More than 300 million tons of plastic are reportedly produced globally each year, and at least 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the oceans. Plastic particles have accumulated in humans through the food chain. Therefore, preventing plastic pollution has become a top priority for human health.

The quality of food and health are closely related. In the process of keeping food fresh, we usually use disposable plastic wrap. Nonetheless, for environment friendly, can we find alternatives that are less burdensome to the natural environment? Yes, we are going to recommend a novel kind of beeswax wrapping paper which is very green and can perfectly replace the traditional plastic wrap.

Beeswax wrapping paper, made of organic cotton cloth, natural beeswax, and organic Jojoba oil, is a reusable beeswax wrap and pollution-free food cling film. The specific process involves coating the cotton cloth with a mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil to make it look like paper coated with a film. These three materials will be decomposed in the natural environment, causing no harm to the environment, and the raw materials are renewable.

Why can beeswax wrapping paper keep food fresh? Firstly, Beeswax can inhibit the growth of bacteria because of its antibacterial effect. Meanwhile, organic cotton cloth has well moisture and oxygen permeability, allowing your food to breathe naturally. What’s more, wrapping food in crisper cloth keeps dirt out of the air.

According to the characteristics of different foods, choosing the appropriate preservation method to make the food keep longer and taste better

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables need to be washed, dried and then wrapped tightly with wrapping paper, or place vegetables and fruits on a plate and cover with the unique wrapping paper.

Baked goods: For bread, cake and sandwiches, wrapping the whole thing in wrapping paper according to its shape to prevent contact with moisture in the air. Beeswax film is sticky and can be easily shaped and fixed by hand according to the shape of the food itself or the dish.

Nuts and snacks: Because nuts and snacks are small, you can fold the plastic film into a bowl or bag, and put nuts and snacks directly into it.

Beeswax wrapping paper can be reused, so how do we clean it and keep it for the next time?

1: Just rinse with clean water and choose a mild alcohol-free cleaner if necessary

2: If the wrapping paper is dirty, soak it in cold water for a short time (no more than 10 minutes) before cleaning.

3: Leave it to dry in a clean ventilated area after cleaning, or dry it directly with a towel.

4: Fold or roll up the dried preservative film and place it in a cool place away from sunlight and heat sources (such as microwave oven and oven) for next use.

Nowadays, white pollution is rampant, compared to disposable plastic wrap, beeswax wrapping paper provides an eco-friendly way to keep food fresh. In order to save resources and care for the natural environment, we should contribute our part to reduce the use of plastic products.


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