Precautions for decoration of houses in summer

Have you decided to renovate your house in the summer to make it more perfect? Do you know where you should pay extra attention when renovating on a hot summer day? Sometimes it may be because of our lack of understanding to make something that we do not want to happen, in order to help everyone avoid bad things happen, deliberately sorted out in the summer we decorate the house should pay attention to the matter.



1.Summer decoration Safety is the most important



Summer temperature is higher, the climate is dry, the construction site material stacking more.From a safety point of view, the material as far as possible in a cool place, to avoid internal due to the lack of air circulation, too high temperature caused by combustion caused by fire.


Summer materials should also be minimized in the site stacking, which can reduce the risk of accidents. In addition, the use of electrical appliances, tools as far as possible with the material to maintain a distance, live use as far as possible away from the material, it is best to work area and material area to make a reasonable division.



2.Regular ventilation to prevent pollution caused by decoration



In order to avoid in the summer decoration pollution "high incidence" injury, in addition to as far as possible to choose non-toxic and low-toxicity decorative materials, please regular decoration company construction, but also to do a good job of decoration room ventilation and air purification. Where conditions permit, try to make the room more ventilated, if there are no conditions, you can choose indoor ventilation device and can reduce indoor harmful gas air purification device.



3.Prevent moisture and prevent exposure



Experts recommend that when purchasing materials during the rainy season , You can choose to dry some, when the material into the entrance slightly a day or two, so that it is the same humidity around, so it is more appropriate to use. In addition, the plate to prevent strong sunlight exposure, in case of rainy days when the humidity is high, storage needs to take moisture-proof, anti-deformation measures. Do not put the plate, wood shelf life in the direct sunlight room, the sun exposure will make wood products decorative paint and glue accelerated aging. Also to prevent rainwater will cause wood products caused by swelling deformation, and even moldy, so in daily life to pay special attention to these.



4.Wallpapers, coatings should be naturally dried


Coatings and wallpapers are commonly used for decorative wall materials. Spring because the air is humid, in order to let the wall dry as soon as possible and large door window ventilation and breathable. Summer is different, because the weather is dry, wallpaper should be in the paste before the general should be placed in the water soaked, and then brush glue paste.


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