Get In Shape The Smart Way With The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Get In Shape The Smart Way With The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

 Nowadays, it can be seen clearly that the health and fitness industry is at an all-time high with over 54 millions Americans paying for a gym membership. (source: Franchisehelp) In between the diets and exercising, it's hard to find a way to track your training progress for perfect health. Although body scales often do the job well, but what about your body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone density? Thanks to this new body weighing scale which has became widely popular tools among people looking to lose weight or start a new fitness plan. These body fat scales contain sensors that take a wide array of measurements using a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) which enable to connect to your phone to record all your body's inner change every day.

It's Body Density not Body Fat

 However, as many critics say that these measurements are not actually fat or muscle measurements. They actually measure your body density distribution. In other words, any test claiming to determine your body fat is really measuring your body density.


 Each method that claims to measure your body fat actually only predicts it by using formulas that not only take into account your measured body density, but also your age, gender, fitness level, ethnicity, and body size. Small differences in any of these preset values can vastly affect the results of one of these tests.


 Also, you've probably heard on a number of occasions, that your weight may not be the best indicator of your health and fitness condition. Muscles are much heavier than fat, most of people would say that they're gaining weight after working out at the gym. However, that will not be a reflection of your health or physical condition. So to get some real facts, you need a different approach.



So what does this scale do differently?


  1. It's more than just a weighting scale that enable to track all your crucial body analysis results. The scale can give you a wide array of percentage measurements such as: body fat, body water, bone and muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index) , visceral fat and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). So as a result you will save yourself a trip to the doctor by learning more about you current body condition and will be able to make informed decisions on the steps you need to take.


  1. Automatically connects and uploads data to your mobile phone. Simply connect your body analyzer to it's App via Bluetooth for a full visual overview of your body's inner change that you can review the results at home or on the move, and make adjustments to your routine accordingly which is important for me because I know I'm going to be taking many measurements and I want to make it as easy as possible for myself to stay on track with my measurements. It also connects to the FitBit and the Google Fit apps as an added bonus.

So how should you keep track of your body fat?


It doesn't really matter if body fat scales or any of these methods measure your true body fat percentage! What's important is that they track changes in your body composition for a long time.


You'll have to know that it isn't going to do you good to take single measurements at different times throughout one day. Our bodies go through many ways as we eat food, drink water, and sweat throughout the duration of one day.


So, as we all know that the key is to measure your changes over longer periods of time and to make sure your measurements are as standardized as they possibly can be! Like, measure first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water (to make sure your water content is the same each time), and measure 2–3 times a week.


  • Bea

    Hi there! I’ve just bought the adoric body fat scale cf392 and bluetooth function seems not to be working. Can you please help me? Many thanks

  • Manuel

    No me funciona la aplicación para móvil, me gustaría que me lo resolvierais

  • Manuel

    No me funciona la aplicación para móvil, me gustaría que me lo resolvierais

  • Cheri

    The app for the scale I bought in March 2019 does not exist in the App Store and the qr code doesn’t work either. Can you help me?

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