Advantages and precautions of wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell as a new product, I believe there are many friends on its wireless doorbell principle and the advantages of wireless doorbell, are very concerned about, today, wireless doorbell with its simple and flexible characteristics by people's favor, of course, it is also more suitable for single-family, in villas, apartments, Wireless doorbells in hotels and offices are used in a wide range of applications. What are the advantages of a wireless doorbell? What are the things you need to be aware of when installing?Today I will give you a detailed introduction to this part.


Wireless Doorbell Introduction Wireless doorbell Many people listen to the name of the first thought must be able to visually see the outside doorbell, indeed, it is mainly used in commercial residential buildings, through the call, visual dialogue, to determine the identity of the visit.




Advantages of Wireless Doorbell



Wireless doorbell mobility is relatively strong, and has a strong expansibility, get rid of the limitations of wiring, in the set coverage, users can easily enter the furniture equipment network. 2, low cost, low power consumption: Home wireless doorbell in line with the low-carbon life of the Green intelligent Life concept, users can easily connect! into the Home equipment network system, in addition, it also has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption. Value for money is relatively higher. Wireless doorbell in the construction of the project, eliminating the trouble of wiring, for the new community or two transformation of the family, is a very good choice.


Therefore, for some time in the future, wireless smart home will become the main force of the smart home market, leading the development direction of smart home.


How to use the wireless doorbell When used, the occupant hears the bell, like answering the videophone, accepts the visitor through the downstairs door host call, carries on the dialogue, at the same time the household home visual extension can receive the video image through the downstairs host camera, the household observation extension displays the monitoring image on the screen to confirm the visitor's identity, Finally decide whether to press the unlock button of the indoor extension, open the electronic control door lock connecting the door host, allow the visiting guests to open the door to enter.



Installation Considerations



The installation of the door machine Home Wireless Doorbell door control machine is best installed in the wind and rain place, the choice of location points to take into account the door machine and indoor machine between the minimization of obstacles, if there are obstacles, the signal will weaken, open the indoor machine placed in the user want to place in the room, according to the indoor machine signal strength to make adjustments. The recommended installation height is 1. 3-1. 8 meters. If the wiring is going to cross the wall, you can pack the plug with a tape first. Avoid letting you kill into.You can also fundamentally avoid some faults!



The installation of wireless intercom doorbell



 Open the screws at the bottom of the door machine, remove the hanging shell, and fasten the hanging shell with glue plugs and screws.


 Choose to power off unlock or power unlock connected to the unlock line and unlock electricity supply, the user must be based on the power of the electric lock to unlock the unlocking power supply, according to the assigned electrical lock parameters to set the unlock time.



Summarize With the application of wireless doorbell series products and intelligent control system, whether it is cool spring and autumn, hot summer, cold winter, or busy desk, we can easily monitor home visual doorbell anytime, anywhere, master visitors. The essence of science and technology products is bound to bring leap-forward progress in our lives.

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