The abundant home facilities have created a convenient and high-quality life for urban residents. We separate the kitchen from the traditional meaning, not just a place for cooking rice and water. The kitchen that gathers diverse functions makes it impossible for us to interpret it with a single concept. The overall upgrade of the kitchen is highly being talked about and it’s really worth taking thought in the kitchen upgrade. Here comes some tips for you guys.

 Tip 1—Break the traditional color scheme

If you want to decorate a beautiful kitchen, you must start with choosing colors.

White is the classic color for decoration. It presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling, and it will be in harmony with any color tiles and electrical appliances. But if you are afraid to clean it up, you need a second to think about it. After all, it’s easy to get dirty and the water stains are too obvious.

    Simple and bright colors like ginger which is warm and clean. It gives a sense of lightness, hope and vitality.

The fashionable blue has touched the hearts of thousands of fashionable housewives. A beautiful and practical blue will give the home a refreshing atmosphere this summer.

Mixing is also a good choice. Single, double and even three colors are getting more popular. Black and pink is also a good choice. It can guarantee effectively beauty, practicality, and cleanliness.

Pink plus gray. This is also a popular color collocation around the World. Gray is especially flat and smooth, calm, and neutral. Pink and gray create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Green represents the color of the revival of all things. Decoration in the kitchen makes people feel safe and natural. It also adds a comfortable color to the kitchen.

Tip 2countertops

In addition to the choice of colors, materials also have experienced important breakthroughs. The combination of exquisite color selection and high-quality materials has become the secret to stunning kitchens.

The surface of the marble countertop has many patterns, natural texture and natural material. It is used in the kitchen countertop with super high value. The natural marble is hard and resistant to be scratched, and it is not easy to crack under high temperature or impact.

The wooden countertops look warm as if you can feel the breath of nature. They bring a different kind of natural beauty to the kitchen.

Artificial stone is also getting popular. There are no gaps on the surface oil stains, water stains are not easy to penetrate, strong stain resistance, and it’s easy to clean. With the colors and textures of natural stones, each series has many colors.

While the rock board is resistant to scratching and abrasion, the rock board can also resist heat and high temperature. It can place high-temperature pots and kettles directly. It’s okay to cook big meals, cut with knives and grill.

Stainless steel countertops are more suitable for users whose home is industrialized and does not have much time to clean the kitchen. It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance and penetration resistance. And stainless steel has the best antibacterial performance among all materials. However, once it is scratched by a sharp tool, it will leave irreparable marks.

Tip 3—Storage design

 Improving the storage capacity of the kitchen is the key. You can start from the following.

Circulate the space which is not noticed between the refrigerator and place the shelf.

Use hidden storage to keep the kitchen simple. The outside of the cabinet door can be designed without handles. Even if your kitchen is only a few square meters, space will look wider and clean.

Part the cabinet body and make storage double. Add several drawers or compartments to the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Subdivision and refinement can make use of the limited space.

Sort each cabinet by color to make it easier for you to find things. The orange ones are condiments, and the gray ones are dry goods. Remember!

Hang the pots from the ceiling! Doesn’t it look professional and convenient?

Tip 4— design styles

Different styles of design of the kitchen reflect the different preferences of the owner.

Classical style kitchen, this kind of kitchen has high requirements, the main test is the production technology and handwork. Take cabinets as an example. Classic cabinets have different colors and textures of logs, making them elegant and varied.

A country-style kitchen, which pursues simplicity and tranquility, even with a little rustic design, is becoming a fashionable trend. This is the case with country-style cabinets, highlighting the comfort and freedom of life. Especially in the choice of colors, natural, nostalgic, and rich earthy colors have become typical characteristics of the country style.

The modern style kitchen relies on new materials, new technological elements, and endless changes in light and shadow, which pursues unconventional space deconstruction, boldly uses contrasting colors and mixes rigid and soft materials.

The main feature of the simple kitchen is its simplicity. Reflected in the kitchen design, most of them are simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, using simple straight lines to emphasize the openness of the space, and the simple style cabinets emphasize function first, and the colors are cold, giving people a refreshing feeling.

European and American style kitchens meet people’s perceptual, instinctive, and rational needs for the space environment with a concise form of expression. This is also a popular design style around the world.

The kitchen is the warmest place in the home, even the simplest ingredients, are enough to be the comfort of the soul. Now it’s 2020, shouldn’t we start the kitchen upgrade at home to make it more convenient to use? 

What are we waiting for?


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