Pillow is an important part of our nightlife, in other words, you may spend more nighttime with your pillow than your spouse (if you do have one, not the metaphorical). So picking a premium pillow to comfort yourself is one of those crucial factors making you revive the next day! It’s worthy of you investing in memory foam pillow, you should take time to be in right way cleaning memory foam pillow after several days of use. Here are some effective instructions conducing to cleaning memory foam pillows.

Part 1: How and How Often to Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow

We spend a third of our time in bed with our pillow circulated by the air around. It’s quite regular that we wash our worn socks once every 2-3 days, therefore that would be pretty common we treat our pillows the same. So as a general rule of thumb, you are recommended to cleaning your memory foam pillow once a month at the very minimum.

Most pillows can be cleaned up by being thrown into a washing machine, but if you are using a shredded memory foam pillow, you will have to clean your memory foam pillow by hand-washing, because shredded memory foam pillow is sensitive and prone to be impaired by the washing machine, which would lose its qualities.

After a relative day of using your memory foam pillow, there might be some differences with the pillowcase: with white dandruff, black or grey shorn hair, some speckles of flattened diminutive bugs such as fly remains, the case is so tinctured! Follow the 5 steps below to clean your shredded memory foam pillow.

Ⅰ. Remove the pillowcase. Most of the shredded pillows have a zip cover, the foam pillow should be separated from the cover while respective cleaning.

Ⅱ. Fill a bucket (sink) of water. Shredded memory foam pillow must be done with a way of handwashing, as a kind of sensitive material, for being done with a washing machine, which would be a rough way leading to inappropriate consequences. The water in the bucket/sink goes above the pillow therein.

Ⅲ. Add in detergent. Add in 1 tbsp of detergent while hand stirring the water into the mixture with froth.

Ⅳ. Clean memory foam pillow. Let each layer of the shredded pillow seeped with a solution by being rolled over slightly.  Being massaged and squeezed with bare hands, dirt in the pillow will be soaked out and there comes a crisp look.

Ⅴ. Dry out. Do NOT put the pillow in a dryer because the machinery- elevating temperature will cause foam pillow damage of breaking down. Spread a white clean towel on a dry surface, place the hand-washed memory foam pillow on it then air dry in the sun.

Part 2: How To Spot Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow is made of premium temperature sensing materials so as not to go deteriorative easily. The pillow will have some soft and firm changes with the season alternation, which’s pretty common and won’t bring any adverse effect on your usage. However, those stains and oil smears on pillowcase will abate the service life of memory foam pillow, and you can try the following methods:

Ⅰ. For mild stains (blood, wine, etc): some ordinary soap plus dish detergent is enough to dispose of these stains, first, rinse with warm water and apply some soap plus detergent on the stained area, then rub until clean, rinse again and air dry it.

Ⅱ. For severe stains (oil smears, cephalic secretion, and grease, bug remains, etc): these daunting stains usually contain triglyceride or tannic acid which is extremely difficult to be soluble in water, detergent, and suds. First mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide, one tsp of WHITE vinegar, and two tbsp of baking soda, second apply them to the affected area and leave overnight, third rinse clean the memory foam pillow and allow air dry.

Part 3: How To Deodorize A Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow is well kept in the hermetic package before unpacking, it’s the common scene when you notice and receive some smell as the package is unsealed open. Put the pillow package opened just now in some well-ventilated place for days, gradually the smell will be gone naturally.

Some odors come out after a period of time of use. Here’s the simple advice to eradicate odors If they still exist after cleaning the memory foam pillow: first take off the case and put your foam pillow flat, get dribbling a few water drops of a mixture of baking soda and 1 tsp lavender essence, leave the pillow outdoor directly under the sunlight for at least 3 hours.

Part 4: How Often Should A Used Memory Foam Pillow Be Replaced

First, there is no need to split hair on the replacing time limit, no unified standard on each one’s memory foam pillow service life. What we can only point out is, seeing from the other hand, the pillow filling will begin to breakdown after 18-36 months of use, take the median number, we should replace our memory foam pillow prospectively every 27 months at a minimum.


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