When sweet-scented osmanthus trees and fried chestnuts fragrant on the street, when the green leaves of ginkgo gradually turn yellow, autumn is here. So does it mean that you will never see the green all over again? Then evergreen plants will be your best choice.

Among the towering evergreens, the pines and spruces and hemlocks, are a brave bunch of herbs that keep their leaves about them throughout the wintertime. Not only can these valiant herbs keep some color in the garden, but they can even continue to provide flavorful additions to meals and aromatic wafts to the air. In addition, in cold seasons, some evergreen herbs can offer us nutritional and medicinal help to protect ourselves.

Five kinds of evergreen herbs


The potassium content in rosemary plays an important role in balancing the sodium ions in table salt.
In the stomach, potassium ions can neutralize the acid produced by food and keep it weakly alkaline. After smashing it, soak it in boiling water and drink it, 2 to 3 times a day, it can play a sedative and diuretic effect. It can also be grinded into powder and used to treat insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, indigestion, and other diseases. External use can treat trauma and arthritis. It also has the functions of strengthening the heart, promoting metabolism, and promoting blood circulation in peripheral blood vessels.


Lavender is a spice plant with high economic value and ornamental value. It has a unique fragrance and is one of the most popular vanillas in the world. It is known as “the tranquil perfume plant” and “after vanilla”.
The charming purple and refreshing fragrance, and the unique fragrance has been loved by many people because it can stabilize emotions, relieve stress, and boost the spirit. Lavender smells fragrant, bright in color, and has many beneficial effects on people. People grind it to powder to lower blood pressure and stabilize the digestive system. It has a very good effect on integration, calming nerves, relieving headaches, and improving sleep quality.


Thyme is a perennial plant very common in North America. But its native place is a European country close to the southern Mediterranean. The word thyme comes from the Greek word “thumus”, which means courage. This plant is famous for its medicinal value. Greeks and Romans used to add thyme to bathwater to promote health.

Grinding thyme into powder can not only ventilate and relieve pain, but also relieve cough and reduce phlegm. It also has a good therapeutic effect on acute gastroenteritis and indigestion. The pulverized thyme, ventilation may not only relieve pain, but also cough and phlegm, acute gastroenteritis, and indigestion also a very good therapeutic effect. In addition, thyme can also protect the environment outdoors.

Winter Savory

Winter Savory, a woody plant, can be used to make tea, decoration, barbecue, stew, bath, incense, flower arranging, etc. It has the effect of promoting digestion and improving symptoms of rheumatic gout. The peppermint oil contained can directly act on the human central nervous system and improve nerve function. It has obvious conditioning effects on human irritability, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other diseases. It is suitable for people with high work pressure in life. It can keep energetic and quickly disappear physical and mental fatigue.


The edible organs of parsley are mainly fresh leaves and petioles. It is not only rich in the aroma but also rich in nutrients. The fruits and leaves of parsley contain volatile essential oils, which can be extracted by distillation. Parsley essential oil contains flavonoids, which have diuretic and antiseptic effects. Parsley can help treat the symptoms of kidney inflammation. Another very important function of parsley is to help us block carcinogens, thereby helping us prevent tumors or cancers. Parsley also has a very important effect is to block cancer-causing factors that can help, to help us prevent cancer or cancer.

The differences between hand grinders and machine grinding

In theory, the hand grinder will not generate heat during grinding, so the flavor of the ground powder will not be affected. Most electric grinders operate at a high speed during grinding, and the friction of high-speed operation will slightly increase the temperature of the herbal powder in a short period of time, which may change the taste of the herbal medicine.

Ways to get the five kinds of evergreen herbs

For these five kinds of evergreen herbs, you can choose to plant them at your own house. Take Rosemary for an example, To grow rosemary at home, you should first choose good breeding equipment, that is, choose a good flower pot for planting. Choosing a flower pot with good air permeability is the first choice for growing rosemary. To grow rosemary at home, you should first choose good breeding equipment, that is, choose a good flower pot for planting. Choosing a flower pot with good air permeability is the first choice for growing rosemary. Of course, the easiest way to get them is to buy from the shops or the Internet.

Herb grinders recommendation

The above-mentioned evergreen herbs which are grinned can be very helpful to our health. If you want to grind these herbs, you need a grinding machine, then take a look at my recommendation below!

Super Sharp Grinding: Double-wedge sharp metal teeth ensure optimal grinding power. You can also take out the pollen collector when collecting the powder.
· Top Quality: It can still work well even placed without using it for a long time. And it is the strong structure that makes it not broken and lasts for years.
· Widely Use: It can be widely used to grind all dried leaves, like herbs, spices, tea, rosemary, bay leaves, dry chilies, etc. But please remember it is not suitable for hard shell spices, like star anise, black pepper, cinnamon.
· Perfect Gift: It can be the best gift for families and friends. It not only shows your care for their health, but it can be the most special gift.
So what are you waiting for? Why not go and have a look?


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