Three Things You Can Do to Cut Down on Plastic


Our modern world is based on products made of plastic. From simple-use plastic bag you get from supermarket to ballpoint pen with a plastic tube, it is hard to imagine a single product made without plastic component today. However, the use of plastic products has caused severe damage to our environment. While people are more aware of the importance of recycling than before, more than half of all plastic waste has accumulated in natural environment and can persist for centuries. How to cut down on plastic has become one of the most popular topics among people all over the world.


plastic pollution


As a brand engaged in Household Supplies, Adoric is devoted to becoming part of the great wave of preserving our land from plastic waste. For those who are looking for solutions that deal with how to cut down on plastic in everyday life, I will introduce several ways to help our environment along with a series of our eco-friendly products free from plastic.


The fundamental idea of how to cut down on plastic involves two strategies: decreasing the use of plastic and managing the plastic waste. So how can we ordinary people apply the two strategies to scenarios happened in our daily life? Here are three things that I find particularly helpful in solving such problem.

  •  Carry you own bag for supermarket shopping

Since most of us don’t have the power to shut down the industrial chain of plastic production, I suppose the most effective way for us to deal with the problem of how to cut down on plastic will be trying to replace as many daily-used plastic products with reusable tools as possible. 

Giving costumers free plastic bags for packing is common at grocery stores and supermarkets in the US. Adoric encourages our customers to bring reusable bags for outdoor shopping. Compared with plastic bag, reusable bag can be used for multiple times and is sturdy enough to hold heavy loads. Designed with playful patterns and easy to be stored, Adoric’s Best Reusable Grocery Bags make a great choice of carrying bags for daily uses.

 shopping bags


  • Drink with Your Own Water Bottle and Straw

I remember every time I went to Starbucks, there was someone drinking cold Vanilla Latte with his or her own cup and straw. It inspired me to realize another practical option on how to cut down on plastic – Buy reusable water bottle and straw for drinking. Unlike plastics that can only be used for one time and then thrown away, reusable water bottles and straws are designed to be utilized permanently in the daily life. Adoric is proud to introduce our metal reusable straws for customers who want to drink with no plastics.

 metal straws


  • Pack Your Food with Reusable Wraps or StorageBags

Whether you plan to take your sandwich to your workplace for lunch or pack your leftovers to a to-go box at restaurant, it is always good to have your own reusable packing tools rather than using plastic wrap or asking the waiter for a single-use plastic box. Adoric offers two products that can store your leftovers accordingly while cutting down on plastic. Both Adoric’s Beeswax Food Wraps and Reusable Food Storage Bags are two products made of reusable material so that they can used for several times and thus will not pollute the environment. So if you want to keep your take-out food fresh and cut down on plastic at the same time, these two products are great choices to replace the use of plastic bags.

 beeswax food wrapper


Nowadays, everyone needs to take responsibility for protecting the environment. How to cut down on plastic is a matter that most of us can help with. With our reusable products, Adoric aims to make the action of reducing plastic use in life more doable and efficient for every customer.



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