We may spend an entire day consulting doctor for a pimple on our face and develop a professional skin care routine. But you may not notice that the skin on your hard-to-reach back is dull and pores are clogged. Because our eyes can’t always see our backs, back skin care is easy to be ignored. The back has a lot of nerves and a high metabolism, which can lead to dry skin, blemishes, acne and other problems if you don’t care properly. Below, we’re sharing how to put lotion on your back- and offering several tips for back skin care.

Use a Back Lotion Applicator

Buying back lotion applicator for a few bucks is the most convenient and efficient way. Typically, a lotion applicator consists of a sponge head attached to a wooden or plastic handle. The process of applying lotion to your back with the tool is like this:

1. Squeeze the lotion onto the sponge head and spread evenly.

2. Lift the lotion applicator over your shoulder and spread the lotion evenly over your back.

3. Rinse the applicator and any remaining cream on your back.

Apply the lotion with plastic wrap

Saran wrap is a regular item in every family, which can be fully utilized. You can also use plastic wrap to smear lotion on your back. Steps are as follows:

1. Apply lotion to the plastic wrap and make sure it covers all parts of your back.

2. Grab each end of the wrap with both hands and place it on your shoulder.

3. Apply lotion from shoulder to lower back.

With the help of the back of your hand, forearm

In fact, with certain techniques and techniques, our arms can also cover our backs. You don’t need any other tools to achieve your daily back skincare routine.

1. Straighten your arms and bend your elbows

2. Apply a thin line of lotion from the back of your hand to your upper arm.

3. Place the lotion coated forearm on your back.

4. Bend your elbows so your hands move up your back, rubbing against your back like a windshield wiper on a car.

Using a spatula

Plastic or rubber spatulas with long handles are acceptable. Squeeze the lotion on the spatula, try to squeeze evenly. Apply many times and use less lotion each time to achieve the best results. The procedure is the same as using a back lotion applicator.

A healthy back is significant for us. You can buy a refreshing body lotion specifically for your back. Exfoliate skin frequently, can let back skin more white tender, and smooth. Pay attention to moisturizing your back after a shower. In this way, you would have healthy and beautiful back skin.


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