Good night’s sleep always needs many factors. Not only a good mattress and comfortable environment but also a pillow suitable for you. Good pillows can help you fall asleep better and relieve fatigue. Also, it could protect your muscles from injury and keeps you in good spirits. Relaxation of the neck is good for blood supply to the head, and sometimes even a suitable pillow can reduce dark circles. If you wake up because of a stiff neck or soreness, you should know the pillow is not for you.

Each person’s body size and sleep style are different, so the needs for pillows will also be different.

What’s the best pillow for you? Here are some ways to help you make the correct choice.

  1. Confirm your sleeping position
  2. Side

If you’re a side sleeper, you must choose a firm pillow. Because it could help increase support for the head and neck, which will keep your spine in a straight line.


If you are used to sleeping on your back, you should choose a thinner pillow. You need to find an extra pillow at the bottom third of the pillow to support your neck.


You should choose a softer pillow if you like sleeping on your stomach. Because when you sleep on your stomach, it will add more pressure on your neck. Over time, this can have a bad effect on your spine and cause your body pain. So you need to choose a lower and softer pillow to ensure your spine balance

  • Learn about different pillows

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow is made of memory foam, which couldn’t stick together, which guarantees air circulation, avoids bacterial growth. Also, it provides personalized support to your head, neck, and shoulders, perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. But memory foam pillow couldn’t be machine washed.

Down pillow

Down pillows are mainly filled with duck or goose down, which refers to a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers. So it is very soft and comfortable. There are different types of down, including duck down and goose down. Duck down is the cheapest, but it often smells bad. Goose down is more filling and resilient than duck down. But sometimes high-quality duck down can be better than mediocre goose down.

 The down pillow has the characteristics of softness and strong support, it’s good for people who sleep on the back. But it has a disadvantage in that it is easy to deform.

Buckwheat Hull Pillow

The main filling of the Buckwheat Hull pillow is the buckwheat shell. Buckwheat hull is ductile and breathable, so it could help you feel cool and relaxed in hot weather. It fits tightly against your head, neck, and shoulders, which could relieve spinal stress. So it’s suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers. But it also has the disadvantage of breeding dust mites and deforming easily.

  Latex Pillow

Latex pillows are made with natural latex, so it could reduce the risk of allergies. In order to ensure the air circulation of the pillow, you can choose a pillow filled with shredded latex or adding grooves and holes during production. Latex pillows are malleable, which could create the right level of support for your head, neck, and shoulders. So it can help you sleep more comfortably. People who sleep on their side and back need this pillow.

  • choose the pillow size

Everyone is different and likes different pillow sizes. We usually find 3 kinds of pillow size: standard size, queen size, king size.No matter what size pillow you like, you must make sure it fits your shoulders, neck, and head

Standard sizeQueen sizeKing size
One pillow could fit a twin bedTwo pillow could fit a queen size bed.The largest of the American size pillows available
  • Summary

In order to ensure a good sleep, it’s important to choose the best pillow for you. So you should consider 3 factors(your sleeping position, pillow filling, pillow size) when you want to buy a new pillow.

If you have any other questions,comment below and we would like to help you.


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