Have you ever noticed how you sleep with your boy- or girlfriend? From sleeping on our back to stomach, we can sleep in any position we want when we sleep alone. But how about when you sleep as a couple? With two people on a single bed, the freedom of sleep position seems to be restricted by the limited space. Yet, there is much more to tell from couples sleeping positions. Not only can couples sleeping positions affect a couple’s sleeping quality, but also reveal the relationship between you and your partner. Here, I will show you some common couples sleeping positions and what they mean.


The spoon is a classic and intimate position in which one person forming a tight and protective embrace behind his or her partner—like a spoon! Since it implies a great degree of intimacy, Spoon is mostly applied by new couples or those who just can’t get enough of each other. Sleeping in Spoon allows your airway to open during sleep. At the same time, however, because Spoon is in a side-sleeping position, it may cause joint pains as well as wrinkles on your face.

Loose Spoon

One variation of the Spoon position. As couples in new relationships gradually decrease the need for constant body contact after a certain amount of date, they tend to sleep in Loose Spoon. Loose Spoon is a spoon position with more space between couples.

Chasing Spoon

Similar to Loose Spoon, Chasing Spoon is another variation of the Spoon position. It occurs when one person moves to one side of the bed and the other follows or “chases.”

While both Loose Spoon and Chasing Spoon can be read as signs of the need for space (especially for the one being hugged or chased), they are unlikely to be a call for relationship problems but rather a combination of trust and reassurance. Indeed, with more space between couples, both Loose Spoon and Chasing Spoon offer you extra comfort during sleep.

Back to Back

Sleeping back-to-back is a very relaxing and intimate sleeping position for couples (either you touch each other’s back or not). This position suggests that you and your partner are in a comfortable and relaxed stage in which you both can sleep closely while having a certain degree of independence.

Face to Face

This is another intimate sleeping position for couples. By facing each other with their heads at the same level, this position shows the close relationship between couples as well as a desire for sharing. You can always have a pillow talk with your partner in the middle of the night with this position.

However, if you mind breathing on one another during sleep, this position may not be the ideal one for you and your partner.

Sweetheart’s Cradle

This position occurs where one resting his or her head on the other’s chest. In many circumstances, couples will have their legs intertwined as well. It’s called Sweetheart’s Cradle because the hug is so tight and protective that couples can have deep skin contact. As a result, this passionate and sweet couple’s sleeping position is favored by many new couples and those who have rekindled love.

Yet, I do not recommend couples to sleep in this position frequently. After all, having one person’s head on your chest for 8 hours can be a painful experience that may result in chest and limb damage.


In Cliffhanger, couples will move to the opposite sides of the bed. The large space between the two represents a cliffhanger pointing out a seemingly aloof relationship. But it can suggest that two people are secured and happy about their relationship if it’s not done in a passive-aggressive manner. For couples who are happy with their relationship, Cliffhanger may be one of the most comfortable sleeping positions since you will have an individual space for you to sleep in any poses.

Paper Doll

The Paper Doll position allows you to lie on your back and sleep next to your partner. The couple can also hold each other’s hands or slightly touch arms or legs as if they are a set of paper dolls. This position makes both intimacy and comfort possible for high-quality sleep. When you sleep in Paper Doll, make sure that you and your partner have the right pillow that provides enough support for the head and neck so that both of you can breathe properly during sleep.

Along with the 8 couples sleeping position, there are numerous ways to sleep for couples. We all have our own preference for sleeping postures. Yet, the meaning of being a couple is to share life together, including sharing your sleeping positions. A good couple sleeping position is vital to both your sleeping quality and romance. I hope this brief guide of couples sleeping positions can give you a better idea about how you and your partner can sleep efficiently while building up a happy and intimate relationship.


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