Adoric Digital Thermometer for Fever
Adoric Digital Thermometer for Fever
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
Baby Thermometer

Adoric Digital Thermometer for Fever

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Why use the digital thermometer of Adoric?
  • 10 Seconds Digital Thermometer. Get the body temperature in seconds and different measuring methods may need various time for accuracy. 
  • Multiple Measuring Ways Thermometer for fever.Temperature reading is available in °C & °F. Press the ON/OFF button for 4 seconds to switch °C & °F. Take the temperature at oral, rectal or armpit. And the device is reusable for clinical or home use.When temperature exceeds 99.7°F/37.6°C, the medical thermometer will beep immediately for fever alert. 
  • Eaily clean.The waterproof tip enables you to easily clean and disinfect the thermometer, keeping it hygienic for next use.
  • Health assistant.A digital thermometer is best for taking temperatures by the armpit and mouth. It's also helpful to monitor your kid's body temperature as a baby thermometer. 

How to use the digital thermometer of Adoric?

  1. Press ON/OFF button to activate. The unit would beep and display. This LCD display test will go on for about 2 seconds.The digtal temperature reading is available in °C & °F.If you want to switch it,please press the ON/OFF button for 4 seconds.
  2. When Lo and flashing C(F) displays, the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring.
  3. But if the room temperature is higher than32.0℃(89. 6F), the room temperature would be displayed instead of Lo℃ (Lo'F)
  4. The beep will sound when temperature measuring is complete. And the degree sign of C(F) on the LCD will stop flashing.
  5. During measurement: LCD will display "LoC" or "Lo'F" if the measured temperature is below 32.0℃(89.6F), or will display"HiC" or "Hi'F" if the measures temperature is above 42.0℃/107.6F willldisplay "Hi'c" or "HiF"
  6. The thermometer will automatically turn off in about 10 minutes for energy-saving.It is suggested to press the On/Off button to turn the thermometer off once the test is finished
  7. Please dispose exhausted battery and thermometer according to the relevant law.


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