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Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe

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• Clearer Video Images: due to 5-inch large screen with a resolution of 1280*720P/25fps, you can check the slight changes of the baby at any time. By controlling the buttons on the screen, you can easily see the horizontal rotation from 0 to 355-degree and the vertical rotation of the camera from 0 to 70-degree.
• Infrared Night Vision: our monitor uses 940 nm infrared light, invisible from 1 m away. This effectively protects baby’s eyes and eliminates the infrared light source. Parents can also see high resolution black and white images in the night vision environment. The night vision distance is up to 5 m.
• Multiple Alarm Reminders: the camera has a sound recognition function, including a baby sound alarm, a cry alarm, a video signal interruption alarm, a low battery alarm, and can light up the resting receiver at the same time—the display flashes and emits a beep. The sound sensitivity and sound level can be adjusted.
• Temperature Monitoring: the receiver has a temperature display function that allows you to display the temperature data transmitted by the camera wirelessly. It can be switched between ℃ and ℉. At 18~ 30℃ no alarm is emitted. When the temperature alarm button is turned on, the receiver emits an alarm when it is lower or higher than the above range.
• Longer Transmission Distance: the transmission distance of image and sound in barrier-free areas is up to 300m, and 120m in barrier areas. Indoors can penetrate 3-4 wooden walls or 2 concrete walls. Supports real-time bi-directional voice transmission.

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What Can Multifunctional Baby Monitor Do for You?
—Built-in Microphone allows you to talk with baby as you are with baby.
—2100mAh large-capacity battery provides parents more relax time and no worry that the monitor will turn off by low battery.
—Comes with 5 lullabies and helps parents to coax baby into sound sleep quickly.
— Monitor the real-time temperature of the baby’s room with baby watching camera to give your baby the all-day best caring.


Material: PC + ABS
Color: white
Weight: 37.39oz
Effective Pixel: 720P
Monitor Sensitivity: 85/75/65db
Package Contents:
1 x monitor (5inch)
1 x 720P Multifunction Pan/Tilt Camera
2 x Charger

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Weight 2 kg

21 reviews for Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe

    Das Babyphone ersetzt unser defektes Avent von Philips. Die Preisleistung hat uns absolut überzeugt. Die Verarbeitung von der Kamera als auch vom Display ist hervorragend. Besonders die Bewegungsaktivierung war uns wichtig und funktioniert in den meisten Fällen zuverlässig. Die einstellbaren Schlaflieder waren uns auch sehr wichtig wie beim Avent. Alles in allem sind wir sehr zufrieden und würden das Gerät wieder kaufen.
    Es war ein Geschenk an meinem Sohn habe gehört super Bild Qualität.
    Description is truthful when it says there's no wifi needed. When the unit arrived all I had to do was turn the receiver on and making sure the camera was plugged in. Bam, they were already paired to each other and it took me a few seconds to realize i was looking at my dining room table on the screen. I went to the other end of the house and played with the cameras motor functions and watched my cat become confused if i was calling them from one room or the other. Very pleased.
    Wir haben diese Babykamera nun seit knapp 2 Wochen im Einsatz und sind sehr zufrieden. Der Bildschirm ist schön groß und die Bildqualität auch im Nachtmodus echt super. Man kann den gesamten Raum gestochen scharf sehen. Super ist auch, dass die Kamera selbst kein Läpchen oder ähnliches hat, sodass das Baby nicht gestört wird. Die Temperaturanzeige scheint auch relativ genau zu sein. Der Akku des Bildschirms hält auch 3, 4 Stunden - was will man mehr!
    The battery of this camera is rechargeable battery that can last up to 5h monitoring in display mode. This camera has 720p LCD handle display that makes me see all the delicate movements of my little one clearly. I like pan tilt camera with 355°horizontal and 90°vertical rotation range which provide a full protection for my baby, also audio and voice detection to check what’s happening when my baby murmurs. . I also love Built-in 5 lullabies in the wireless camera is a good helper for baby sleeping, my baby love this capability. I didn't have to turn on the lights at night at night, it was so easier to see my baby's movements clearly with the night vision function. I recommend this camera because it's one of the kind!!
    Gokhan E.
    I made a lot of research on this type of baby cameras. First I found cheeper options but, according to product review pictures I was not satisfied about the video quality. I read a lot of reviews on amazon. Finally I found this one. Actually I was expecting cheaper quality but trust me, this product has a good quality. Display is large enough, the video transmission delay is almost unnoticeable. Our baby room is on second floor and transmission quality is very good. Only negative side for me is lullabies. It would much more better with more and longer songs. Current ones are not long, they are looping and it is annoying after some time. I'm planning to hack it in order to install more songs if it's possible. I'm not sure if I can do it or not.
    Damit sich unser Kind daran gewöhnt alleine zu schlafen, haben wir uns für die Kontrolle des Prozesses dieses Babyphone geholt. Das Bild wird übertragen sobald es eine Bewegung oder Geräusch bemerkt. Die Bild- und Tonübertragung ist bei ca. 50m stabil. Das Bild ist scharf und man erkennt durch Infrarotbeleuchtung alles. Der Akku des Bildschirm reicht ausreichend lange für eine Nacht.
    I needed a simple camera to keep an eye on my dog in the other room to make sure he's not destroying anything while I'm not looking! Now that I am working from home due to COVID, I can't entertain my dog all the time and have him staying on the other side of the house. I have the camera at the corner of the room and have a good view of the whole area. The quality is quite good and smooth (I haven't tried night vision) and the 5" screen is crisp with a decently long battery life and a good refresh rate. It is powered via USB-C as well, which helps since it matches the other chargers I have available and there is very little lag between real life and the stream (an issue I have with my Nest cameras that stream online before re-downloading locally). The monitor and software that is used is very baby focused: feeding, lullaby, sound detection, etc. I don't mind and I can assume this is very good for new parents to have this handy without using their cell phone. A big positive too is that it doesn't take any of the bandwidth in my house, no uploading or downloading needed, its all local and safe. I could not find a recording feature which is fine, but if you are reading this review and wondering, I don't believe it has one. I haven't tested the distance of 960ft but so far I get great signal all throughout my 3-story home. I recommend this product and hope you found this quick review helpful!
    The product is so easy to set up. The Camera and monitor are paired at the factory so not real set up is required. I plugged it in and let it charge over night. Turned the power button on and had picture right away. The only set up is if you want to select the volume level the microphone picks up. I bought this to check or monitor the dog in the other room. The video quality is awesome. I unplugged the unit from the wall and walked downstairs across the living room and into the master bedroom to show my wife. It has good wireless range from the camera. The pan and tilt feature responds quickly. I recommend this if you want a standalone monitor. Price is good, quality is awesome so far. The product feels good in the hand and well built. 100% recommend this product.
    Christoph nägler
    Wir haben uns für dieses Babyphone entschieden da es eine 355 grad Rundumansicht hat. So haben wir das Baby immer im Blick, auch wenn es sich in unserem großen Bett im Schlaf bewegt. Die Kamera hat im dunkeln keine störenden leuchtenden LEDs. Der Monitor wirkt sehr hochwertig und robust und ist sehr simpel in der Bedienung. Das Babyphone hat alles was man braucht. Schlaflieder, die Möglichkeit zu kommunizieren, Alarmfunktion, Temperatur Anzeige und eine weite Reichweite.
    A. Einstein
    I have used it for only a few days so can't talk much about quality or reliability for now. Feels solid in the hand. I will update this review when I have had this for a little while longer. Good: 1. Range - range is absolutely fantastic. I was able to go work in our backyard and the display was connected with all 5 bars of range. I took it with me for a short walk all around the building and it was working all through. I believe this will work at >500 feet distance. 2. Night Vision Quality – Picture is clear with quite a bit of detail even during low light conditions. 3. Battery Life – I got 6+ hours of battery life sitting in the next room. Areas to Improve: 1. Image Brightness – I was hoping for a little bit better display and settings to modify brightness/contrast etc. Screen is not visible very well if you are in a bright area. It is very hard to see in sunlight. I couldn’t find a setting to change any of the display parameters. Not an issue if your use is inside the house. 2. Also a small gripe with the buttons. They have a very nice clicky sound to indicate that it is selected but it becomes a chore if you need to adjust something continuously. There is no long press to move in the direction you want. E.g. to change the date, it requires repeatedly pressing and lifting your finger to move the digits along one at a time. All in all, a nice unit that can support multiple cameras. It serves the purpose really well.
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    I was pleasantly surprised by this recent baby monitor purchase. I have been using it to monitor my mother with cancer. One of great feature is that you don't need to use wifi to connect the camera and the dashboard. When I turned on the dashboard and plug in the camera, they automatically paired immediately. There are instructions to help pair up the dashboard is there was an issue though. The display is quite clean considering it is 720p. You can check out the quality of the day night and night time (black and white) on the screenshots. These screenshots will show off the picture quality so you can make your own decision. The features of this baby monitor is that you get to setup 4 cameras, sound detection with 3 levels or toggle off to set off alarm, temperature alarm , feeding times alarm and lullabies (5 choices of songs ). On the camera, there is also a speaker which you can talk to the baby via camera. Overall, I am happy that I bought this. Thank you for your time!
    Lovely B.
    I can say the other reviews are very accurate - this is a great camera. Unboxing: Comes with the Camera, the Viewer, 2 sets of cables, and the mount/screws. There is a detailed instruction manual with tons of pictures and instructions. However, this product is basically plug and play, it is VERY user friendly. Setup: 1. You can choose to either place the camera on a flat surface, or mount it to the wall. I did not choose to mount it, but it seems fairly simple. Only uses two screws, and has an adjustable joint to choose your angle. The charging cable is also fairly long so you shouldn't have any issues reaching an outlet. 2. Plug in the camera. 3. Plug in the viewer. 4. DONE. seriously. There is no wifi connection to worry about, the camera is already paired. as soon as you turn on the viewer, you can see the picture from the camera. Quality of image: The color image is very impressive! I would have believed it if you told me it was 1080p (it's 720p). Bright colors, clear image. The night vision isn't as clear, which is probably expected. But there is more than enough clarity to watch your baby at night. Other features. Also includes a microphone and speaker to speak with your baby, it can play lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. It has the ability to monitor sounds as well, so if your baby is whimpering you can choose to set the noise sensitivity to the appropriate level and it will sound a small alarm to alert you. These are the only features I would really use. There is also a built in thermometer to monitor the temp of the room.. I don't really have a use for this but I suppose it is useful if temperature fluctuations are an issue in your house/apartment. Overall, yes this is a little pricy but it is great quality, and I love that I don't have to worry about wifi connection or someone hacking into the video feed. 5 stars easily.
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    Alex am
    Endlich eine BabyPhone Kamera die man direkt bewegen kann und viele verschiedene Sachen wie Temperatur und Datum und Uhrzeit sieht. Sehr gute Auflösung. Unsere Kamera von babymove die teurer war, wurde davon abgelöst. Wir sind begeistert. Ich rate auch nur die Kabel und Netzteile für die Geräte zu nutzen wie es auch auf den teilen beschriftet ist.
    Zur Nutzung der Kamera ist weder das Herunterladen einer App nötig, noch die Verbindung des Handys mit dem WLAN Netz. Durch die inkludierte Halterung lässt sich die Kamera ohne weiteres an der Wand oder Decke montieren, kann aber auch auf jeder xbeliebigen Unterlage abgestellt werden. Das Babyphone verfügt über verschiedene Funktionen wie Tag- und Nachtmodus, Temperaturmessung, bidirektionale Gegensprechanlage und Wiegenlieder. Zusätzlich ist die Kamera mit einer 355 Grad Rundum Ansicht ausgestattet. So hat man den Raum zu jeder Zeit voll im Blick und kann ohne den Raum betreten zu müssen mit dem Kind in Kontakt treten Der Monitor wechselt automatisch in den Schlafmodus, wenn keine Bewegung erkennbar, wird aber sofort wieder aktiviert sobald Geräusche im Kinderzimmer zu hören. An der Bildübertragung und Bildqualität gibt es keinerlei Kritikpunkte. Auch die Tonqualität lässt keinerlei Wünsche offen. Kein Rauschen oder Krachen. Einfach nur top
    Wow what a camera. I am very impressed with the quality of this baby monitor. I own various other indoor and outdoor cameras and this one is the best one I own. Setup took just a few minutes and a simple process. This is the first monitor I have owned that almost set itself up. When using the camera the connection between the base and the camera itself is very quick. The controls are easy to use and the camera has an amazing pan capabilities. Video is clear, it adjust quickly to changing levels of lighting. Audio both directions is clear and no issues listening or talking on it. This camera is a great baby monitor or monitor for an elderly parent. I can easily recommend this baby monitor to you and I hope you are as impressed with it as I have been so far. Safety and the ability to see your little one is very important. This is a valuable security tool to keep tabs on your family member. It can play popular baby music to help them fall asleep. You can also set sound alerts.
    Zu diesem Babyfon kann man nur sagen : besser geht's nicht!!! Und wir hatten schon einige von billig bis teuer, von kaputt bis dauernde Ausfälle, von Akkuproblemen bis Tonstörungen. Alles war dabei und keins kommt an das hier ran. Super Empfang, absolut keine Aussetzer. Beste Ton und Bildqualität. Konstante Verbindung auch bei hoher Belastung und Nutzung von WLAN im 2.4 GHz und 5 GHz - Bereich. Riesen Bildschirm und sehr gute einfache Menüführung. Sehr zu empfehlen.
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    I purchased the Conico baby monitor to have in our home for when the grandbabies come to visit. This is an upgrade from a black and white non pan and tilt monitor that we already had. The Conico was very easy to set up and I had it up and running in under 10 minutes. The temperature monitor is a nice feature and I set up a known thermometer next to the camera to see if the readings were accurate. The temperatures on the Conico were within a single degree of the thermometer I used for comparison. The picture quality is amazing when compared to the old monitor. Yes the Conico does cost twice as much but the quality if the image is worth it alone. To compare the range I placed the camera in the basement and then took the monitor outside. I was about 90 feet from the house and was still getting perfect reception. I was able to view the camera and operate the pan tilt features. It did seem to be a little slower with the pan/tilt at this range. I did run the monitor on the battery only and got a little over 5 hours. We’ll see if this improves as the battery gets conditioned. The sound monitor is also nice especially since you can set different levels. At the mid range our sump pump will sometimes set off the alarm. So far I am very pleased with this setup. I am looking at getting a second camera since we have two grandbabies and it will be nice to have a single monitor to watch both kids. Update 11/29/2020 I want to purchase additional cameras for this monitor but can not find them anywhere including the Conico website. I have written several emails to the and they do not respond. If you want this monitor to use with more than one camera don't purchase.
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    Adoric Baby Monitor with Remote Camera, Video Baby Monitor with 5inch LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision, Talk Back, Lullabies, Keep Baby Safe photo review
    A great baby monitor. This was a gift for my cousin and tested it at my place to check all functionalities. 1. Simple superior design, (when you have a baby to control, you need a simple button clicking UI, this does the job) 2. So many useful functionality ( temperature control, sound detection, sing calming lullaby), loved it I am sure the baby will love the music too, definitely not good as a mother's voice but saves working mom's some time. 3. A very good communication system between the tramsmitter and receiver. It is important when one parent communicates to the other from the room 4. It is not just an alerting system, it also is a monitoring system. This display has everything in addition to monitoring the moment of a baby. I also see a good use of this being a pet monitor if positioned appropriately in the room. A great product, it a decent price point. I heard a few of my friends gifted the same to their friends.
    Vorweg erstmal: auch wir hatten ein anderes Babyphone als Vorgängermodell von Avent. Bis dato waren wir damit auch recht zufrieden, allerdings gab das Gerät zum Glück noch während der Garantiezeit den Geist auf und es gab keinen Ersatz für uns. Daher haben wir uns erneut umgesehen und sind auf das Heimvision Gerät gestoßen. Besonders interessant fanden wir die Funktion der drehbaren Kamera vom Elternteil aus. Das ewige richtige Ausrichten beim alten Babyphone ging uns schon etwas auf die Nerven. Also bestellten wir das Heimvision zu Testzwecken. Zum einen überzeugt erstmal das sehr große Display, die Bildqualität (vor allem die Nachtsicht) ist hervorragend!!! Viel besser als unser Vorgängermodell. Die Kamera haben wir an der Wand montiert und lässt sich einwandfrei vom Elternteil aus bedienen und sehr umfangreich drehen. Und war das besonders wichtig, da unsere Tochter gerne bei uns im Bett einschläft, bevor wir sie dann in ihr Bett rüber legen. So erfasst die Kamera den ganzen Raum. Da unsere Tochter „nur noch“ abends schläft, ist für uns die Nachtsicht von entscheidender Bedeutung, im hellen brauchen wir es nicht. Die Tonqualität war beim Avent besser, auch auf maximaler Lautstärke kommt es eher leise aus dem Elterngerät. Aber auch das kann man wirklich verschmerzen, weil die Sicht einfach super ist und man dadurch schon genug Kenntnisse bekommt, ob man zum Kind muss oder nicht. Wir sind gespannt, wie die Langlebigkeit dieses Gerätes ist, aber bislang war es für uns eine gute Kaufentscheidung!!
    Hatte dieses Babyphone eine Nacht ausprobiert, dann hab ichs wieder eingepackt... 1. Der Akku der Elterneinheit hält im Vox Modus nur an die 6 Std. 2. Es schaltetleider nie ganz auf stumm wenn das Baby schläft, man hat immer Nebengeräusche 3. dieser Punkt störte mich am meisten... Mein Kind bewegte sich im Bett und der Bildschirm aktivierte sich nicht.. wenn jedoch im Erdgeschoss eine Türe auf und zu gemacht wird schon!! Hab dann schon die Geräuscherkennungbauf minimal gedreht und trotzdem hat es angeschlagen wenn im EG ein Geschräusch war. Positiv war, dass der Bildschirm schön groß ist, die Bildqualität gut und es ist kein störendes Licht an der Kamara Jemand dem es nicht so wichtig ist das der Bildschirm aktiviert wird wenn Geräusche wahrgenommen werden, sicher ein gutes Babyphone, da man ja den Alarm komplett deaktivieren kann.. für mich leider nicht geeignet...
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