About Us

Adoric started with a question: “what is the real meaning of life?” We live in a busy society, a fast era. How many of us could pause and think about what do we want? Luckily, We have found our answer:


The real meaning of life is to stay with our family. We have a passion for life at home. We constantly looking for new and better ways to do things. We try to reduce all the dispensable designs to make a light life. We provide tools that make life easier so that we can spend more time with our family.

Stay with Family   Stay with family

The real meaning of life is to take care of others, our neighbors, friends, animals, and this planet.

We try to use renewable and recycled materials, eliminate waste in our products. We offer to prolong the life of products and see them as resources for the future. We believe our products would be bettering the lives of our customers, employees, community, and the planet.


Protect mother nature

Today, Our mission is to create a better everyday life for the people. That means we need to create products that have a beautiful design, useful function, Eco-friendly, of good quality. We are working on this mission, and we will keep working.

Adoric is always on our way.