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How to effectively improve your sleep? The most important thing is to get a perfect pillow. A pillow that’s so soft enough that provides the right neck support. With so many options available, trying to find the right pillow can be a pain in the neck. Which kind of pillow is best for you? For a great night’s sleep, Adoric Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow might be just what you need.    


1.  What is the memory foam pillow and what is the makeup?


Adoric pillow


Before start, you need to know what is the Adoric Memory foam pillow. Well, as the name suggested, it is made of memory foam, which couldn’t stick together and which guarantees air circulation, avoids bacterial growth. In addition, it provides personalized support to your head, neck, and shoulders, perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that memory foam should never be machine washed, but the cover is washable - Breathable and washable bed pillow cover with cooling bamboo to keep you cool all night and wake up refreshed.


Well, here are the makeup of filling and cover:

Glad to say that it is 100% memory foam. What Makes Our Bed Pillow Distinguished - Different from 100% shredded memory foam pillow. Adoric adopts 80% Visco Elastic Foam with 20% Polyester Gel Fiber to achieve a perfect balance between softness and support. Rebound more quickly comparatively and stay its shape after time. The cover is 60% polyester combined with 40% bamboo rayon derived from Bamboo.  


Adoric Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


Compared with the products on the market, it adds about 400g more filling than other products to make sure that every customer can find his/her perfect comfortable loft with our pillows for sleeping by adding or removing foam. Which is suitable for various people with different needs for high, middle and low pillows.



2.  Who is a Memory Foam Pillow Good For?

Memory foam pillows are generally suitable for the following types of sleepers:

  • People who sleep with a pillow between their knees in addition to their primary head pillow due to back or leg pain.
  • People who sleep on their side, since this position requires added support for spinal alignment and targeted pressure relief.
  • Back-sleepers, who tend to be more comfortable on shredded memory foam pillows due to their moldability.
  • People who prefer to sleep on pillows that are relatively high-loft, and/or pillows rated between Medium and Firm.  



3.  Memory foam pillows may not be suitable for the following groups:

  • People who sleep hot, due to the heat-retaining properties of memory foam compared to other pillow materials.
  • People who are sensitive to smell, as memory foam pillows may emit persistent, unpleasant off-gassing odors.



4.  Which Sizes are available for Memory Foam Pillows?

  • Standard: Standard (as Adoric Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow shows) is the most common pillow size. It is the shortest and most compact option, and generally the cheapest as well.
  • Queen: Queen-size pillows are four inches longer than Standard-size pillows. This makes them suitable for sleepers who find Standard options too compact, including those who toss and turn or shift their position throughout the night.
  • King: The King is two inches longer than the Queen size. This adds extra padding for particularly restless sleepers, and this size may also work as a headrest or backrest for people who sit up in bed to read or watch television.
  • Body: Body pillows are exceptionally wide, and designed for people who prefer to snuggle with a pillow while they sleep.





5.  Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

When discussing the benefits and drawbacks of memory foam pillows, it’s important to note that one-piece pillows have certain advantages over shredded foam pillows, and vice versa. First, let’s look at some general pros and cons for both memory foam pillow types.


Pros of one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows include:

  • Pain and Pressure Relief: Because of the closely contoured fit, memory foam tends to reduce more pain and alleviate more pressure in the head, neck, and shoulders than other pillow types.
  • Personalized Pillows for Sleeping: Made from shredded memory foam, Our bed pillow provides personalized support to your head, neck, and shoulders, perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
  • Washable Cover: Breathable and washable bed pillow cover with cooling bamboo to keep you cool all night and wake up refreshed.
  • Noise: Memory foam pillows are virtually silent when compressed, making them a good option for people who awaken easily during the night (as well as their sleep partners).
  • Availability and Variety: One-piece and shredded memory foam pillows are widely available. Most are medium- to high-loft, and fall between Medium and Firm for most firmness ratings.
  • Affordable price: In terms of price-point, memory foam pillows usually cost higher than others but you can easily afford it. Memory foam pillows are generally less expensive than other pillow types, such as down, buckwheat, and natural/organic, and more expensive than others, such as polyester, down alternative, and feather pillows.



Cons of one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows are as follows:

  • Heat Retention: Memory foam retains high levels of body heat compared to other pillow materials, which may lead to discomfort from sleeping hot.
  • Lifespan: Memory foam can degrade somewhat quickly, and owners may experience sagging and indentations after using their memory foam pillow for a couple of years.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Each memory foam pillow measures 20*30 inches and comes with a full one-year warranty.



From all the above, you will find what you need. To effectively improve your sleep, what you need to do is to choose a perfect pillow-like Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow, which soft enough and it provides the right neck support.  We do wish you to start a new and great sleeping experience as soon as possible. We are always with you.   



If get any questions, comment below and we'd like to help you as fast as we could.  




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