Have you found that the freshly baked bread tastes soft and delicious, but after a period of time when it becomes cold, it will harden and taste not good as before?
In addition to bread, so does rice. The reason for their poor taste is the aging of starch.

Next, we are about to enter the question that we are most concerned about. How to soften the bread and make the bread taste good as it is.
?Use magical fruits and vegetables. The lettuce can be cleaned, wiped carefully, and then cut into a suitable length, put into a toast bag, and finally, the toast bag with lettuce is sealed tightly. After many hours, the toast will be ready. It will become loose. In addition to lettuce, carrot slices, apple slices, and other vegetables, fruits or fresh fruits that are not very watery can be put in.

Steam it

We can put the toast in a wok and steam it. When the water boils, the toast will be soft. If you can’t eat it for a while, put it in the pot temporarily. When you eat it next time, the toast will still be soft.

Warm water helps a lot

Pour a small bowl of warm water in the wok, add a little vinegar, put in the steamer and toast, close the lid tightly, and the toast will become soft overnight. You can also put hard toast bread into the wok, steam for 5 to 8 minutes, the toast will become loose. It should be noted that if you choose steamed bread, remember to cover the top of the toast with a piece of tin foil to prevent water drops on the steaming lid from coming out and wet the toast.

When you are on the trip

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tourist or a business trip. Wrap the bread with its “original” packaging wax paper, wrap it with a layer of paper soaked in water, and put it into a plastic bag soaked with water on the inner layer. Tie the bag tightly, and the bread will soften overnight.

?If you have a microwave or oven at home, you can put the bread in a fresh-keeping bag, drip a little drinking water, put it in and heat it, and the bread will be as hot and soft as freshly baked.

Tips for preventing the bread from hardening

Store at room temperature
Put the fresh bread into a food-grade plastic bag and tie the bag tightly. It can be stored at room temperature for about two days. As long as you eat it within two days, the freshness of the bread will not have much impact.

If it’s home-baked bread, it can be put into a fresh-keeping bag and tied up and stored at room temperature when it is cooled to the same temperature as the palm of the hand.

Frozen preservation locks the deliciousness of bread
Freezing bread is the best way to preserve the deliciousness of bread. Both short-term storage and long-term storage can be used. However, the freezing method is also skillful. You must never put a large piece of bread directly into the freezer because it is difficult to reheat large pieces of frozen bread and it will not taste too good.
The correct way to preserve bread by freezing is: cut the bread into slices and put it in a food-grade plastic bag, squeeze out the air in the bag, then tie the bag tightly, and then put it into the freezer. This method of preserving bread can be stored for a long time. When you eat it, it can be defrosted naturally, and it will be more delicious when heated in a microwave.

Do you have any tricks for reviving stale foods? Share it with us and let me know!


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