10 creatives ways to use Ice Cube Trays


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Do you only use Ice Cube Trays to frozen water?

In fact,Ice cube trays can help you make anything you like and save your money.There are 10 creative ways to use ice cube trays.

1.DIY chocolate
Freeze melted chocolate in the ice cube tray, you can add some fruit you like .

2.coffee cubes
When you want to drink an iced coffee,but you don’t like watered-down iced coffee.Freeze coffee cubes could help you enjoy your drink.As the ice melts, the taste of the coffee becomes more intense.

3.Coconut milk.
Just freeze some coconut milk in the ice cube trays,and then put them in zip bags.When you want to do some soup or curry,you could add some you need that couldn’t waste.

4.Make beautiful flower cubes
You can choose different flowers and freeze them in ice cube trays.The flower cubes could make your wine become beautiful.

In order to make sure your sauce won’t be wasted,you can freeze them.Just Just put them in the pot and thaw them,when you want to make paste.

6.Cookie dough 
Freeze cookie dough in portions in cubes tray. When you want to bake cookies, just use the amount you need.

7.Save Bacon fat
Bacon is delicious but always has a lot of fat,so save some bacon fat in ice cube could avoid excessive heat .Add them when you fry up potatoes that can make them more tasty.

8.Store small objects
Don't throw away your old ice cubes, it can store small items such as earrings, screws and so on.

9.Prepare homemade ravioli
First, you need to prepare a round ice cube and then press the prepared dough on the bottom. Second, add fillings in each compartment.Finally, lay a sheet of dough and press it before taking it out.

10.Soap Mold
Put the melted soap in the ice cube to make the desired shape and size.


Ice cube trays could be used in any way,if you have other idea,comment below.


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