3 Simple and Fun Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas that anyone can DIY

Easter is around the corner, how do you plan to DIY your eggs this year? If you’re ready to try some different colors and patterns, then grab an extra carton, get the kids involved, and have a full-on comfortable DIY moment. It is indeed fun to decorate the eggs at home with your kids and family around.       

With so many ideas, where should you begin? Well, we suggest start with cute DIY Ocean Craft with kids, you will love it. Do you prefer colorful Rainbow Tie-Dye Easter Eggs? Or No-Dye Washi Tape Eggs? Here are 3 simple and fun Easter eggs decorating ideas that anyone can DIY.                      


1. Sweet Ocean Creatures  

This is a super cute DIY ocean craft for kids. Get the paints out and have fun creating this crab, turtle, octopus and fish ocean creatures. It is indeed a pleasure to DIY it with your kids, you’ll be amazed by their creativity and imagination!


Easter Sweet Ocean Creatures



  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Table fan
  • Glue dots
  • Tacky glue
  • Food coloring
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Special paper-cut
  • Self-adhesive googly eyes



    Before getting started, please make sure 3 hard-boiled eggs and dyed with food coloring into orange-red, yellow, purple accordingly. Set the eggs in a glass dish or on a baking sheet and we suggest that use a table fan at the eggs and allow them to dry for 3-4 hours. 


    -For the crab:   
    • Make two feet with scissors and use glue dots to attach it to the left and right sides of the orange-red egg. 
    • Attach self-adhesive googly eyes to the ends of pipe cleaners.
    • Attach the pipe cleaners to the egg with glue dots.


    -For the turtle: 

    • Make the head, two feet and felt fins with scissors and use glue dots to attach them to the correct parts of the yellow egg. 
    • Use food coloring to add a green stripe around a yellow egg surface, leaving an oval showing for the turtle’s shell.
    • Draw 2 dots on the eyes with a marker.


    -For the octopus: 

    • Make 8 legs with scissors and use glue dots to attach them under the purple egg.
    • Draw 2 dots on the eyes with a marker.



    2. Rainbow Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

    These tie-dye Easter eggs are so fun to decorate! You will love these bright and beautiful colors, and even though you use the same method on all of them, each egg looks completely different and special. That's amazing! Let's take a look at how the Rainbow Tie-Dye Easter Eggs is made.


    Rainbow Tie-Dye Easter Eggs



    • Hard-boiled Eggs
    • Food coloring
    • Paper towels
    • Rubber gloves
    • Water spray bottle
    • Tiny elastics or twist ties
    • Table fan



    • Tear apart the paper towels into small sections and place a cool, dry egg in the middle.
    • Wrap the paper towel up and around the egg so it's completely covered. Twist the top of the paper towel so it's tight against the egg and secure it with a tiny hair elastic or a twist tie.
    • Wearing rubber gloves to gently squeeze drops of food coloring directly onto the paper towel wrapped egg (3 or 4 drops at a time), leaving some white space between each color. Repeat until there are large food coloring dots around the whole egg.
    • Take your spray bottle of water and squirt a small amount of water into the middle of each of the food coloring drops. Keep spraying until the colors bleed and there is no more white space. The less water you spray, the brighter the colors on the egg will be.
    • Gently squeeze the wet paper towel wrapped egg over the sink to drain any excess water. Even if there's no extra water, gently squeeze the egg to make sure the color on the paper towel transfers to the egg.
    • Set the eggs in a glass dish or on a baking sheet and we suggest that use a table fan at the eggs and allow them to dry for 3-4 hours. (Because without a table fan, it takes overnight to dry)
    • When the paper towels are completely dry, remove the elastics and unwrap each egg.
    • Place the eggs in an egg carton If you need to refrigerate it.




    3. No-Dye Washi Tape Eggs

    If you're looking for a zero mess and no-dye in this Easter, washi tape is the answer. It is easy for any of you to DIY no-dye washi tape eggs. A washi tape eggs can look very effective as a seasonal decoration. Purchase washi tape from the store or online first and then you can decorate the eggs with any patterns if your like, check how to make the triangles tape eggs in 5 minutes.


    decorative geometric easter eggs with tape



    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Washi tapes
    • Scissors



    • Use scissors to cut several small triangles (triangles can be varying shapes and sizes according to your preference) out of one long strip of washi tape.
    • Do it slowly and attach the small triangles one by one. Make sure to keep every triangle at almost the same distance when attaching it to the egg.
    • If the triangles do not cover the entire egg, please continue to make it until all the sides of the eggs are completed.


    Like most holiday decor, Easter egg decorating has come a long way. You have numerous options to DIY Easter eggs except for 3 representative ideas above. That's why we created these super easy and cute DIY ideas that can be recreated from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to decorate eggs with your whole family or do it as a relaxing solo activity, why not take your Easter decorations to the next level this year?

    I hope you get inspired by the ideas shows above. Have a great holiday!

    How do you DIY Easter eggs this year? Share with us in the comment below!  



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