Tasty bread and pizza are made from flour, which is often ground from wheat. Have you ever eaten food made from barley, a plant in the same family as wheat? The taste of barley is not as delicate as wheat, but barley is rich in nutrition and has certain medical value. The following is an introduction to the history of barley and how to cook it.

History of Barley

Barley was first cultivated in the Neolithic Age, which is well-adapted to marginal and stress-prone environments. By 1500 BC, barley was cultivated in major parts of the world, such as East Asia, South Asia, Europe and North Africa. Barley originated along the Mediterranean coast of western Asia and was used as staple food until it was replaced by wheat.

Nutritional value

Barley is rich in dietary fiber, amino acids and minerals. Dietary fiber helps reduce total cholesterol in the blood, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals in barley help build bone structure and strengthen it. Similarly, the amino acids found in barley also provide our bodies with the amount they need on a daily basis.

Cooking methods and techniques

Approach 1: barley porridge

Ingredients: 100g of barley, 50g of red beans, 50g of semen coicis, 30g of corn kernels, 5 red dates, 25g of rock sugar, 50g of rice

Cooking process: barley kernel, semen coicis and red bean are washed and soaked together for an hour. Then, put them into the pot, and add the corn kernels, red dates and 25 grams of rock sugar. Boil with water until the skin of the red bean begins to fall off. Finally, add the washed rice and boil it together until it is soft and fragrant and glutinous. Only with precision can you make delicious food. To avoid the wrong amount of ingredients, you can try this digital kitchen scale which Designed with 4 high-precision sensors, delivers accurate results and fast response. (Product links are https://adoriclife.com/collections/us-products/kitchen/).

Approach 2: barley biscuit

Ingredients: 80g butter, 70g powdered sugar, 25g egg liquid, 145g cake flour, 5g barley leaf flour, 35g red dates

Cooking process: cut red jujube remove nuclear and then cut into small pieces. After the butter has softened, add the sugar and the red jujube pieces and stir well. To increase the crispness of the biscuits, add the egg liquid in two separate batches, stirring well. Sift the cake flour and barley leaf powder, stir to form a powder, and pour into red jujube, stir into the dough. Finally, shape the dough into squares and chill in the fridge for 1 hour. Slice and bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 40 minutes.

Food matching

Barley endosperm contains little gluten and is not suitable for making flour. It is suitable for grinding and boiling into rice porridge or soup. Barley can be cooked with squash and mung beans for a glutinous and healthy porridge. In addition, you can mix barley with brown rice to make a fiber-rich staple food. Barley and wheat are also often used to make beer.


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