“It’s better to spend a night alone than to take ten pills”. You spend a third of your life sleeping. The quality of sleep determines a person’s physical and mental health. However, do you suffer from body pain due to your sleeping position during sleep? Like back pain, spinal stiffness, muscle soreness. According to the research that back pain is often caused by sleeping pillows.

The primary function of the pillow is to maintain a good cervical curvature, keep the correct physiological curvature of the spine, and ensure the blood supply of the vertebral artery. If the pillow is not fitted properly or placed in the wrong position, cervical vertebra imbalance or physiological curvature of the spine can result. Therefore, choosing the best pillow for back pain is particularly significant. The best pillow is not only good for the whole spine, but also for the cervical spine and spinal muscles.

So how do we choose the right pillow for us? There are a wide variety of pillows on the market, such as traditional cotton pillows, special latex pillows, and novelty buckwheat pillows and green tea pillows. Each pillow has its unique characteristics, when choosing a suitable pillow, we first need to consider the pillow core which is the filling material inside the pillow.

Several different kinds of pillow core materials

The attributes of the best pillow depend on the composition of materials, Different materials bring different sleep experiences. Below are some of the Common materials:

Cotton pillow: Cotton pillow as a traditional pillow is popular in consumers. They have well moisture absorption and air permeability. The touch of the cotton pillow is soft, with a soft sheen, giving a kiss on the face. Nevertheless, over time, they are likely to flatten, resulting in less comfort.

Memory foam: Memory foam does a decent job at conforming to the natural contour of the neck and head. They offer decent support to people coping with back or neck pain. However, the rebound material of the memory cotton pillow is a chemical compound product. If harmful material did not evaporate, can have certain harmfulness.

Latex pillows: Latex pillows are resistant to mildew, being 100 percent organic, which can anti-mite antibacterial. They have good support and elasticity, which can buffer easily the pressure of the neck and spine. The only disadvantage is that latex pillows tend to be pricier.

Bamboo pillows: Novel Bamboo pillows provide a firm, yet shapeable sleeping surface. Simultaneously, bamboo is a breathable material, which means the pillow will remain cool throughout the night. But bamboo pillows are often not thick enough, and in order to keep the pillow at a relative height to the spine, we have to increase the thickness, which usually increases the hardness.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying the best pillow for back pain

As a matter of fact, we need to fully consider other basic elements except for the material. Selecting the best pillow for back pain can be challenging especially if you are on it for the first time. Several significant suggestions are as follow:

 Firstly, the thickness of the pillow is one of the primary elements that influence the quality of your sleep, which are too high or too low can damage the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. In general, 10-15 cm pillow height is very suitable. The ideal pillow should be thick enough to fill the gap between the back and mattress, so your spine can correct alignment.

Secondly, the breathability of the pillow can ensure the comfort of sleep. Over time, Sweat and grease stains can contaminate the pillow and cause bacteria to develop. A breathable pillow can reduce the growth of bacteria and mites.

Thirdly, shape of pillow refers to the pillows accommodate the natural contours of the neck and head. They keep the spine in a natural physiological bending state and does not bend when lying sideways. Simultaneously, such a pillow will retain its original shape, thus deterring unwanted neck strain.

Finally, durability of pillow is equally important when it comes to choosing your pillow which helps sleepers to fall asleep easily and the excellent durability keeps the cost of our sleep down.

Even after learning the many attributes of a pillow, do you still find it difficult to choose the right pillow? Here to recommend a few pillows for sleepers to choose from conveniently. For people who sleep with back pain, it is recommended to use best pillow for back pain which made of memory cotton. For instance, Adoric Bamboo Pillow, Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. The pillow is composed of a modified memory sponge and bamboo fiber. As we all know, a memory sponge has the ability to deform and shape memory can simulate the body shape of the human neck and skull, maintaining the natural physiological curvature of the spine to avoid or relieve back pain and providing full support to relax their cervical spine completely during sleep. Meanwhile, a breathable and washable bed pillow cover with cooling bamboo can keep you cool all night and wake up refreshed, reducing the growth of bacteria and mites.

If you prefer traditional soft cotton or down pillow, I recommend this one, The Pillows of Adoric, 2 Pack Standard Down Alternative Bed Pillows. Adoric down alternative bed pillow is made of 100% cotton and 235 Thread Count. 100% Polyester filling with extreme soft Hollow Cluster Fiber. Down alternative pillows are filling with breathable microfiber, which can keep you comfortable and cool as you sleep. Besides, 6D polyester in each pillow, great support for head and neck, no more neck pain or headaches. Learning more about our pillows, Please click the website: https://adoriclife.com/collections/bedding-1)


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