, it's awesome!
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    I got this for my husband, who needed it for automotive work, and he is Very pleased! He found it easy to use and accurate. The battery was already installed, but it came with an extra, which was great. Using the "O" function, you can set it so that you can measure multiple items and know that they are exactly the same length/diameter. It can measure inside and outside diameters, as well. This one is very easy to read, with the LCD display, and operate, and much easier to use than others he has used- the manual ones have a rolling dial that has to be read in increments, and they are very hard to read. This one is much more accurate and easier to read and use. And it's accurate enough to measure the journals on engine crankshafts, which is what he needed it for. We have been very pleased with everything we've bought from Adoric so far- and you can't beat it at the price! 5 stars!
    Family Man
    It worked fine until it didn't. Yesterday I went to use it and the digital screen is going nuts with different numbers blinking. Took out battery, changed it, still ruined. I went ahead and got a much more expensive one that, so far, works as expected. Too bad, I liked all the good reviews this one had.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    E. M
    This caliper is good if you want something that's close to accurate. In measuring the same piece multiple times, I would receive two or three different readings. The battery cover is located on top and is slightly inconvenient because it comes off very easily with the slightest touch. Since it's located in a position where you would normally put your thumb, it will slide off with the slightest movement. The ruler located on the handle has measurements in mm and inches. However the inch ruler is divided in 10's not the standards of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32's. Since the digital readout is in decimals, the ruler should be standard for a more convenient read. It has inside and outside measuring jaws, an LCD display, will measure in millimeters and inches, a zero setting, and a power on off button. It comes with an additional battery.
    R. E.
    I have a precision instrument, but this product is much easier to use and gives you an instant result without having to line-up tiny lines on a precision instrument, in order to get a reading. Should have bought this eons ago. I even use it to determine building sizes on aerial photographs on the internet, by taking the measurement and then comparing it to the number of lined parking spaces near the building. A standard parking space is 9 feet wide. Compact car spaces, 8 feet wide. Measures in both inches and millimeters. This instrument makes my life easier, and work, faster.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    For the price I paid, this is a very valuable tool for me. I've recently gotten into watches and it's a great idea to have this tool for measuring things like the lug width of watch so you know what size strap will fit on the watch. It does have both imperial and metric settings as well. It comes with a battery in the caliper and it also comes with an extra battery which is very unexpected and nice. Funny thing about it is that left handed people (like myself) might find it a little awkward to use because it's really designed for a right handed person. Trying to use it with my left hand makes the display either upside down or it faces away from me. I find that measuring things while holding the caliper in my right hand is really the only way to use it. The only real "flaw" that I've found is that the battery cover is in a spot that you handle a lot and will pop off quite often which is a bit annoying. However, I would recommend this to caliper to the casual user.
    Mike Allred
    I feel like measuring everything now that I have this awesome device. When I looked into purchasing a caliper, I was surprised to find that one could spend so much money on (what I assume are very precise instruments) so jumping on this budget model had me thinking you would get what you paid for. To my surprise, this thing is very accurate, and as a hobbyist, I have found countless uses in just the few weeks that I have owned it. Whenever a measuring need arises that needs some precision, I am grabbing this and am amazed at the value of this thing. One of the best purchases for the hobby space I have made in a while.
    Z. Spier
    I packed up these calipers for return only a few minutes after I laid my hands on them. Two problems: 1. Carbon-reinforced plastic construction. I think this tool will probably be stiff and accurate enough for light use, but the plastic just won't hold up over time. I've owned calipers in this price range of all-metal construction, basically the same item (electronics appear identical) but of a different material. It was no more or less accurate and precise than this one, but MUCH more durable. 2. The Battery Cover The battery cover is in a location where my thumb naturally rested while I moved the caliper. The cover was not tight (bad design or QA), and in the few minutes I subjected it to ordinary use, I accidentally slid the cover off twice. It took almost zero force. I suspect this is a QA issue that won't exist in all or most examples of this, but it rendered the tool nearly unusable. Such an extreme lack of precision in this one area does not make me feel confident about the precision of the device itself. Spend an extra ten bucks and get something better. You'll be using this tool for the next ten or twenty years (well, not THIS tool) and the difference will be worth it. Two stars because they are still usable and appear to be accurate, (if not extremely precise) - I measured a sealed ball bearing of known dimensions and the measurements were correct.
    I was looking for some cheap calipers to just leave at the office for when i needed them, and these have been great. I did compare measurement with these against my much nicer calipers, and they seem very accurate (they only go to 0.1mm resolution) and maintain accuracy pretty well as long as you aren't sliding them all over the scale very quickly, which they do lose zero if you do. They are totally plastic which could be an issue for some but for my needs they are fine. I wouldnt buy these if you actually need high levels of tolerance (you shouldn't be looking at ANYTHING in this price range if you do) but if you just want to measure something, well, go for it!
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Accurate caliper, does what I need it to on the basics as a homeowner, semi handy person. I bought it due to the infrequency of use vs.I have literally used it 3 times. full Mitutoyo.
    Alex Beyer
    I deal with a lot of magnets and whatnot, so to get this and find out it was all plastic was a huge beautiful surprise. I'm ordering more since I love that concept, and at that price, it's not the end of the world if they get damaged. The measuring body/computer part I've seen on hundreds of calipers and never had issue with them. Is more than accurate for me, does depth, width inside and outside. REALLY pleased with this product.
    Matthew Smith
    Having just got into the hobby of 3D printing, I wanted to get a pair of digital calipers to make measuring as easy and accurate as possible. I'm not a wealthy man, so I decided to take the risk and pick up a cheaper pair to see how it would work for me. I've only had this product for one day, and I'll update this review if I encounter any problems down the line, but so far I've used it a few dozen times, and am extremely pleased. It is easy to use, and very accurate. It's also nice that it will turn on automatically if you move the caliper, instead of having to push the on button. However, you have to make sure you store it somewhere that it won't accidentally get bumped, turn on, and drain your batter. On that note, it does come with a battery installed, as well as a spare, which was appreciated. The accuracy is listed as ±0.2mm/0.01”, however I've only ever seen it struggle between ±0.1mm, and even then, it's rare.
    This is a wonderful caliper. Better than the perfectly satisfactory mechanical vernier calipers that I have used throughout my life. My problem with the caliper though is that after a few weeks of VERY light use, the "keeper," at the end of the six-inch scale, has somehow come off and been lost. If the keeper could be replaced, fixed securely at the end of the scale again, this item would then be as good as new. I am asking here whether the seller would agree to provide me with a replacement "keeper" and instructions how to fix it securely to the end of the scale. If so, I would be completely satisfied with this product. Alternatively, would the seller agree to exchange the item for a new one?
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    I will say this, "Carbon Fiber Composite" is just a fancy way of saying plastic. But for the low price, plastic is just fine. I did some comparisons with measurements and they are within the listed tolerances of ±0.2mm/0.01". This is great for DIY projects as stated in the description. No fine tune wheel on the plastic one, but the price you pay, you are getting a pretty good deal. I like how the unit turns on automatically when you start to slide it. That being said, it does seem a little bit fragile, so I would be careful just tossing it in a backpack or with other heavy tools because it is plastic, but it should hold up pretty well if cared for correctly. Be easy on the plastic where you do the actual measurements as scratches and dents will adjust the gap between the jaws. I did a scratch test with a small kitchen knife on it to determine if it was indeed plastic, and as seen in the photo it did leave one. But I did apply a pretty decent amount of pressure, and with regular application it should hold up nicely. I do though recommend for only for simple, non-destructive, and non-industrial applications. Pros: Great price, accurate within listed tolerance, easy to use, seems fairly durable if cared for properly. Cons: Plastic can bend/scratch easy affecting measurements if not careful, no fine tune adjust wheel.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Matt B
    I got this micrometer because I was ready for a step up from my old analog, plastic slide type micrometer. This one is electronic, self-zeroing and has readouts in inches and millimeters. In fact, you can switch between the two, inches or millimeters without changing the measurement –it automatically converts so you get direct equivalencies. I think that the carbon fiber element mixed with the metal frame should add to its longevity and precision. The micrometer does come with an extra battery, which kind of made me scratch my head at first, but the first time I ran the battery dead from a small screwdriver resting on top of the on switch in my toolbox, then the light turned on [in my head] and I realized that may be why they give you an extra one? The battery itself is easy to change, but since I ran the first one down inside my toolbox, I can't really tell you how long a battery will last with normal use. The battery should last for a while because I don’t think that it uses all that much power, and it does shut off by itself after a while. I do wish that some type of hard plastic box came with or was available for it. Closest I’ve found so far is a school pencil box. That way I feel it would survive storage issues much better. Other than that, it is easy to use, easy to read and has given me no trouble so far.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    Rey Rey
    Used the calipers for one project. It sat in my drawer and when I need it- it did not turn on. Not a big issue maybe the batteries are dead. I installed new batteries and the caliper still does not turn on. I do not recommend this product. Pay a bit more and get something more reliable.
    Digital Caliper, Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0-6 inch | inch/mm Conversion photo review
    I am totally impressed with the quality of this caliper. I purchased it to measure items that could be scratched with metal so this is perfect. Since it is made of Carbon Fiber it is strong and not made of plastic which will wear. It has a sturdy feel in your hand and it is accurate. The Display is is large and clear, so very easy to read. Switching from Inch to MM is easy and Auto Off. With a spare battery included this is one really good deal.
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