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Baby Proof Cabinet Latches, Strong Adhesive Childproof Cabinet Locks Kitchen Cabinet Safety Locks for Kids Multi-Purpose for Cabinet, Drawer, Cupboard, Fridge, 8Packs

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  • Keep Baby Safe: a crafty gadget that your clever toddlers cannot figure out, locks your furniture and electric appliances securely. As a result, not only protect baby from dangers and making a mess, but also in case that your pets steal food.
  • Quality Material: made of full ABS plastic material, eco-friendly and BPA-free, safe to your little ones while durable to stand their biting or prizing.
  • Easy Operation: strong adhesive on the back for simple and firm installation, also making it easy to remove with no damage to your furniture surface. Easy for adults to use but extremely difficult for children.
  • For Various Cabinets: Adoric child safety cabinet locks work well with most refrigerator, cupboards, drawer, wash machine, bathroom window, etc. Get all hazard locked and out of your baby’s reach.
  • Sufficient Quantity: each order comes with 8 packs, more value for your money! If you have any question or our baby proofing cabinet locks do not meet your expectation, do free feel to contact us.

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Keep Your Baby from Accidents

You never know how naughty your little ones are. They are born curious about everything but at the same time cannot discern dangers. So it is recommended to lock all your cabinets, fridges, drawers and other doors with Adoric cabinet child safety locks, to give yourself peace of mind.

Easy Installation and Removal

Convenient to mount with no screws or tools required. Just peel off the adhesive cover and paste the lock between the two doors, and then you can open/close/remove it with ease. However, it is hard to figure out even for the most inquisitive toddlers.

Each Order with 8-Pack Locks

You will get 8 pcs child proof door locks with ONE purchase, enough to lock all your dangerous cabinets! Besides, our locks are designed for most double door furniture, like refrigerator, cupboards, drawer, wash machine, bathroom window and those with flat surface.

Kindly Notes:

1. You can use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive if you want to remove the cabinet lock.
2. After setup, better to use the child safety locks after 12 hours for stronger stickiness.
3. Like any other child-resistant product, our products are not a substitute for adult supervision.


Material ABS
Color white
Gross Weight  5oz
Package Included 8 x cabinet locks

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

110 reviews for Baby Proof Cabinet Latches, Strong Adhesive Childproof Cabinet Locks Kitchen Cabinet Safety Locks for Kids Multi-Purpose for Cabinet, Drawer, Cupboard, Fridge, 8Packs

    January 26, 2021
    These are good for your ‘beginner’ needs of child locks. It will definitely keep my less than 1 year old out but if my 3 year old wanted in, he could just muscle them off. Haven’t tried to take them off yet so I hope because it’s 3M tape it will come off somewhat easy.
    January 8, 2021
    My six-year-old forgot the lock was there the first morning it was installed and yanked hard enough to break one of the posts. Fortunately the adhesive was easy enough to remove so we replaced the broken part with an extra. It's been working fine for the past month; toddler can't break it and everyone else remembers to open it first. My toddler (who is 2) CAN work the lock if he can reach it; the one on our tv cabinet is lower and he can open it if he stands on a cushion. It takes him a few tries and usually we catch him first. Overall we are happy with the product.
    Ashley Roberts
    December 30, 2020
    These are very nice. Easy to pop off if you don't want/need them anymore. (Just use a butter knife.) My only thing is, my 2&1/2 yr old son figured it out in SECONDS :/ No kidding. But he's good about being able to watch someone do something, anything, just once & he'll be able to do it too. I think it'll definitely work for younger children though.
    Baby Proof Cabinet Latches, Strong Adhesive Childproof Cabinet Locks Kitchen Cabinet Safety Locks for Kids Multi-Purpose for Cabinet, Drawer, Cupboard, Fridge, 8Packs photo review
    Mony G
    December 2, 2020
    So these cabinet locks are great but only in specific rooms and types of cabinets. We installed some in our kitchen & they fell off. I believe it was because of the type of cabinet, But in our bathroom they are super strong. The locks keep our kids out of the bottom vanity cabinet. Love these!
    Stacy T.
    November 18, 2020
    These work pretty well, I just wish I had realized that they are not very long, so I had to apply them vertically on the kitchen sink cabinet to the fake drawers above it, instead of across to each door, I had to use 2 instead of 1. But they worked perfect on my bathroom cabinets which close together. I will probably purchase them again to use for the fridge when my daughter figures out how to open it.
    November 16, 2020
    Perfect for the refrigerator (which is what I bought them for). And also good for drawers and cabinets since they can be adjusted. BUT they can only be adjusted once so be very careful and very exact while placing them. And if you happen to misplace one or both of the two “keys” it comes with, you can just use a refrigerator magnet to open the latch as well. Downside is- if your kids see how you open it like mine have- they will be able to figure it out and just open it themselves. So I have to hide the keys and keep the refrigerator magnets as out of reach as possible now.
    Baby Proof Cabinet Latches, Strong Adhesive Childproof Cabinet Locks Kitchen Cabinet Safety Locks for Kids Multi-Purpose for Cabinet, Drawer, Cupboard, Fridge, 8Packs photo review
    November 4, 2020
    I had originally bought a bifold lock for my laundry room door which unfortunately got stuck due to my doors being to thick or the paint on my doors getting stuck to the plastic. Either way it wasn't working. This product was an amazing find. Latches the doors closed and keeps my toddler out. Best of all it's an adhesive so I dont have to worry about drilling holes. I live in an apartment and my landlord would not have cared that all the holes were for baby proofing. Havent given the adhesive too much of a test except for pulling on it a couple of times though from testing I'm pretty sure a child could yank it open but for a toddler it'll hold up just fine.
    Vera Tass
    October 18, 2020
    My cat is about as much terror as a toddler, and he's decided that his newest favorite place to get into is the bathroom cabinet. I bought a pack of these and they work perfectly to keep him out. These are good for doors that are very close together, as I believe the sticky parts are only about an inch apart (check the description for the exact measurements, I don't fully trust my memory). They are very easy to apply, just peel the paper off the tape and stick it in place. It can be a little tricky to push the tab in far enough to get the latch open, but it is definitely child- (and cat-) proof. And they're much more convenient than what my parents used when I was growing up, with the U-shaped plastic that was held together by a lock that slid onto the ends, and you had to take them completely apart to open the cabinet. Plus you get 4, which I think is a good deal for the price. Whether you've got a toddler or a troublemaking cat, I recommend these latches.
    October 6, 2020
    These locks are very easy to install and use. They are perfect to stop babies and toddlers to open any cabinets. I really did not expect that these locks would be of great quality. They are really sturdy and can lost longer. They are easy to use but little tricky/not easy to remove. They must come off completely in order to open it up. Except this I really loved the product. Overall its really a great but for this quality and price.
    De’Shaun Campbell
    September 7, 2020
    I use these for the bathroom and kitchen to prevent my 15 month old daughter from accessing the lower cabinets. These are easy to unlock for an adult but I imagine it would take a toddler a considerable amount of effort to unhinge. If the cabinet door is pulled they do tug open just slightly at the top but again they remain locked so unless you're raising the hulk or mcguyver I think these are a fine choice. 3M tape adheres very quickly after application however there is a window of time that you need to allow adhesion to set in.
    August 22, 2020
    Easy to install, works well. The only problem is when you place it where you don't remember that it's on...then if you pull on the door and it doesn't open, then you YANK on the door - the little plastic latch isn't superman! You can tear it off or break it. But I don't really think that's the problem of the latch...mainly my wife yanking the door open without seeing it there!
    August 6, 2020
    Very easy to install but once you snap in the back piece you cant readjust it. That the length its staying at permanently, but if you know the length you need then install is a breeze. I needed something to keep my 5yr old out of the fridge at night. We keep the magnetic opener hidden and so far it has been a complete success. No more midnight pudding cups or sweet treats and no more wrappers hidden in his bed. Definately worth it
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