bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow

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Weight 3.21 kg
Dimensions 17.13 × 7.68 × 6.11 cm

King Size, Queen Size

38 reviews for bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow

    Dale V. Swift
    February 10, 2021
    I actually poured out 2 supermarket bags full of filler to get the fullness just right. So there is an extraordinary ability to adjust fullness, since it has a zip interior, within the exterior cover. It is perfect for me now, as my head has to be almost flat for my neck to be comfortable. I am very pleased with this pillow and am so glad I purchased it! I would recommend it highly. Well made and the filler is clean, which is so reassuring in these days of coronavirus.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    Kate K
    February 10, 2021
    The pillow is firm and surprisingly soft too. I wondered what's filled in it so unzipped. Well, there were some unknown spotted pieces but it should be Okay right? Weird oder; not so bad but not fragrant either though at first time so wash it before use.
    January 15, 2021
    These are so wonderfully soft. It’s like laying your head on cotton candy without any of the stickiness. The pillow just melts around your head like a cloud. This is exactly the type of comfort I like. I put them on my bed and it feels like I’m sleeping in a cloud. It’s so luxurious.
    January 8, 2021
    This pillow ended up being incredibly comfortable. At first, after taking it out of the dryer, I was a bit nervous because it was huge! But I really like how you can unzip the pillow and take out some of the stuffing to customize the size/support. I took about a gallon bag worth of stuffing out and now it’s perfect! I’ve used the My Pillow for so long but it started making my neck hurt. I haven’t woken up with any neck pains yet with this one!
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    January 2, 2021
    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Enough support while still being soft and comfortable
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    Carmen Padilla
    December 27, 2020
    Definitivamente me encanto esta almohada😊 super confortable era lo que yo estaba buscando 👍🏻 se las recomiendo
    Bryce Crawford
    December 8, 2020
    The ability to adjust the amount of stuffing to your preference is what makes this pillow so great. Want it firmer and more support? Add stuffing. Want it leaner and your head to sink in more? Simply remove stuffing. Very easy, no more hassling with the wrong pillow firmness, adjust it yourself. Pillow had no odor and seemed hypoallergenic. The pillow needs to be put into a dryer for about 10 minutes prior to use, but please consult the directions before using.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    December 5, 2020
    I ordered three different brands that were within $1 to compare. Pictured left to right in order; THIS ONE: “Adoric Pillows for Sleeping, 2 Pack Queen Premium Hotel Bed Pillows, Breathable Cotton Cover Skin-Friendly Down Alternative Pillow Good for Side and Back Sleeper 20 x 28 White” by Adoric - arrived the quickest, in just one day! This is my personal favorite of the three based on quality and firmness. “COZSINOOR Hotel Collection Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack)- Luxury Down Alternative Pillow 100% Breathable Cotton Cover Skin-Friendly - Queen Size” by COZSINOOR - arrived one day later (2 days from order) and the best packaged of the three. A very close 2nd, good quality and a bit more full/plump. “Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack, Hypoallergenic Pillow for Side and Back Sleeper, Hotel Collection Gel Pillows, Down Alternative Cooling Pillow with Soft Premium Plush Fiber Fill, Queen Size” by SUMITU – arrived three days after order (the slowest) and was packaged the worse. They were shoved in a box that was a size too small. Reminded me of how I felt after Thanksgiving dinner. Timing and packaging aside, the quality doesn’t compare to the other two. Less filling, thinner fabric and looks a bit cheaper. Even so, I’ll keep them for guest. We wouldn’t want them staying too long, would we?
    November 29, 2020
    I love this pillow, I am a side sleeper and have tried other memory foam 'block' pillows in the past and was very uncomfortable every time I tried to sleep on them. This is THE most awesome pillow ever and I adore it! I fall asleep so fast because I'm not trying to fold or smush it into some kind of comfortable shape and it actually Holds its shape even though it is shredded and not a block of foam. I was hesitant to try it until I realized it was actually shredded foam and could be adjusted to my own level of perfection and height. LOVELIEST PILLOW EVER ❤️ Thank You for so many nights of peaceful sleeping!
    jeremy j siewerd
    November 18, 2020
    I am so impressed withy pillows. The packaging was amazing. The material is super soft. They have no strange smell. Most pillows I have bought in the past have had a horrible smell. Like plastic or chemicals. These pillows have none of that. Even better they came in a back of 2!!! Thanks for the awesome product!
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    November 16, 2020
    I love the memory foam pillow it forms To your head so you get a comfortable night of sleep and you don’t wake up with a stiff neck In the morning like you with do with them cheap pillows with the memory foam pillow there expand right back to it normal shape great for a back sleeper or side sleeper you will love it like I do
    November 10, 2020
    Love these pillows!! Very soft but yet firm. Holds shape well, and supports head nicely. Not overstuffed and hard, easy to manipulate if you need to fluff it. Very nice, almost hotel quality, pillows that I'd buy again. Definitely recommend!!
    Eric D.
    October 26, 2020
    I am a real pain when it comes to pillows. What makes this one so great is that it is not just a block of foam. It is made of tiny pieces of memory foam and you control how full and firm you want it. It really is an amazing pillow
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    October 25, 2020
    Shredded memory foam pillows are my new favorite. They are so soft and comfortable. The pillow offers plenty of support and I wake up feeling rested and pain free
    October 17, 2020
    These are by far THEE BEST pillows I've ever owned!!!!! Love these. The package that it came in was partially opened and the pillows were in the tiniest of boxes but they inflated once out and is what I'll be ordering here on out.
    October 16, 2020
    I do not typically order things like pillows on the internet, but I thought I would give it a shot. When the box arrived with my pillows I was really surprised at how small the box was. They come in an airtight package an Le expand when you open them. I am a side sleeper and have a hard time finding a comfortable pillow to support my neck. This pillow it so soft and cradles my neck perfectly. I didn’t wake up with a sore neck or shoulders. It was the best sleep I have had in awhile. They are high quality and super comfy. You won’t be disappointed.
    Kristi T.
    October 15, 2020
    This is great for back and side. My husband likes to sleep on his back and after we both had neck and back pain we thought it was our mattress. So we started with new pillows. Wow, what a difference. Turns out no more pains in the morning. It really was our pillows that needed replaced. So this was a nice comfort after my husband works labor intensive!
    October 6, 2020
    Bought one to replace the my boyfriend's down pillow on our bed that he unintentionally ruined. He loves it so much I ordered one for myself. With all the filling it was too form for me so I removed some. It's perfect now. Best part is it comes first so that you can adjust to level of firmness you like. I think these are probably better than my expensive down pillows that I spent $500 for the set, because you can adjust the loft to be perfect for you with these and the softness is just as good as the down. This set was under $100 for both. If my boyfriend ruins this one, at least it won't hurt so bad. Lol.
    October 1, 2020
    September 30, 2020
    I love this pillow. I have to say that the foam filling did have quite a bad chemical smell to it when I first got the pillow. So, first I took some of the stuffing out, it was too much. Then I put the pillow and the case outside in indirect sunlight for two days. During those two days I occasionally fluffed up the pillow and rearranged the stuffing to get any trapped stinky air out. After that it was fine. I had to remove a little more stuffing once more, but now it is GREAT. I can lay on my back or my side and my neck isn't stiff or sore in the morning. It may take a while to get it the way you want it, but it is definitely worth it.
    Greg Walker
    September 24, 2020
    I have had these pillows for almost 2 weeks now....they have held their shape so nicely. I am the kind of person who folds em to watch TV in bed and they handle great! They are actually cool feeling to the touch as well. They work perfectly for me! Great value for the money
    September 23, 2020
    I bought this pillow for my husband who previously had a shredded foam pillow. We followed the directions to "fluff" in the dryer and it got fuller as was directed. We probably should have skipped this step, it is too full to be comfortable. He's purchasing something else.
    September 13, 2020
    Good pillow. They were just a little to soft for my liking.
    Baila Shagalow
    September 11, 2020
    Amazing price for amazing pillows. These are hotel grade pillows, they feel firm and plush and super comfortable! The material is great quality and they look and feel very well made. I use as master bedroom pillows and they look really good. Great purchase and highly recommended.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    John and Nellie
    September 7, 2020
    Wow! This pillow is large, comfortable and floofy!!! We love it so much!!! I only got one for myself and, now my hubs wants one too!!!
    Chelsea Watson
    September 3, 2020
    These are very soft, nice pillows and even bigger than I expected. Not too big, but just right. I bought them for my bf and he loves them so much. And he sleeps better with them than his previous pillows. I would buy from this brand again.
    August 22, 2020
    This is the best pillow I have ever had. I have some problems with my shoulder and was having difficulty sleeping. This pillow aloud me to adjust it to a size and support that works for me. I do not believe you will regret this purchase.
    August 20, 2020
    I’ve had six spine surgeries and suffer from various sleep issues, as well as chronic pain. I researched quite a few pillows because I was waking up with more neck pain than usual. To say I love this pillow is an understatement. You control how high, how soft by controlling the filling. Something so simple has allowed me to sleep through the night more frequently and wake up in less pain! That’s a big deal for me. I’ve purchased two more to give to family members and intend on purchasing more. I want each member of my immediate family to be able to have more control on the quality of sleep they get. When I say I suffer from chronic pain, it’s kind of an understatement. To me, this well priced pillow has really been a game changer. I’m incredibly grateful.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    August 19, 2020
    This pillows is fantastic and so comfy. Other pillows just isn't the same!.
    August 18, 2020
    I was amazed by how comfortable that they were and how quickly I go to sleep now and how deep of a sleep I get, I actually wake up now feeling rested! They are the sort of memory foam that doesn’t feel like a brick, but still offers the support with being a little more squishy. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quality pillow for a good price and I will be buying again.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    August 9, 2020
    I have never purchased pillows online because I'm more of a hold and test kind of person but I took a chance and purchased these because I needed a new pillow "today" and didn't have time to go out and hand pick a pillow. Due to some trouble with my shoulder I require a pillow to support my arm and this pillow is the perfect firmness for this purpose. Not so firm that it doesn't mold to you, and not so soft that it provides no support at all. Truly just right, and great "huggability". The price was good for the quality of the pillows (pack of 2), and they definitely measure up to some of the nicer hotel pillows I have used. Came vacuum sealed and well packaged. Within 15 minutes of being opened the pillows were their max size. No odor, no annoying crunching sound in the pillows cover that I read about in reviews, just very soft thick cotton. The pillows purchased are pictured in the front of the included photos. The pillows in the back are large size temperpedic pillows so you can see a size comparison, and these purchased pillows are a standard/queen size on King size bed. I will definitely purchase these pillows again, and recommend them with confidence.
    Itachi 🐉
    August 5, 2020
    Superb pillow. You can take put the foam and put it back in as required. I love that part. Go ahead and spend 3x the amount as walmart pillow here, I am not lying when I say it is worth it. I bought 2x Pairs of pillow in the past 3 year from walmart, and they all went flat, so I finally made an investment in this!
    Mary Dillard
    August 5, 2020
    Not a fan
    July 30, 2020
    This is the pillow I have been looking for! Pillow is huge, but fits in a king pillow case. As soft as the pillow is it still provides the support I want. Your head does sink some, but I would say not even half the width of the pillow. Compared to others when trying to find a firm, but soft pillow. I ordered 2 for my bed, and the whole family loves them so much I’m going to order more. They come vacuum sealed in a nice box. They do have a oder at first. I put them in dryer with a dryer sheet, and it went away. I wasn’t to worried about it. Since I had just bought bedding for three beds from a major store/brand name. All three bedding sets had a oder 10x worse when opened.
    Jennifer Dews
    July 18, 2020
    I was skeptical when I ordered this but it turned out to be a great pillow. I’m a side sleeper and most hurt my ear. Not this magical pillow. It’s got the perfect balance of support and softness. This is a serious pillow too. Super dense & heavy but just the right amount of cushion. After a few months, of use, I’ll be ordering a second.
    July 13, 2020
    Great pillow for the money
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    C. LaRosa
    July 8, 2020
    These Adoric plush, gel-fiber filled pillow provide proper airflow, gel-filled fiber that is unable to retain heat, so you can sleep cool all night. The no-shift filling is also a nice touch, as it moves and supports where needed, even after you wash the pillows they do retain they're form. Great choice for back and stomach sleepers, i know cause I'm stomach sleeper and my husband a back sleeper, cannot vouch for side sleeper cause we are not. Overall construction and the material properties lends a cooling effect to the sleeper, plus its comfort design make you sleep like a baby. I cannot be more happier with my purchase, quality, comfort, plus great value since is 2 pillows for the price of one. Highly recommended.
    bamboo fiber shredded memory foam pillow photo review
    sung kim
    January 28, 2020
    I always had issues with memory foam pillows due to whether it's too high or low that interrupted sleep and neck support. So my expectation for this pillow wasn't too great; since 1st time use, I am the biggest fan and won't let anyone else using it. Pillow is very soft and squishy! Would recommend to anyone! Also, it will be better to put some cover on while use.
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