Create a romantic roo, LED lamps into the new favorite.



To create a romantic warm home atmosphere, natural can not be separated from the light, if only incandescent fluorescent lights in the home, no doubt difficult to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, in recent years, LED lights break through the traditional style of square, round, to curves and other personalized shape, showing a simple and dynamic lines of beauty and the outside soft inside the charm, Gradually become a romantic darling of home accessories.




Energy-saving low-carbon environmental protection and romantic combination.



With the improvement of people's living standards, environmental protection and energy-saving awareness has been strengthened, now consumers choose lamps, not only consider the appearance, energy conservation and service life has become an important choice factor. Before 90% of consumers choose lighting only look, for the choice of which light source, light source stability, energy efficiency and other issues almost do not consider, but now more and more consumers in the choice of lights, energy-saving as an important reference indicators, energy-saving lamps are more and more popular, which also reflects the improvement of consumer culture, In line with the contemporary trend of environmental protection, energy conservation. Led sled performance is well known and, most importantly, LED lights are very energy efficient and brighter.



The LED are very small, usually no more than 2 square millimeters, but emit stable, bright lights and do not heat up, saving up to 85% more energy than traditional incandescent lamps. If one million people replaced a light bulb in their home with LED, it would offset the annual carbon dioxide emissions of 6,700 cars, the equivalent of planting 17 million trees a year. Save money and be environmentally friendly. In addition, they have a service life of up to 20,000 hours, and other supplies in their lives are ever-changing, and these lamps are as old-fashioned as light bulbs. Now, almost any kind of lamp envisaged or sketched by the designer can become a reality, put the LED in the plastic tube and bend the plastic tube into a ring, so that the light source is in the middle position, imitate the firefly flying glow image, so that the whole lamp opens like a firefly in the flying, in meeting the romantic feelings of young people love life at the same time , and achieved the pursuit of low-carbon environmental protection of life.




Novel Avant-garde Practical and Romantic Collision




When it comes to LED lights, if you think of "high-tech, blue cool light, slow on", then it's worth changing your mind. Because today's LED lamps and light bulbs to change the traditional lamp color richness is limited, the use of digital control light-emitting chip, can emit a variety of colors, including red, green, blue three primary colors, with these three primary colors, and then through the system control, can create a world of colorful, and light source warm, bright, accurate, can be immediately opened, Like a standard incandescent lamp or a soft white bulb. Whether it's table lighting or concentrated beam lighting, LED lights are practical and reliable for use in a variety of situations.



For example, LED products are small, practical, it can be placed in a make-up bag, corner, sound, kitchen, cabinet or wardrobe and other places, take things, no longer need to open the room headlights or with a flashlight, ultra-low security voltage, save electricity. Another example of newly married couples, experience romantic stimulation is not necessarily not to go to the cinema, rather than mixed in the noisy crowd, it is better to sit at home in the romantic world of two people, at this time, the style of fashion, exudes a soft halo LED lights can come in handy, in the night, to create a pleasant environment, to ensure that in the time of love, so that love.

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