Everyone has experienced the pain of insomnia. Short-term insomnia is not terrible, but long-term insomnia. We must consider whether it is a problem with the bedroom. According to research that we get the point: Bedrooms matter a lot. The layout of the bedroom is related to the quality of sleep. How to arrange the bedroom to be more conducive to sleep? Here are some bedroom essentials for you.

1. The choice and color of wall materials

(1)Wall materials
Many people pursue the unity of decoration style, and use ceramic tiles on the bedroom walls, but the cold and hard material of the ceramic tiles can easily cause chills and affect sleep. Environment-friendly paint or wallpaper can be used for bedroom wall decoration, and the two have higher selectivity.

(2)Wall colors
The color of the bedroom wall is also one of the reasons that affect sleep. We can create a comfortable and relaxing home atmosphere through color to help us fall asleep quickly. The choice of color must be visually comfortable and not too gorgeous. It is generally recommended to choose light or medium tones.Try to choose: simple colors with light tones. Because the simplicity of the color tone makes people calm and comfortable, which is more suitable for sleep.The most sleep-friendly color—blue.
It is said that the British “Daily Mail” once published a survey involving 2,000 families, showing that color has a significant impact on sleep duration. Among them, blue tops the list with 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep duration, and is known as the most beneficial color for sleep.

2.Bedroom ventilation is critical.

Some people like to sleep tightly closed doors and windows, which will easily cause airflow to be blocked, thereby reducing the quality of sleep. Air purifiers can improve this situation to a certain extent. However, air purifiers belong to an internal circulation system and produce no fresh air. Long-term use can easily lead to increased indoor carbon dioxide content and is not conducive to sleep.

To achieve the ventilation effect, installing a fresh air system is a good choice. It can produce dust-free fresh air while exhausting indoor exhaust gas, forming good convection and keeping indoor air smooth.

In addition, you can also use materials that are conducive to the breathing of the wall. For example, the wall is mainly made of soft packs, wood boards, and latex paint, which can bring fresh air to a certain extent.

3. Pay attention to sound insulation.

Noise is another invisible killer of sleep health, so you must pay attention to sound

insulation before decoration.

  • Wall sound insulation
    Install sound insulation felt, sound insulation board, sound-absorbing cotton, etc. in the wall

during decoration to effectively block noise transmission.

(2)Sound insulation of door panels
Generally, solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors have better sound insulation, but they are also affected by the filling materials. Doors with particleboard cores have better sound insulation. Compared with traditional flat doors, T-shaped doors have better sound insulation.

(3)Sound insulation of windows:
If you want to do a good job of sound insulation, you can’t buy windows sloppyly. It is

recommended to use vacuum glass for window glass, which has good sound insulation effect, secondly, you can choose insulating glass or laminated glass.

Light sleepers are very sensitive to noise. In order to ensure the quality of sleep, double curtains have stronger sound insulation and light-proof effects, and can create a quiet and dark environment, which is suitable for sleeping.

4. Light source selection

People are most likely to fall asleep in a comfortable and relaxing environment, and the bedroom light must be soft. Therefore, the bedroom lighting should not be too bright or white, especially pale lights will reduce the willingness to fall asleep.

For bedroom lighting, it is better to use low-wattage warm light sources. Through invisible light sources such as light strips and downlights, the design of partitions and layers creates a warm and relaxing environment.


The bedroom ceiling can instantly make the room stylish, but it is suitable for installation in a bedroom with a higher floor height. If the bedroom floor height is below 2.8m, installing the ceiling will easily cause visual pressure and cause insomnia.

At least one third of a person’s life is spent in the bedroom, which is conceivable that we spend a third of the time in the bedroom. The layout and circulation of the bedroom have a great influence on our lives. We do hope these seven essentials can help you have a good sleep at night and have a energetic day next morning!


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