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Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults

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  • Accurate & Fast: it takes one minute to get exact body temperature, faster and safer than mercury thermometers. A must-have in your home medical kit.
  • Memory Function: Adoric oral thermometer will auto display the last measured readout after power on, convenient for temperature track.
  • Fever Reminder: digital thermometer beeps to alert you if temp over 99.7℉/37.6℃. And thus you will never neglect temp abnormality.
  • ℃/℉ Switchable: hold the ON/OFF button for seconds to switch between ℃ and ℉. To save energy, this unit will auto off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Flexible Tip: with a soft, flexible probe that allows for armpit, oral and rectum use. Choose the optimal way for your family member. Ensures proper and comfortable measurement.

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You never know how helpful Adoric digital thermometer is until you have one, because it is a temperature monitor that has your whole family’s body temperature under control

Suitable for All Ages

Equipped with a soft, flexible tip made of silicone material, gentle to babies’ delicate skin. In addition, with 3 measuring options, each member of your family gets the most comfy method to take accurate temperature.

Beeps to Prompt You

Adoric measures range from 32℃ to 42℃. If temp exceeds 99.7℉/37.6℃ which means fever, the device will beep to alert you that it is high time to take measures. Therefore you can know temp abnormality in time.

Make Cleaning a Breeze

A waterproof tip adopted makes it easy to clean and disinfect thoroughly for your next use. For the sake of healthy and hygienic reasons, it is recommended to wash the probe with cleaning water or alcohol after each use.


Material silicone
Color orange
Type digital thermometer
Measurement Range 32.0℃~ 42.9℃ (90.0℉-109.9℉
Accuracy ±0.1℃, ±0.2ºF, during 35.5℃ – 42.0℃
95.9 ºF-107.6 ºF at 18-28 ambient operating range ±0.2℃
±0.4 ºF for other measuring and ambient operating range
Battery one 1.5 V DC. button battery
Battery life about 200hours of continuous operation or 1 year with 3 measurements per day

Package Included:

1 x Medical Thermometer
1 x Unser Manual

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30 reviews for Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults

    Trisha McKee
    This came so soon after ordering. The directions are clear and concise, and it was ready to use right away. Temperatures are quickly displayed (alerting you with a few beeps), and you can save your last temperature, which is great to keep track of a sick child. This is a great product that every household needs! Easy to use, and the numbers are large and easy to read.
    D. Barber
    I've had a slight fever for a few days and realized that I own no thermometer. I looked for a traditional glass/mercury thermometer but here in the digital age, I could find none. I saw quite a few electronic thermometers virtually identical in design with this one. Since the ratio of five star ratings vs. one star ratings was highest with this model, I chose it. I just received it a few minutes ago and despite feeling a touch of fever (my imagination?), I took two readings placing the thermometer under my tongue. In about 10 seconds the device softly chirped, about like a digital watch, and I had my two readings. 98.3F and 98.6F Huh. I doubt that I have a real fever at this point, so I'm assuming that the device has good accuracy. The battery that is employed is an LR41. This is really annoying to me since I have an entire pack of LR44 batteries, which are super common, and the thermometer has ample room for the larger LR44. A foolish design choice. The battery is inside of a slide-out tray at the rounded back of the thermometer. The tray contains everything. A tiny PC board, LCD display, push-button, and battery holder. The instruction sheet reveals that the SR41 battery, as well as the UCC392 battery may be used. A number of people commented on the flexible tip. I pictured something fairly stiff, like a rubber toothpick. In reality, the flexible tip is very soft and pliable. Picture a half-cooked noodle. The only reason that I withheld a fifth star from my rating is that I have no way to cross-check it's accuracy against a known precision reference. It's also worth mentioning that the thermometer comes with a clear plastic storage case that "hugs" the contours of the device, like a second skin. This insures that it will be hygienic between uses. It all comes down to accuracy. Since most reviewers feel that accuracy is good, I won't worry too much about it, although if the price is reasonable, I will get an old-fashioned glass thermometer just for peace of mind.
    It need one minute to reach the stable temperature......
    J. Peshek
    No better than what you can get on an endcap in Walgreens.
    Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults photo review
    The battery was low when I received it. I dont know how well it works for this reason. I cant give this thermometer a decent review...
    Joy M.
    I'm used to using old-school thermometers where you wait and wait until it starts to hurt your tongue. The last electronic thermometer I had was only slightly better than that. This one, however, is terrific! It's as fast at the one the doctor's office uses and though I cannot prove accuracy, it certainly seems to do the job.
    F. Locke
    Temperature reading similar to another thermometer so accuracy seems okay. Rather slow. Switches from C to F with no problem. Flexible tip noticeably more comfortable than a rigid type. Totally silent, NO BEEPS!!!
    Too Busy
    Instruction sheet inadequate and label over outside of box instructions.
    Purchased a bunch of thermometers and this is one of the most accurate, very satisfied!
    I ordered this and another one and both do not give accurate results.
    The cap where the batteries go is SUPER easy to get off and way too accessible. THE WORST thermometer to have with small children in the house. The batteries are the small, easy to swallow kind.
    Lin G.
    I like that it's readable. Also saves precious temperate.
    This works fine and is easy to read and use. However, it does not have a light to use at night as the listing erroneously claims. The light is not that important. Still, the description should be corrected.
    Beeping is very annoying. You need to leave it in for 2 minutes to have an accurate measurement (and it beeps at 10s! Ridiculous.) - I compared with my old analog termometer.
    John and Bre
    This is a very nice quality thermometer. It has a very flexible tip for comfort when taking a persons temperature. I also really like the fact that the screen is big enough so you can see the numbers clearly. The only thing I think needs improvement is the power button its kinda a little hard to push for me but thats a small flaw on a nice product.
    Its a great quality thermometer and is very accurate. I needed a new one and glad I got this one!
    Mine wasn’t damaged in transit and has its own case and covers. Really accurate from what I can tell.
    Quick read out. Great for kids who don’t have the patience to hold under their arm or tongue for a few more seconds
    Larry A Birutta
    This Thermometer is very easy to use. It is very accurate and would be great for Children as it takes only seconds to tell you it is finished. Also a flexible tip so no danger of children biting down such as the old glass one's.
    Jennifer Packwood
    There is nothing to not like about this!! It gives a very accurate temperature and is easy to use and handle. I would recommend this to everyone!
    Diana Burgess
    This digital thermometer comes in a nice case . nice directions. the convenience of being oral or the armpit is a plus in using this product. Accurate readings you can expect. I recommend this product for young and old people.
    Seems to work and is easy to read.
    Brandy B
    I love digital thermometers and knowing this is a good brand I had to get it. It's very accurate and easy to clean as well. Definitely worth buying 🙂
    Sandra w.
    Covid19 necessary
    The blue part of this thermometer is flexible so it cannot break causing glass and mercury in your teeth, one major plus. Seems accurate but more accurate the less you breathe in and out causing temperature fluctations. Sometimes it takes more time to get a reading than others but the readings for me came pretty quick. Comes with a case and instructions. Would buy this again!
    Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults photo review
    Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults photo review
    Digital Medical Thermometer, Oral and Armpit Thermometer Accurate and Fast with Memory Function for Baby, Kids, Adults photo review
    I was looking for a thermometer that has dual temperature reading option and this thermometer meets my expectations. It's simple to use and switch between Farenheit and Celsius. It has a sound indicator on touch and when temp reading is complete. The display screen is big enough and numbers are dark and legible. The thermometer itself is light, flexible, and it comes with a storage box which is also a nice thing. I definitely reccomend it.
    I think this is a good thermometer for such a low price. It is accurate because I always test the temp several times and the number is consistent all the time.
    I love this thermometer it has a nice fast reliable reading.I also like how the flexible tip gives my child more comfort while taking his temperature .I highly recommend this thermometer.
    Daniel H.
    Absolutely loved this. It's bendy...LOL. Very nice touch. More importantly, it's accurate. I'm a nurse and have a regular thermometer and tested it against this one. It was spot on. I keep this one upstairs and the other downstairs. May have to get another just because the bendy/flexibility makes this SO much...especially with kiddos. Great price and no regrets.
    Katrina Dehart
    This is the best digital thermometer I've used! The display is big enough for me to read without straining and I love the flexible tip. It's more comfortable than the hard, stiff ones that I have used in the past.
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