A lock between the baby and the safety

The safety of young children depends not only on the education of kindergarten teachers, but also the long-term reminders from parents. Thus child safety locks are the considered as the good helpers to keep the children from danger at home. Child safety locks appear in various places, such as refrigerators, televisions, cars, etc. Many products attach great importance to safety configuration, and child safety locks can effectively avoid accidents. Here are some different kinds of child safety locks may help you.

Child Safety


  • Child Safety Cabinet Locks

    These childproof locks are attached with 3M adhesive to each door of your cabinet your toilet. They’re affordable, discreet, and easy to install—plus, they work for babies and toddlers. The biggest downside is that they’re attached with adhesive, so it is possible they could eventually be pulled free by persistent hands.


    Child Safety Cabinet Locks

      The baby is very curious, the little hand is always picking here and touching there. A cabinet with an external drawer surface refers to the drawer that can be opened from the front with a handle, and there are narrow strips on the left and right sides of the drawer to connect with the two sides of the cabinet. Pushing from the side in the direction to open the drawer can also open the drawer, which poses a safety hazard of pinching the baby's hands. They can be a little trickier to open, though, and they’re not the most discreet childproofing solution.


      U-Shaped Sliding Child Safety Locks

        Here is a perfect child safety lock for you. The invisible design does not affect the beauty of the home. It is easy for adults to open, but babies cannot open. One-key switch, no lock and lock can be switched at will, the baby is not at home, switch at will. No need to punch, beautiful and safe. The stick is firm and easy to remove. Please make sure that you put the key in a safe place because you need to use it to open the cabinets.

        Magnetic Baby Proofing Safety Locks


        • Invisible Child Cabinet Locks

          The invisible child safety latches remain elegantly hidden from curious little fingers and guests.
          It is used only the strongest 3M adhesive and highest quality materials in the child safety locks, you can be sure that these latches are keeping your kids out of harm all day long. When you are ready to use them, be careful about the latches, and keep them away from the children because the sharp tips may harm the children.

          child safety locks

          Children are the greatest treasure in every family, and their safety has always been the highest concern. So think more for our babies. Parents who do not have safety locks for children's cabinets at home, hurry up!

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